Ascension Mastery Message, Festival of the Christ


Ascension Mastery Message of the Spiritual Meaning of the April 2020 accelerations with Master Djwhal Khul as brought forth by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden.

The Full Moon of Libra within the Sun of Aires occurs on April 7th, 2020 at 7:35 PM Pacific, 10:35 PM Eastern, and on April 8th 2:35 AM, GMT. This alignment brings a sense of looking deeper within to change what is not in balance.

The Sun of Aires is a fire sign so there can be moments of wanting elements to change quickly with agitation or frustration. But along with the Moon of Libra there is help to bring those elements more into a balanced state of awareness. Libra allows for the sense of slowing our emotions down (Feminine essence of the moon), taking a deep breath and allowing the Intuitive self to work more closely with the overall situation that is occurring presently.

The best element of the Sun this cycle is that it will help to create new ways of doing things, a sense of purpose can occur if you allow this energy to push you in the right manner. The Sun represents the Masculine self which means that it is helping every individual to hold the specific idealization within themselves to be grounded. Allow the balance of Libra to assist in formulating your ideas and concepts of how you need to live your life as Aires can create the fire and passion within you to live life differently than you have previously. It is a time to fully Embrace It.

The moon guards against each of us at this time to not think rashly about our situation but to slow down the pace, take some deep breaths, and realize that we as the individual person are not in control except they way we think, feel, and act within our outside world.

That is the beauty of this cycle as it is helping every soul upon this planet to slow down, become more involved within the Emotional Self, and realize that there is a deep healing occurring for all of us presently without worrying about the whys and wherefores, but being the Creative Force Within You.

This full moon is the first Ascension Festival to occur in 2020, called THE FESTIVAL OF THE CHRIST.

The Christ occurs during the full moon in Aires. It represents the living and incorporating the Christ Consciousness Within.  It is the first of the three festivals connected to planetary and cosmic ascension. The second being WESAK (the Taurus full moon), and the third THE FESTIVAL OF HUMANITY (the Gemini full moon).  Each of these festivals are stepping stones for each initiate to move further up the ladder of their initiation phase as they walk on the Mastery Pathway.

The keynote of the festival is LOVE in the highest form with RESURRECTION being the 2nd element, and CONTACT being the third keynote.  This represents a closer relationship to your I AM Presence, and Lord Maitreya and Lord Kuthumi, representing the Office of the Christ.

The Festival of the Christ is a time in which the essence of Love is the main focus to come into the planet. In order to truly receive the Divine Essence of Love we have to learn to RESURRECT those elements which do not align within this creative process. Then, the ability to become one with the Spiritual Hierarchy or the Ascended Masters that have walked this path before us is opened up to allow each of us the great opportunity to do so.

The Blue Flame of Will and Power is predominantly the Ray of God that is infused into the planet at this time. This ray represents the ability to step into a new doorway without having fear or any misgivings to stop an individual from their true potential.

The Ray of Will and Power is guided by Master El Morya. The ensuing energy of the flame is ignited by the Elders that Surround the Throne of Grace, Lord Alura and Lady Aluri. Elohim Masters Hercules and Amazonia along with the Archangels Michael and Faith are also guides for bringing forth this ray into the planet and each of us.

The essence of Will and Power from the Higher Aspect includes the utilization of the Higher Mind, Higher Heart and the I AM Presence.

It helps each Initiate to overcome their inability from moving forward by giving strength, courage, and the tenacity to look beyond those fears that may be stopping them to achieve their greatest desires.

The Beings of Light from this ray helps Initiates to attune themselves to their higher essence; thereby, accessing their highest ideals of what they desire within their life.  It must come from the Heart Center which allows for the tenderness, tolerance of mistakes being made, and having faith to move forward through any diversity. One will acquire the ability to look at others in a sympathetic way of understanding which allows for the presence of patience to be their guide.

It is then at this stage that the Initiate and every Master allows for the RESTORATION process to occur.

The focus of this festival is bringing Heaven to Earth. It cannot be done without each of us allowing the Etheric Body or Cellular Memory to be healed of the past elements that have kept us in bondage. This ceremony is a doorway for our soul to become more actively associated in the physical existence with our highest capability of Light.

Participating actively with your Higher Self will assist in the forces of Restoration as this is one of the major components of this festival. We are all starting to focus within the Oneness but to actively participate through our physical bodies is going to restore the essence upon this Earth along with every inhabitant thereof. It is a time when it makes people think, plan and take action on spiritual lines and will eventually lead to a reorganization of planetary life which we are experiencing presently.

It is no mistake that the world is experiencing the trauma of the coronavirus at this time. Sometimes we as a human must experience the Dark in order to embrace the Light that we are. We are being gifted by receiving these Divine energies so that every soul upon the Earth will be able to feel the pure essence of Love to grow within them in a new and completely different manner than before. Even as the tragedy many souls are experiencing occurs, they too are receiving more than ever before.

In addition, on April 4th there is a doorway of light called the 4-4-4 PORTAL which allows for the Angelic Hosts, specifically the Archangels of the Seven Flames, to step into our personal awareness on a deeper level. This will assist humanity to become more involved with the angelic essence to become a crucial part of our reality.

Calling upon them in your meditations will truly assist in your healing process:

Blue- WILLING & POWER ~ Archangels Michael and Faith
Golden Yellow  -LOVE & WISDOM ~ Archangels Jophiel and Christine
Pink – CREATIVE ACTUALIZATION~ Archangels Chamuel and Charity
Crystalline- HARMONY & BALANCE ~ Gabriel and Hope
Green/Golden-White -SCIENCE OF DIVINE MIND ~ Archangels Raphael and Mother Mary;
Ruby Red/Gold – INNER DEVOTION ~ Archangels Uriel and Aurora
Violet/Purple -CEREMONIAL RESTRUCTURING ~ Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst

It is a time of great transformation for every soul in which every individual on this Earth needs to decide for themselves how to incorporate the essence of Love within them and around them. It will help to save this planet and assist the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of White Light to walk with each of us hand-in-hand.



Greetings My Beloveds,

I Am Master Djwhal Khul, representing the Divine Light energies of the Festival of Lights in April 2020.

I bring unto each of you first and foremost the healing breath of Divine Mother God to shine within each of you. Allow it to permeate your entire essence blending within your Heart, healing all of the woes and fears that are erupting at this time.

When the Earth goes through a traumatic change such as this one being experienced around the world, every soul is affected in various ways. We want you to know that this Festival of the Christ will probably be the most beneficial to the Earth on a large scale. It is always felt by Initiates and Masters, but the entire consciousness of the Earth will experience a prolific change to occur within their Hearts.

This is always our goal ~ to assist as many souls as we can and each of you make this possible.

The energetics of the Moon being in Libra with the Sun in Aires brings forth the dynamics of deep healing to occur for every individual. The Emotional Self represented by Libra brings forth the ability to allow the emotions to come into balance as the Mental Self of the Sun of Aires will hold those energies. As we always talk about the Emotional Self or Feminine Essence is the one that receives the ideas to become manifest and it is the Mental Self or Masculine Essence that acts upon them.

That is if all is in alignment.

What happens in so many moments are that the Mental Self takes over without the Emotional Self to bring forth the Intuitive knowledge. This can only happen in states of calmness as the act or movement without the intuition will cause havoc and create elements to occur that could be avoided.

This is exactly what needs to occur for each of you. Be calm within your breath, stay centered, and allow your physicality to heal. Without this process then illness can result which can be devastating to the human process.

So what we have here is the aspects of balance and passion that can occur within those quiet states to create a new sense of responsibility with the self. The Festival of the Christ represents exactly that movement of being disciplined and respectful to the Self. This is how the pure essence of Love is experienced within the full body system.

When you, as initiate, take these moments as a gift instead of a curse, then you realize the ability to become more whole within your full consciousness. It is not just an act of your Higher Self guiding you, but you, then have the capability to love so deeply that all parts of your full body system – Physical, Etheric, Emotional, and Mental have a chance to fully become more aligned within your Higher Self, Monad, and Higher Light Bodies.

During this phase of the moon there are great opportunities for you as an Initiate and a Soul, to fully accept the challenge that you took on before you embodied unto the Earth. You knew at that time, that there would be challenges, but yet many of you have forgotten.

Each of your experiences in past lifetimes have been greater than what you are experiencing presently, but within those moments they have given you a gift of strength within your foundation. It is now at this time to realize within yourself that YOU ARE THE BASIS OF LIGHT and will transform all elements of negativity that is crossing your path.

What is occurring is that every soul upon the earth does not know this. Millions of individuals have no idea the higher purpose to what is occurring presently within their conscious mind. But you, as the Initiate, have been given the greatest gift of accepting within you the presence of strength even though the world is falling apart around you.

You are the FOUNDATION that needs to be grounded. Within you are aspects that are changing and being rewired. This Festival of the Christ each of you have the greatest opportunity to fully RESTORE the element of LOVE within you. The challenge is great but the rewards are even greater.

We see from the Higher Realms of Light the transformation that is taking place. It is up to you to uphold the highest level of acceptability that you can hold within yourself, extend through your breath, and let GAIA know that you are walking with her every step of the way.

Each of you are being tested to become more whole, more balanced, and more loved in these moments.

We walk with you and I as Master Djwhal Khul, Chohan for the Ray of Love and Wisdom, reach out my essence unto you for you to accept the role you have taken at this most powerful time upon the Earth.

So Mote It Be ~ Let It Be Done~

We are One Essence of Light.

Higher Spiritual Energies For Further Assistance:

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