NEW EARTH FREQUENCY Ascension Mastery Message for MARCH 2020 with the Cosmic Light Energies of the UNIFIED WHOLE COMMAND. Transmission by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee of Walking Terra Christa.


We are the Unified Whole Command within the 144th Dimensional Light under the auspices of the Creative Source of Oneness representing the Cosmic Light Energies. We, Master Thoth, the Great Divine Director, and Master Einstein are the spokes-beings for this entity of Light.

We bring to you the 330 Rays of God under the direction of the Mahatma, Lord Melchizedek, and Lord Metatron.

Our role in this moment is to share with you the energetics that we bring forth in the way of understanding and conceptualizing the higher light infractions of the entire God Force, the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of White Light, under the direction of Divine Mother Father God of the Cosmic Dimensional Level.

As we gather together in these moments, our first connection with each of you is to extend our deep love and understanding from the perspective of the higher forces of light including your own I Am Presence which resides within this 144th dimensional existence.

The present energies upon the earth are extremely uncertain as you experience the one of the deadliest viruses that has ever been part of the Earth’s energies.

It is not our role to talk about how or why this happened, but to help you with the various portals of light that can assist each of you to rise to a newer level of experience within your full body system [physical-etheric-emotional-mental] to allow your Spiritual Self to become more aligned within your consciousness removing the fear and anxiety that many of you are facing presently.

The month of March has brought forth a sense of looking within yourselves in a new and different way. It is a time to truly reflect on how you can change the way that you react or feel in certain circumstances.

There is no mistake about it that the Coronavirus brings forth that fear as it is a disease of FEAR.

In actuality that is what it is meant to do.

To create havoc in one’s mind so that the lower self is acting upon those lower emotions instead of seeing the Silver Lining to appear in each of your lives. If you find that you are dealing with this pandemic with love, then you truly are acting upon the Divine Self attributes being displayed within your consciousness. If it is just the opposite, then the virus will cause you to feel more ill; it will create problems within your immune system that will trigger you to experience ill effects to occur within you.

The most important element we can share is to ask yourself, “Who are you as a soul and what is your role presently for your own healing and well-being.”

Each soul is being affected adversely by what is occurring, especially with the media and social networking so it is up to you as the person you are, as your divine self, to make the necessary changes so that you don’t  go down the rabbit hole, so to speak, but arise above the challenges you are presently facing.

As the New Moon occurred on March 24th, it brought all of these energies to the surface, but the main element, is how well are you realigning your own consciousness to become the focal point of your reality.

This New Moon brought with it the ability to bring about a new sense of purpose for every individual soul. It is a time of great beginnings, but that also brings for the realization that some things cannot exist within the next cycle that will be occurring. Sometimes it can be very difficult to release the old habits, but with the pandemic of isolation occurring, it means that each person is being forced to look at themselves differently than the way they were previously.

This can cause anxiety within itself as the purging occurs so does the uncertainty of “what if” within the mental self.

This may be a time of great tragedy upon the earth, but in actuality, the planet will start to come into a new existence. It is up to each of you living during this powerful time to step up and accept your role. How are you going to assist yourself to rise above the challenges and allow your higher consciousness to help you do so?

On March 28th, 2020 there was an alignment of the Planet Venus, Pleaides, and the Crescent Moon.

This activation brought forth the blessing of Venus from the 7th Dimensional Frequency to blend with Pleaides which represents the act of fully allowing the purification within the Heart to be felt as Divine Love. This is an especially important event as it brings to each soul to experience the essence of Love within their Heart Center to change what does not seem to be in alignment. Both Venus represented by the Holy Kumara and the Pleiadian Council of Light are working diligently within Gaia to bring about the necessary changes within humanity.

This cycle took place on the 28th and continued for a 24-hour period in which time you may have felt an intensity within your Heart Chakra as the expansion is occurring for each individual person upon the Earth. The New Moon energies are still being felt upon the planet during this time which can bring about more positive changes which are very much needed.

The next portal of light will be occurring on April 4th, 2020 also known as the Portal of 4-4-4.

It brings with it the triple mastery number of 4-4-4. This is a very powerful moment in history as it brings with it the power of the Angelic Forces to become ever more present within each person’s consciousness. You may want to consider this day to be the moment when the consciousness of the Earth shifted into a new paradigm of light as it represents the blessings of Lord Metatron and the Angelic Forces of Light as they are stepping forward to assist each soul upon the earth. This interaction is of a magnitude that has never been felt on the planet since the time of Lemuria and Atlantis.

The beings have been ever-present within humanity but there is a difference at this time as it opens up a doorway into the consciousness of GAIA to become an integral force for healing.  It is a time for each individual to realize that they are a human angel to allow for the process of divine intervention to occur at any given time.

This is called your Solar Angel and is a very important part of your acceleration into Mastery as this part of you is the bridge to access your Higher Self consciousness. It is a time of remembrance to be what your soul’s DNA carries within them to be accessed through the Divinity of Love.

This portal brings the positive essence of Faith and Hope to be ever present within the minds of each soul along with the ability to know your Inner Truth and act upon that part of your essence.

The vibrational level that will occur is allowing more of the intervention of the Venusians and Pleiadeans with the Archangels to assist each of you to become more aligned within your Heart Essence. It is a time of great renewal if you allow yourself to take on the challenge.

Each of these beings are becoming increasingly more active within your consciousness. Calling upon them (within the Unified Whole frequency) will be an act of saying to yourself “I cannot do this alone, so please assist me with your Love.” This, in turn, will allow for the Divine energies to become ever more present within your world. It can be a time of great healing in various ways, not just physically, but learning to rise above all of the conditions that get imposed upon your life at this time.

On April 7th, 2020 the Full Moon occurs which brings us to the first Ascension Festival of the year, The Festival of the Christ.

This moon will represent the Resurrection of what you need to change in order to Restructure your life. It is a time when each of us as the great masters gather together to celebrate the changes we have made to move to a higher level of consciousness. It occurs on all levels and all dimensions of reality so we also will be transcending elements that will assist us in our spiritual journey of our I Am Presence.

The cycle of the Moon in Libra with the Sun in Aires brings forth balance and equilibrium to occur if you don’t allow the lower mind to control your emotions. It is essential to constantly be working within the higher levels of consciousness with your Solar Angel and Higher Self assist you as the lower levels encased upon the earth presently can cause an individual to allow the energy of Fear get the best of them. It is essentially important to remember that this moon represents RESURRECTION into RESTRUCTURING. If you keep that thought in mind, then you will be able to move through the challenges.

All of these activations come at a time upon the Earth when it is deeply needed. But it is about your own renewal of the Self, as when you aspire to greater heights within your full body system (physically, etherically, emotionally, mentally) then you can start to function with your Higher Self more intact. It will create deeply healing on all levels and allow you, as the individual, to rise out the current difficulty you are all experiencing.

We feel that the Silver Lining is that humanity is being pushed together to work upon the essence of Love. It is becoming a physical movement not just spiritually, but yet you cannot do it physically without the aspiration of having the spiritual aspect within you.

The more that you arise above the difficulties you are facing using your Higher Self and I Am Presence, the more you will achieve it physically. This time on the earth is representation of what occurred in Lemuria and Atlantis many eons ago. The difference is that you have the tools and training to move out of the physical ego into the spiritual ego to allow you, as the physical self, to aspire to greater heights than ever before.

We are here to assist you every step of the way, as the Archangels are that represent each of the seven Rays of God. They are: Blue Flame, Michael and Faith, Golden Yellow Flame, Jophiel and Christine; Pink Flame Chamuel and Chairty, Crystalline Flame, Gabriel and Hope; Green-Golden-White Flame, Raphael and Mother Mary; Ruby Red-Golden Flame, Uriel and Aurora; and Violet-Purple Flame, Zadkiel and Amethyst.

In addition, the Venusians of the Holy Kumara are here to help with Lord Sanat Kumara as the overseer of their energies; and the Pleadian Council of Light will be ever present through the present challenges of the planet.

It truly is a time of duality in which it seems to be right in your face, not a thought or a worry, but the Silver Lining is that you have the assistance of the entire Brotherhood and Sisterhood of White Light suporting you. We can do this together if you allow us to help you do so.

Please call upon each of us to walk with you into the New Earth.

So Mote It Be!

We are the Unified Whole Command of Master Thoth, the Great Divine Director, and Master Einstein at your service.[ Please Share on Social Media with your personal comments to help others. ]

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