Spiritual Cleansing


THE PHYSICAL ACT OF CLEANSING YOUR AURAIn terms of harmful energies, virus pathogens will first get into the auric field before they enter the physical vehicle, and these methods assists in not only cleaning those lower frequencies, but also helps you protect yourself against them by strengthening the human energy field.

The aura level is the visually imperceptible energetic layer of our human form. While unseen to the ordinary eye, it is like a bubble, or egg-like membrane that normal human perception does not officially acknowledge.

Many non-western based yet long accepted methods of restoring the body into a healthy state, such as acupuncture or Ayurveda practices, rely on the concept of an invisible force that supports the body’s health structure.

It is also a concept not lost on many native and indigenous cultures as those in both South and North America have for centuries used the burning of palo santo or sage to cleanse a room or an individual of bad energies. Churches have been known to burn frankincense resin for the same reasons.

So it very much makes sense that one might take on the physical action to cleanse and purify the auric field.

It turns out that there are very specific steps you can take right now to calm and restore your inner security and build your spiritual sense of self. Cleansing the Aura, which connects to your Etheric energy body, is the first and most basic step.

Continue reading for the instructions that you can do right at home. As spiritual teachers who come into contact with many forms of lower energies, we might find we need to do these cleansing tools 3 times in a single day when facing frequency adversity or depletion. In more normal situations daily use is very helpful.


The Higher Octave of your Physical Self is your Spiritual Self Essence. As a much more subtle yet very real form of your energy structure, it requires even more tender loving care. This is because as a collective human race we have been asking the Creator to assist us in our consciousness to understand Oneness at a much deeper level of understanding. The Cosmic level of frequency coming into Earth is helping us to merge the quantum vibration into our reality.

As a result, we can no longer rely mostly on the physical world to be our dominant reality but instead must now begin to adjust toward taking more care of our less physical aspects. Our Aura is not our only energy body, it is simply the first of many subtle energy layers.

The Etheric level is the next layer. It is our soul’s imprint of the personality self we have been whenever we incarnate into a physical human form. Basically it is imbued with all of our karmic ties. This layer interfaces directly with the Emotional and Mental energy Bodies.

These other energy bodies also need just as much tender loving care.

In our work as teachers of spiritual advancement we learned that it is imperative to train ourselves to take concrete real world steps to care for these other energy systems just as we care for our physical needs.

As a result of doing thee practices for many years, we no longer get the flu in the same way we used to experience it, which was the normal symptoms everyone knows about. Now, if ever exposed to those types of viruses we may get run down, have muscle body aches and feel lethargic but that is the extent of it. We may even in more rare cases sometimes also have a slight sore throat, sinus headache or mild stomach discomfort for a week. In any case, it is a much less impacting experience than what used to occur.

We rely on using our own audio meditation tools extensively. We found the frequency vibrations in the sounds, along with the spiritual invocations, are essential to the process of maintaining our higher light body energy structures.  We use them because they create the highest level of support we have been able to find.

These audio recordings bring in the Divine Language Network Light Encodingsm that Rev. Mahlariessee transmits from the pure authentic higher Christed frequencies. While these chants may seem very weird for most individuals upon first listening, over time the benefits they derive become undeniable as their awareness expands to appreciate the assistance.

Specifically to address the current global situation, we created a new meditation for Spiritual Cleansing to help with Health and Healing. It is 40 minutes in duration and very extensive to insure as much Spiritual help as possible is given. It combines the vibrational frequencies of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Brother/Sisterhood of White Light using the Rays of God with portions of the 50-Point Cleanse and the purity of the Divine Language Network Light Encodingsm.  AUDIO SAMPLE:Audio Player00:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.

We also have an included a second Attunement Meditation by the Cosmic Great Central Sun to assist with extra Healing Empowerment at this time (excerpted from the Clarion Temple of Oneness events). The special energies in the audio had a very powerful healing effect on us while we were recording it so we anticipate it will be quite beneficial to those who use it.

The two (86 minutes) Aura/Healing Meditations can be ordered at this link:

SPIRITUAL ATTUNEMENT MEDITATIONS: An excellent pair of Spiritual Meditations for Health and Healing infusing the higher light frequency of energies is now available as an audio package (currently at a 10% discount).


Cleansing your Aura is actually relatively simple and easy to do. These easily obtained natural earth derived ingredients may be used in a bath, a shower or, though not as fully effective, by just using a gallon size bucket or pail for doing your hands and feet.Instructions:Ingredients: 1.) Epsom Salt or Sea Salt, 2.) Apple Cider Vinegar* (natural, not imitation), 3.) Baking Soda, 4.) Waterin these approximate amounts:

bath – 1 cup each (if using sea salt you may have to use less salt as it does not dissolve as easily) or,
shower or bucket – 1/4 cup each in a bucket or pail (same caveat as above for sea salt)

If doing a bath, you can soak in the tub of water having already added the dry ingredients when you fill the tub. Don’t put the vinegar in until you are almost ready to get out. When ready to get out, add the vinegar and then dunk your head 3 times under the water (along with submerging the rest of your body in stages if needed: head first then legs) then get out immediately and allow the water to drain out completely. You may then step back in to use the shower to rinse off if you wish.

If doing a shower, just put all of it in the bucket, fill the bucket with water and then pour about a third of the bucket on the top of your head, let it pour down both the front (forehead and chest) and down the back of your head (back of neck and down the upper back). Fill the bucket up again with water, then pour out half the bucket again on your head, and then repeat filling up the bucket to the top and do a final time, so you have 3x total. Then continue to shower as normal.

This is a very effective method for clearing your auric body to enable the higher spiritual frequencies of light to be strengthened and increased.

We also include additional advice for natural nutritional support of the body below.NUTRIENT IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT

By sharing these practices we want to help you prime, support and activate the immune system frequency of not just the aura but also that of the physical structure. Here is more advice to create better health using natural earth based energies with you due to our many years of experience facing the challenges of actually raising and holding your vibration to be at a higher spiritual level.Homemade herbal based micronutritional infused tea:To make this tea, the amount of ingredients given here is used for 2 people, reduce portions for one person.1/2 bunch (about 1-2 cups) fresh parsley (not chopped)1/4 cup fresh ginger (about a 3 inch piece chopped into 5 or 6 pieces)5 – 6 stalks of fresh dandelion leaf3 – 4 sprigs fresh sage2- 3 sprigs fresh thyme2- 3 sprigs fresh rosemary4 teabags echinacea tea (like the Medicinal Tea’s brand)4 tea bags green teaAdditional for Chest Congestion: Horse Radish Root – about 3 inch piece, cut into 5 – 6 pieces1.5 to 2 gallons fresh filtered waterlarge potBring all ingredients to a rapid boil for 5 minutes then cover and simmer on low for 30 minutes.Let cool in pot until warm (or cooler if preferred). Strain and use within 4-5 days. May add 1/2 tsp honey or pure maple syrup. (Can be strong with ginger and horse radish root.)  Refrigerate.Drink 8-12 oz twice or 3x a day per person. May be taken cold or rewarmed.TIP: you may also add 1-2 droppers of echinacea (or echinacea/goldenseal) or a similar tincture to your cup/glass. If your tincture is alcohol based, you may allow the alcohol from the tincture to dissipate by letting the dose sit for 5 minutes in some warm water first. In more acute instances, of if you just prefer it, adding fresh garlic, onion and turmeric is also helpful.Essential Oils to increase health vibration:

Essential Oils are also very helpful as supportive aids (not cures or substitutes for professional medical assistance). Applying nature based therapeutic grade or high quality essential oils to the body is very supportive of the heath and healing process. One of brands we use often is Rocky Mountain Oils because they have blends that are a pre-mixed combination. Purify is a blend of Lemongrass, Rosemary, Lavender, Myrtle, Citronella, and Tea Tree essential oils, many of which are natural disinfectants and deodorizers.

Another good one is the Breathe Ease Essential Oil Blend that has a sharp, menthol-like aroma. It is made of Eucalyptus radiata, Eucalyptus citriodora, Myrtle, Peppermint, Spruce, Ravintsara, Pine, and Marjoram providing respiratory-boosting effects.

Besides using the single oils for many reasons there is also the Heart Chakra blend which has Geranium, Copaiba, Lime, Spearmint, and Rose to help the heart energy. Calming is composed of Tangerine, Ylang Ylang, Orange, Blue Tansy, and Patchouli essential oils. We also like the blend Heart Health which supports the Heart Chakra changes that can occur.

Single oils that can be helpful: Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Helichrysum, and Frankincense among many others.

In our personal experience, these health and healing modalities when used together as part of your life practices, helps create more spiritual and physical protection and strength. As shared above, the effects can be enhanced and improved by including Spiritual Invocation Attunement Meditations that are very specific to the energetic cleansing process by invoking the Higher Spiritual Essences of the Spiritual Hierarchy so the action becomes a full spirit-mind-body experience.

*Other tools that benefit are the proprietary spiritually infused energetic blends of essential oils that we personally offer. They may be used daily as effective spiritual aids. For example, we energetically charge and infuse our Sacred Space Spray (which we have available on our ETSY store) for use in cleansing prior to mediation. It also has the advantage of not causing irritation to the skin which some individuals may experience with Apple Cider Vinegar as a small amount can be used in place of the vinegar in the Aura Cleanse. Another favorite is the I AM PRESENCE Spray.

Walking Terra Christa is the originator of the 22 Rays of God, the Highest Spiritual Frequency of God’s Love and Light for transforming human life and living to create Oneness upon Earth. Reverend Christine Mahlariessee and Reverend Michael Ara bring forth their extensive understandings of pure and accurate spiritual energies as the co-founders and spiritual guides of the organization.

DISCLAIMER: The information contained herein does not constitute the rendering of healthcare advice or the provision of treatment or treatment recommendations. It is not to be considered or inferred as medical or psychological advice. Please seek out a qualified professional if you need medical or mental health assistance.

– Please share this original article as a public service to others. –

Original Material © Copyright 2003-2020 Divine Language Network and WalkingTerraChrista.com by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee* and Rev. Michael Ara. All rights reserved. *formerly spelled “Meleriessee”.



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