Spiritual Baptism: The 1-11-22 High Accelerations ~ Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse January Festival of Lights

Ascension Mastery Message of the Spiritual Meaning of the January 2020 accelerations as brought forth by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden.

We are now entering the first full moon of 2020 and with it comes the challenges to stand tall within our convictions of who we are becoming within this spiritual baptism. It occurs Friday, January 10th, 2020 in the sign of Cancer with the Lunar Eclipse.

The energies of Cancer are represented by the Emotional Self or accessing the Feminine Divine. This means that 2020 is starting with a huge acceleration of allowing our heart essence to become strong and more grounded as we are still in the Sun Sign of Capricorn representing the Mental Self.

It is a time of great awareness of how strong we want to be emotionally or mentally, and how that will play out in our full body system (through the physical, etheric, emotional, and mental selves).

Globally, this can create quite a bit of conflict since we live in a world of the masculine energies still so much a major part of humanity’s reality. It can bring forth the third dimensional thought forms to become more involved in the problems in the world, instead of allowing our own acceleration be the key element within the transformation that is occurring presently.

It is important to remember that each of us can make a difference by healing the parts of ourselves that need to be nurtured and acknowledged. Within that essence there is the Love, the Wisdom gained, which creates the Power within us.

The Lunar Eclipse is a time of change and allows us to look at ourselves through the eyes of our Spiritual Mind, not the Physical Mind, in order to walk through the new doorway of our full reality.

There is also a huge acceleration coming into the planet on January 11th, 2020. As explained by Lord Metatron, the Great Central Suns through the Universal Level are sending forth their light energies unto the Earth. It is a time in which each of us is being expanded into our 12 Bodies of Light.

1-11-22 is the Gateway into Mastery.

1 (Month) represents our own Oneness, connectiveness to the Spiritual Self and Higher Realms of Light.

11 (Day) presents the doorway to allow each of us as Initiates to enter a new phase of walking with the Masters that have walked before us through their teachings and lessons of being in Planetary Ascension.

22 (Year) represents Mastery in all forms. This means that we think, act, and feel as a Master letting go of our 3rd and 4th dimensional realities that keep us grounded into the present circumstances occurring upon the earth.

Our I Am Presence consists of 12 Higher Bodies of Light. These bodies extend into the Universal Level from the Physical, Etheric, Emotional (Astral), Mental, into the bodies representing the Atmic, Monadic, Logoic, then the Group Soul Body, the Group Monadic Body, the Solar Body, the Galactic Body, and then the Universal Body which is the 12th Dimensional Level.

It starts at the 3rd dimension into the 4th level, going upwards through each of the levels entering the 12th dimension.

On this day of 1-11-22 the Great Central Suns of the Universal, Galactic, and Solar are bringing forth light emanations to assist every soul upon the earth to access their higher light bodies through these accelerations. These will occur at 10:11 AM, 1:11 AM, 1:11 PM, 10:11 PM, and then 1:11 PM on January the 11th.

The in-between moments between the accelerations will be a stabilization period in which each individual is asked to ground the energies within their four-body system and into Gaia’s Crystalline Core. This does not mean that you will be initiating all 12 Bodies of Light but your four-body system is getting prepared so that you can start to accept the Higher Bodies through the Physical –  Etheric – Emotional – Mental Levels.

Lord Metatron shared with us that this is the first of many accelerations that will be taking place in 2020. It is important to ground yourself after the acceleration. You may already have been feeling these energies, as we have this week.

This means that our light bodies are being accessed to help in changing the carbon-based body to the crystalline structure. This process is not easy so nurture yourself through the process by sleeping, eating well, and doing what feels best for your Spiritual Self.

After January 11th it will be about walking with the changes that you have felt as this stage is crucial for the four-body system.

Let the emotions come, release what you need, and embrace the new essence, allow your mental thoughts to change into the higher thoughts. Your Etheric Self may also be cleansing old elements through this process which is actually a good sign. Your physical body may feel an overload of energies; do what feels best even if it is taking a long nap.



In the sacred tradition of honoring these Earth-Celestial Gateways, we hold the Ascend Earth Festival of Lights Star Nations Full Moon Gathering (free global access online audio event) on Saturday, January 11th at 10:00 AM Pacific, 1:00 PM Eastern.

By participation you can learn more and experience first-hand the Divine Energies that Master Djwhal Khul shares along with with Lord Metatron, the Native Elders and, just as important, the Star Nation Beings of Lord Ashtar and Lord Sananda who assist us in increasing the ASCENSION COLUMNS AROUND THE WORLD. for more extensive Grounding there is a special blessing and energy connection from the Whale and Dolphin Communities.

Our Focus with the Galactic Federation of Light will be the fires in Australia and the other tragedies that are occurring around the world.

Worldwide access to join via computer or phone:
https://www.freeconferencecall.com/wall/walkingterrachrista (International conference dial-in phone numbers are listed on the link) or Dial: (712) 770-5505, use Access #266957.

If you miss the live event, to listen to and receive the transmitted energies, the audio will be posted in our AUDIO LIBRARY after the live event concludes.

This free online global audio event is designed to help you connect to the higher frequency vibration of these sacred New Earth energies.

Original Material © Copyright 2003-2019 Divine Language Network and WalkingTerraChrista.com by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee* and Rev. Michael Ara. All rights reserved. *formerly spelled “Meleriessee”.


Author: Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden

Expert in Ascension Mastery 5D Body Healing & Attunement ~ Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Heliohah. As a Vibratory Ascension Master transmit required vibrations via voice communication, and energetics through their unique form of teaching. Rev. Mahlariessee (formerly spelled Meleriessee) is a 30-year trained Master in the accurate and correct development of Ascension Mastery having been ordained personally by Dr. Joshua David Stone (Master Joshua Stone). A Fully Integrated Transmitter of only the purest Divine Vibration to bring forth the highest frequencies currently available for humanity. Rev. Ara incorporates these elements to hold the grounding necessary for the transformational energies to be accessed upon Gaia. The energies act in unity to assist an individual realize the I AM presence and Higher Self within in ways not achieved through other forms of Spiritual practice or study. Mahlariessee's work includes skilled facilitation in both Shamanic Mastery and Integrated Healing Modalities.

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