New Earth Frequency Update ~ March 16th, 2013 ~ The 2nd Phase of the Christed Self is Activated ~

New Earth Frequency Update

Planetary ~ Shared by Rev. Christine Meleriessee

We have just moved through another New Moon, on the 11th which brought more frequency of light with the Rainbow of Lights Dispensation (video:  The Elders Surrounding the Throne of Grace are bringing into GAIA more light vibrations through the 12 Rays of God.  This is occurring each new month but this month is especially powerful as we move towards the Spring Equinox of the 20th.  The Christed energies are once again pouring down into the planet to assist GAIA in her acceleration.

What happens to each of us that are inhabiting the lands at this time?  This all depends upon your own awareness and how deep you are willing to go to experience more of your highest essence as it was in the beginning of our Creation.  The Mastery Pathway may not be for every individual person, but upon awakening into an existence that allows for higher knowledge to be accepted within the physical mind, each soul will step into this way of being.  Every lightworker is on the mastery pathway even if they do not categorize themselves as doing so.  It depends on how our Higher Self will create the planning and execute it through the physical self.  Understanding this pathway helps each individual as to the why and wherefores of what they have been experiencing in their life recently.  We cannot deny it, the planet is changing drastically and in order for each of us to accelerate with her, we need to purge and destroy the elements within us that no longer can exist within a Body of Light.

This week has taken us to new levels of removing these particles that we do not like to admit that we have within us.  We are at the last week before the Spring Equinox, and the Spiritual Masters such as Lord Adama, the High Priest of Telos, has expressed that in order to truly receive the Christ Consciousness as our Higher Self and I AM Presence is offering to us, we must remove the elements of debris that are keeping us from pure joy, harmony, and creation of a blissful life.  It is deep as the Etheric body is the Soul’s body in between lifetimes and holds all these energies in its livelihood.  So we are clearing on the multi-dimensional levels that have existed for us in many lifetimes over and over again.

Each of us wants the creation of the 5th dimensional energies within our physical body, but are you willing to go to the depths of your soul, your Etheric Body to be purged of the old timelines so that you can actually feel the acceptance of your essence from the Heavenly Realms?  Well, this is what is occurring presently and we are all going through it with each other.  I have been on this pathway for almost 30 years, and I am still removing elements that I thought were gone.  They are coming from timelines in my Etheric Body that have similar feelings as this lifetime that have already been healed and integrated with higher levels of existence.  Each of us is going through these elements; and we all know, it is not fun.  Our dream states are cluttered and full of uneasy emotions which can come into us when we awaken.  What we do with them is the most important element to understand.  Then, there are those that do not awaken with the lower emotions but yet feel so very tired and dizzy through the day.  This is when the Mental body is so strong that the emotions cannot be removed.

Don’t hold unto anything this week or from this point forward.  If it feels uncomfortable remove it with the Rays of God specifically through the Violet and Pink Flames.  Utilize cleansing techniques with Sage, sprays, breathwork, and chanting higher vibrations within your body.  You no longer have to hold onto these thoughts or emotions that come plaguing into your consciousness.  It is our Divine Right to be the Spiritual Minds and Hearts that we are.  We are directly associated with the Divine Mother and Father God.  Allow their essence to be your essence as we learn so much more about ourselves through this process.

It is an exciting time but it is also a very intense time.  The next surge of creation from the Christ Consciousness will be enfolding within our planet on the 20th of March at 11:02 GMT.  This upsurge of frequency will stay with us for a three-day period, and it is up to each of us to fully ground the energies within us.  If we don’t prepare ourselves through this process, we will experience the effect of being in a tornado and spinning with the energies as it moves through areas that can accept or reject it.  The more individuals that can hold it deeply within their Earth Star and into GAIA, the better it will be received.

This past tri-mester has been intense for everyone.  It is our duty as Lightworkers to expand ourselves and know that inside of us, we also have dark spots that need to be reflected with the light.  You don’t have to know everything, just ask for your special Spiritual Master to help you through the process.  The Ray Chohans are standing by to assist humanity and by commanding their energies to be with you, IT WILL BE DONE.

Just to give an overview of these beautiful Beings, here are their names:

v    Will and Power of the Blue Ray, Master El Morya;

v    Love and Wisdom of the Golden Yellow, Master Kuthumi and Master Djwhal Khul;

v    Creative Activation of the Pink Ray, Master Paul the Venetian;

v    Harmony and Balance of the Crystalline Ray, Master Serapis Bey;

v    Science of God and Wisdom of the Green, White and Gold Rays, Master Hilarion;

v    Inner Devotion of the Ruby Red and Gold Ray, Lord Sananda and Lady Nada;

v    Ceremonial Structure and Magic of the Purple and Violet Ray, Saint Germain;

v    Higher Cleansing of Sea Foam Green, Lady Isis and Lord Osiris;

v    Joy and Attraction to the Body of Light of Blue-Green, Lady Nada and Mother Mary;

v    Mental Illumination and Integration of the Masculine & Feminine Divine of Pearlescent, Andromeda Beings Master Voltaire and Lady Valencia, Archangel Ariel;

v    Bridge from the Old into the New of Pink-Orange, Lady Quan Yin and Angel Roshel;

v    Accepting the Christ Consciousness of the Gold, Lord Maitreya, Lady Pallas Athena, Archangel Mazuirel.

Wishing you a fabulous experience for the Spring Equinox of 2013.


COSMIC ~ The Unified Whole Command of Oneness ~ Many Masters of Light


It is our divine pleasure to step forward once again and share the energies within the essence of the One.  This is a powerful weekend that is occurring and more changes will be happen within each of you.  The planet is at a very crucial point as GAIA is truly feeling the changes while elements in her aura shift and adjust to the new paradigm of light that is enfolding.

We understand that there are massive amounts of frequencies that each of you are feeling.  You probably do not comprehend it as a frequency but it represents the Light and Love quotient of each individual arising into a new level of awareness.  As your body becomes more accustomed to receiving the higher vibration, it will accept this light exchange within areas of the body that are ready to accept the fluidness of the energies.  You may not realize what is and what is not in the Receiving Mode.  If you have a quick check of your physical body and the related chakras, notice a calmness and the ability to feel in balance within the areas that are accepting the energies.  As you work through your chakra system, it is important to realize that there are specific areas which still need additional work.

When your chakras are in complete alignment with one another (especially upon awakening), you should feel the sensation of serenity and peacefulness within your thoughts, emotions, and physical body.  Take an inventory of your own system.  Someone that has been on the pathway of mastery for many years usually has the ability to understand where they are in the standing of their chakras and physical body.  When the feelings shift into a lower frequency, it usually means that the Etheric body is cleansing the many timelines that are pocketed within this area and is being emitted through the physical sensations.  Sometimes an initiate will not be able to tell if it is from this lifetime or others timelines that are being activated.  Don’t worry about when it happened.  Just utilize the flame energies of the rays to assist you become more aligned with your Spiritual essence by allowing your Higher Self to be fully in command.  It is a time in which the physical self is surrendering unto the higher self.  This is why it can be challenging as the lower mind and heart is not used to having another essence to come into physicality.  It is a process that is ongoing with the acceleration of allowing your Higher Self to activate the higher vibrational energies within your four-body system.

Take some moments and reflect the energies within each of your chakras.  Allow them to spin in a clockwise manner and notice any abnormalities as you do the exercise.  It is important to feel the flow of the chakra as this is a sign whether there may be an imbalance or an adjustment that needs to be made.  If you can sense that it is flowing well, and the physical area around the chakra feels vibrant, then that particular chakra is in alignment with the four-body system (Physical, Etheric, Emotional, and Mental) so that that Spiritual body can be fully activated and accessed.

Your body is going through major challenges to accept the renewal of the Self to be activated within your consciousness so your four-body system is becoming more aligned along with your three-minds become one Universal Consciousness through the Higher Self and I AM Presence.

Take a moment a reflect these changes you are going through presently.  GAIA is experiencing the same symptoms through her bodily structure.  When each of you align within yourself, you are helping her to do the same.  You have chosen to come unto the planet at this time to be of assistance, but yet in the process your lower self can become very strong and not want to release the old elements.  Part of the reason is that as a human being we do not want to acknowledge that we have done bad things to others.  But we are in a time when everything must come into Oneness, and it cannot be achieved without removing the outer layers that have served you previously but now must be destroyed with the Light that you are.

This is an explanation of this trimester in a very short version.  Each of you have given your oath to do as much as you can to surrender to the new energies and allow the old ones to surface to be put into Wholeness.  Up to the Spring Equinox this is becoming stronger as the intensity of the Light and Dark is merging to allow the Oneness to occur.  In the meantime the shadows of the dark have been lurking to try and steer you away from the total light or to think that you are in the light which truly is not fully activated in its highest purpose.  It is the illusion that is being created by your world so that you do not fully move forward at this time.

THE MORE INITIATES THAT ARRISE TO THEMSELVES, THE MORE LIGHT WILL BE ENCASED WITHIN GAIA.  We cannot stress this enough.  The power of these energies presently is beyond any of our comprehension as it has not happened before.  You cannot sit by idly waiting for the 5th dimension to appear in your world.  You must acquire it within yourself.  Gaia is not nearly ready to accept her 5th dimensional body but she is moving closer just as each of you are.

Stop fighting the system and find your own way of Being.  Allow your Higher Self to guide you into the next phase of the Christed Beings Upon this Earth so that you can be that beacon.  The beacon of light will not shine just be saying I love you and I am the Light.  Take an internal inventory now if there is nothing else that you do before the onset of the Spiritual Equinox.  We wanted to share about the Rays of God and the Chohans so that every individual person that sees this script can take the responsibility within themselves to be a Master for the New Earth.  Ask you guides how you can assist yourself deeply.  They will show you and then you will be ready.  This activation of the Christed Beings will allow these changes to occur and change you will see within yourself.  But not until you become very honest with yourself, look within, and ask for assistance to be more than you ever thought that you could be.

We honor you, walk with you, and accept you as a Divine Being of Light.  We thank you for accepting your own truth through the essence of Divine Mother and Father God.

We are One as we walk together into the New Earth.

So Mote It Be ~ In the Name of the Christ We Are Together

©2013 Walking Terra Christa, Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, 5th Dimensional Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved.  No use without prior written permission allowed except for sharing the post in its entirety along with the link to this page;

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