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The Process of Creating Prosperity in Our Lives Each Moment

Prosperity Circle

We are in an age when many of us are stepping out of the 3rd dimensional arena to walk into our existence of Divine Beings upon this planet learning how to create and prosper in a completely different way of existence.  This takes great courage and patience upon the Mental and Emotional levels to stay strong when we are consistently hit with old programming that arises into our consciousness.

We are now in the midst of the third month of the first trimester in 2013 which is a challenge within itself.  The energies are very dualistic which represents the 4th dimension.  We constantly have to strive to reach the higher energies in order to have balance within our lives.  This is true for everyone on this planet as it becomes a challenge to stay above the old thoughts and feelings that previously were our “way of being”.  That is no longer the case.

I do not care if you are very abundant in one phase of your life at this time; we are all being asked to become more of “who we are” in each moment.  So an individual that has a lifestyle that creates funds for themselves and their family may not even realize that they are being challenged, but believe me, they are.  Where are they in their relationships of the self and their family?  Do they feel secure within themselves about every thought that they have?  I guarantee you that they do not.  They are probably living in the 3rd dimensional world of working within the many corporations or doing ‘what they think is right’ and are being gifted with having a paycheck each week that says, ‘you did a great job’.  But the truth of the matter is that these individuals have not had the chance to connect within their own soul’s essence and find the beauty that is within them.  We’ve all been there.  Some of us have stepped out of that world and found their true passion in life.

We are in a time when every individual on this planet will be looking at themselves and asking ‘what else can I do to feel better or live in a more beautiful way’.  It cannot be helped.  So what happens in living abundantly?  There are many categories that are within the word ‘abundant’.  It represents how we feel about our lives, our joy, our living arrangements, our ability to travel with monies and not be worried, to know that the bills are paid each month, and to share with others when our Heart desires it to be.  Abundance represents these aspects and many more elements depending upon each person’s reality of life.

When you walk out of the 3rd dimensional arena into a world that you desire, sometimes the energies need to catch up to where you exist in your conscious reality.  There have been many individuals that feel in order to be prosperous you have to be buying items that are highly priced and paying for services that show “I AM ABUNDANT AND I CAN PAY FOR THIS SERVICE”.  Then there are those that have a hard time paying their bills and just living from day-to-day.  There has also been criticism towards individuals in the healing modalities that they should not charge or they do not charge enough.  Our society has been based on the value of the dollar and not the service.  We have strayed away from Universal Laws of  Balance within the Cause and Effect that in order to receive, we must give.  Some individuals take too much and others give too much.  How to we create the equilibrium between both?

I pose these questions because each of us is being challenged to create that balance within our lives.  We are moving into the 5th dimensional level of consciousness but we still have some time to acquire that experience in our lives upon the planet.  Many of us stepping into the unknown world from the 3rd dimension are experiencing it greatly.  We are the ones that are working on our Emotional and Mental attitudes; and sharing with others how to do the same.  It takes time to transition from one world into the other and that is what each of us is experiencing presently.

We know that the Poverty Consciousness has been part of our past timelines.  The individuals that are flowing with their funds presently have created this experience for themselves.  Many times it is because they are doing “what they love” and the Universe is supporting them.  What about other aspects in their lives?  Then there are individuals that are truly hurting financially and then those, like us at Walking Terra Christa, have a tendency to create what we need right in the 11th hour.  Shouldn’t we have abundance in all area of our lives and co-create with each other?

Yes, Yes, Yes…It is time to understand why we have this innate ability to want to suffer.  It is not because we truly desire it, but it has been within us for eons of time.  That is what the old timelines are representing to each of us.  What are you experiencing at this time?  Look at all levels within the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.  Make a choice to be abundant in all levels so that you can be whole and balanced as it is intended to be.

Join us for a special weekly meditation and connection with others:


This is our prosperity circle in which we will travel to the 144th dimension to connect with our Higher Self, I AM Presence, and guidance that is assisting us.  We will utilize ascension prayers, a Huna Prayer to attract money and funds, a special decree for activating our I AM Presence along with a guided meditation receiving a special blessing from one of the Ascended Beings of Light.

We will be meeting Saturday’s at 10 AM Pacific, 6 PM GMT for 30 minutes of powerful affirmation of our Light within ourselves.  Isn’t it time that we all flourish together in all phases of our lives?  The power of group consciousness is now available for each of us.

This is a Service of Light provided by Mel and Mike of Walking Terra Christa – All that is required is that you join us.  We need your Light!

For more details of how to join this weekly call, please see Prosperity Circle at Walking Terra Christa.

In Expression of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee

5th Dimensional Mastery

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