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Planetary Level ~ Shared by Rev. Christine Meleriessee

As we move more into each month of 2013, we are starting to realize that no matter what level of consciousness we are integrating, there is more to be received.  The Team of Light shared with us that 2013 would be a sampling of 12-21-12 on an extended basis.  We are at the end of January; the moment of reflection I share is that there is much more to come.

Many of us have been walking this pathway for several years; my partner, Mike, 10-15 years; myself, almost 30 years and you would think that we would be prepared for this next phase.  We are learning that every day is a new experience in relation to our Body, Mind, and Spirit.  We are only at the beginning of this magical journey into the 5th dimensional world.  It is going to increase each week moving into the Spring Equinox.

Spirit is using the Spring Equinox as our next guidepost.  I believe this is because we need to have specific markers to help us realize how far we are going along with where we came from.  If I reflect since the beginning of this year, the depth and acceleration within myself is beyond words that I can find to describe the transformation.  I can fully sympathize with those that have been on this pathway for a lesser time and what they may be experiencing.

What I am trying to convey is each moment is going to become increasing more powerful along with allowing old parts of ourselves to die into the ethers of yesterday.  We are becoming increasing more beautiful, joyful, and blissful, as each moment shifts us into a higher way of understanding our inner self.  This will be reflected through our outer self.  It is imperative that we stay strong with our traditions of connecting to our Higher Self, our guidance, and I AM Presence because without this line of communication, we will fall back into the abyss of our third dimensional self.  Each day is a challenge to stay strong, focused, and know who you are inside to project to others.  This means on all levels of consciousness as our Super-Conscious is now becoming our entryway into the New Way of Living.

This is what this week is about ~ realizing who you are and continuing the pathway of light into more of yourself.  The energies are very powerful and in a special channeling from The Elders That Surround the Throne of Grace who represent the 12 Rays of God, they are emitting Rainbow of Lights to the Earth with each of the frequencies of the Spectrum of the Rays to the planet and within each of us.  If you are feeling off-centered, tired, and changing every day, please know you are being hit with this frequency of light.  To read more about this activation, see our current newsletter, Illumination”, January 23rd issue, http://eepurl.com/uo6af.

On January 26th-27th, 2013 we will be experiencing a Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius which will assist us to reflect the deepest parts we desire and the ones we want to remove by allowing us to clear the old timelines that may be getting in the way presently.  This is just another way of the Universe assisting us to become who we want to be by bringing forth the planetary changes in a very nurturing way.  Take the time to do a ceremony for yourself during this time to reflect the TRUE YOU that you are becoming.  You will be grateful that you did so.  (We held a powerful call on January 23rd to celebrate the Full Moon Energies and you are invited to download the MP3 file located at http://walkingterrachrista.com/tele-calls/mp3_listings/, donations are appreciated.

The energies presently will represent fluidness and continual movement with the activations that we received during this month of January especially with the 1st Angelic Activation on the 11th.  This is just a small sampling that we are going to be receiving through this year.  Take time to understand your emotions and your thoughts so you can change the parts of yourself that do not align with your Highest Purpose.  Take a moment to think back when this month began and how differently you feel.  There is more to come and holding your ground will be the most important aspect for you to receive on a continual basis.

Cosmic Level ~ Universal Whole Command


Greetings My Fellow Comrades in the Light,

We are at a very exciting time as the month of January comes to a close very soon.  Let us reflect in what the energies have brought to each of you during this time.

First, the adjustment from the 12:21:12 represented your energetic exchanges within our physical body.  Your Etheric Body is very active as many old timelines are appearing for you so that you can put them into wholeness for releasement or accepting them for a new way of Being.  The experiences of the New Moon and Angelic Activation have also sent the frequencies into a new way of existence.  Allowing the entranceway of your angelic essence within the physical body can be a very challenging transition.  So the first part of this activation is now available within each of you.  The planet is now being infused with the Rainbow of Lights through the 24 Elders from the Throne of Grace which is a blessing for the entire planet.  Spectrums of lights are coming into the hemisphere on a moment-by-moment basis to help individuals to balance their energies and also awaken them into a new state of human experience.

This is quite a lot to integrate within one month but with the full moon activity on January 26th-27th it is going to assist in allowing the energies to blend within your four body system on a more gradual basis.  Usually this moon means that the purging needs to be very intense in order for the transition to occur within a person, but this moon is taking those energies in a very nurturing way to help individuals to move into another state of creation.  It is important during this time to fully accept the changes that are manifesting within your consciousness.  All the other activations are leading up to this time so that the changes can be moved through you with Ease and Grace.

The Universe is assisting in this process of embracement so take the time to fully understand within yourself the old thoughts being removed and allow the new ones to be integrated.  Sometimes this process can be very difficult as the transformation that occurs can override the entire experience.  That is the unique essence of Leo and Aquarius coming together as the internalization and external essences are becoming intertwined to become the completed experience.  So, in effect, this planetary change is going to assist you for the next state of your development.

This will bring forth a pathway of relaxing within yourself so take the time to fully nurture the thoughts and emotions that are transitioning within your four body system as you accept the fact that you are becoming more and more multidimensional within yourself.  These changes are helping to release the timelines that are getting in the way presently.  This may pertain to people or events that you have held onto because you did not know how to do it in any other way.  You may feel spiraling of lights blending within you; this is a direct result of the 12 Rays of God becoming more active within GAIA as she is creating her new chakras.  It is a most opportune time to take advantage of the changes happening on a planetary basis to assist you on an individually.

This process will continue after the full moon until the end of January.  At that time, the energies will shift once again so it is imperative that you take full advantage of this transition to completely connect soul connections that you have been working with to remove elements held in your Etheric Body.  In fact, most of the work you are doing is through the Etheric level which is only going to assist your physical body to receive more frequency and accept your Body of Light.

Those individuals that are not aware of these energies may be affected adversely through the transition of the Full Moon as their elements are going to arise within themselves.  As this happens, the nurturing cannot take place if they are not in a state of accepting a feminine-based frequency to assist them in the process.  They will reject it and find within themselves that more trouble will occur within their lives.  We must remember that you are in the year of duality on a physical basis and allowing the Light and the Dark to merge within themselves will be the focus of reality on Earth.  You will find that the Light frequencies within you will be able to nurture the darkness that is loosing its ground.  As this happens, it will dissipate within any part of the four-body system to allow more Light to emerge.

This is the beauty of the current transition.  The more individuals that realize there are pockets of debris within their Etheric body to be changed and molded into a new existence, the more others will do the same.  As these energies are incorporating within each of your systems, they will flow through you and around you affecting others, your environment, and GAIA.  Without the allowance of the embracement of Love, there cannot be Unity which truly represents the current energies.  But it must be felt within the SELF before it is projected outwards into anyone else.

So the process looks like this:  the current moon cycle will enable the frequency of the Old to mix with the New to make the necessary adjustments.  You, as the initiate, fully accept this transition and move into it further by allowing the activation to push you into a new awareness of Love.  Then when you expand that essence through you, it is released into your auric field into the ethers of the Earth and all its inhabitants.  Then, you are helping others to feel the same as you are but within their own circumstances.  This is how the Unity of the Planet will be achieved by allowing your God Essence Self to be fully manifested through these stages of acceleration.

We are very excited in how the activations are playing out within GAIA’s energies and within each of you.  There are still changes to be experienced as the layers go deeper within the Core of your Being.  Congratulations for stepping forward and creating the New World within You and Around You.

In Expressions of Oneness,

We are the Unified Whole Command of the Great Divine Director, Master Thoth, Einstein, and the Brotherhood of White Light at your service!

©2013 Walking Terra Christa, Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, Ascension Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved.  No use without prior written permission allowed except for sharing the post in its entirety along with the link to this page; http://walkingterrachrista.com.


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