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FREQUENCY UPDATE ~ DECEMBER 10TH through 16th, 2012

frequency_update-qprThis week will be the start of some very powerful energies.  We have been preparing all year through the accelerations and activations.  Some of us have been holding onto many light frequencies so that it can expand at this time.  The Harmonic Convergence in 1987 was the start of initiating more light within the planet and now we, as the Lightworkers, are being asked to expand it into Gaia and to others starting on December 12, 2012.

This will be our first gateway into the New World which means that we are being prepared to walk through new doorways of Light that have never existed upon this planet before.  Within the past few weeks many individuals have been hit with what Lord Melchizedek terms, “The Cosmic Virus”.  All our timelines are coming together which allows for the releasement of the ones in which we were affected adversely by extreme conditions in our past lives.  Our Etheric Body is healing on the deepest level possible so we can feel as if we are dying, but yet we know we are walking through new doorways of Light.  It is what the Shamans call “The Death Cycle of Rebirth”.  In order to allow the higher vibrations to be integrated within us we must remove the parts that hold the lower frequencies.  Through this process we can also experience the “Death Wish” to be fully removed from our human consciousness which is part of our subconscious programming when we entered the body.

The depth of this healing goes way beyond our time limit in this writing.  We are learning to walk as Masters upon this Earth in preparation for the New Earth Hierarchy but it comes with great sacrifice, challenges, and growth.  So if you find yourself in this position of deep healing know that it is for a greater purpose to fully allow the frequencies of Light to be integrated within Gaia and human consciousness.  We are being supported by the Universe, the Brotherhood of White Light, and all of the Ascended Beings of the Christ Consciousness to fully walk through these gateways.  The cleansing we are experiencing will continue until we fully come to a point within ourselves that we can honor and cherish ourselves as the Christed Beings We Are.

On December 13th we experience the New Moon in Sagittarius at 1:41 US Pacific, 21:41 GMT which is being categorized as the “ABUNDANCE” New Moon occurring one day after the 12:12 Doorway of Initiation.  The cycle of this moon will represent the ability to create and flow within our relationships and life circumstances helping to purify and change what it is that does not serve our highest purpose.

It is important during this time on December 12th to fully reflect within yourself what it is that you may need to change to move into the Christed Being you have been guided to be.  This process does not happen all at once and may take us many moments to get through the integration of the Light That We Are.  Be kind to yourself and accept the challenges as an opportunity of growth.  It is important to fully reflect at this time; join with other like-minded individuals to allow our reflections to shine within each other as our Soul Brothers and Sisters arrive into our lives.




We are deeply honored to share with you the beautiful essences that are occurring within Gaia and in the heavens as we come together as One Family of Light.  We come to you as the Unified Whole Command with The Great Divine Director, Master Thoth, Albert Einstein, and the Brotherhood of White Light.

This week is going to be a beautiful start of the Creation of Oneness within each individual and upon the planet.  Each of you have gone through many moments of not being able to ignite the essence of your I AM Presence within your physical creation due to the timelines of the previous incarnations arising within your Being through all levels of the four body system.  You are preparing yourself to fully activate your Merkabah Vehicle of Light in such a way as to allow the expression of your beginning essence to shine through the physical structure.  This is a huge challenge, and we want to stand with you at this time to applaud you for staying strong within yourself to go through the deeper levels.

Many of you may still be going through some rough moments of not fully knowing what is occurring within you.  We say to you, “Applaud these moments as they are the reflection of your true self.”  You are learning to fully accept your increased light body within your physical existence as the Higher Mind is now being activating through the present timeline.  If you are still being challenged, please go deeper into yourself and allow your True Essence to assist you in the process.  It is going to take you into the depth of your existence beyond what you could ever imagine would be.

Your dreams are showing these remembrances deeply and some of them may be unsettling.  The most important part of this process is to allow yourself to purge what you wake up with.  If you are feeling unsettled about any elements that are coming from your dream state, you must affirm to yourself that you are the commander of your ship and step into your tools to remove the remembrance that is just arising through your physical existence.  Utilize clearing energies of bathing with Epsom Salt, vinegar and baking soda along with some essential oils.  Emerge your head under water and feel the releasement come out of you.  You can also mix all the ingredients with warm water and let it drip from your head to your toes in the shower.  Affirm to your Higher Essence, your I AM Presence, and each of us to assist you with the process.  This will take the debris that is arising out of your Etheric Body to the Physical Level so you can fully wash it away.  It is a very powerful way to remove elements out of your physical existence through the four-body system.

If you have not realized the fact that your four-body system is becoming the FULL BODY SYSTEM, then now is the time to do so.  Depending on your level of acceleration and what you are going through will determine how deep you will go to allow this integration to occur.  Your crystalline structure is emerging and the other elements must be removed entirely.

We share these tools with you at this time to help you get through the process of walking into the 12-12-12 Doorway of Initiation.  You are being prepared on many levels to fully accept your pathway within the full integration of your highest essence.  For some it may be on the Higher Self level and for others it may be both the Higher Self and the I AM Presence.  Which ever is the case for you, you are accessing all these energies in your higher consciousness and not just the meditative state.  You are being prepared to fully accept the Crystalline Structure and the Full Body System to be your guide in the future days.  Those that are further along the path will allow these elements to occur within them at this time; and others, are working through the process.

This week you are being assisted in preparation for the phases of 12-21-12.  It will be the first step into the full actualization of the Christ Consciousness upon this Earth and every individual is being prepared to be the Torch Bearer of this light.  In order to hold this light the other elements of the lower self must be removed.  This is a great challenge and we know that allowing your I AM Presence to be your guide in this process will truly assist not only you personally, but the whole of the planet along with others you interact with.

As you walk through this Doorway of Initiation, take a few moments and allow the old to be seen by the physical existence.  Then utilize elements of creating change to fully process what needs to be taken care of through the assistance of your Higher Self.  Feel the exhilaration of these moments and accept the conditions that go along with it.  If you are one that feels you can just sit in the energies and it will do its handy work for you, then you will be challenged later, but it will be much larger for you to handle than doing it at this time.  The 12-12-12 energies represent the frequency of Light that is the Christ Within you so whatever your inner reflection wants to receive, it will come to you.  It is much larger than anyone realizes and it will move through the processes of the holes and inner debris to bring in the higher consciousness through the bodily structure.  What happens during this process is that at first you feel exhilaration but then it moves into the deepness of the cellular level.  It will act upon those parts of yourself that do not reflect the vibrational frequency that is being ignited and will ignite on its own volition at a later time.  This could cause great havoc within the mental and emotional bodies if an individual does not allow the process to fully be accepted within their Being.

The greatest part of this phase is that it is now time to fully feel the Oneness within your individual Self and allow this essence to shine through you.  But preparation must be made in order to reap the highest benefits of this creation upon Gaia and within each of you.

The energies of the New Moon on the 13th will just allow the frequency to continue for each of you.  Again, if there are lower elements of debris plaguing within your Being, then this New Moon could be very disruptive to your balance; but in retrospect, allowing the Christed Being that you are to be fully accepted by all parts of your existence, then it will result in the highest gifts of alchemy available to any individual or the planet.

The choice is yours ~ as you are a Light Worker and a bearer of the Christed Energies.  You have chosen to be here; you have been working deeply to acquire these elements, and now you can share with others who you truly are.  Allow the Doorway of Initiation to be your guide into the next step of your Creation.  Embrace your Angelic Self, your Galactic Self, and your Human Self as one Multi-Dimensional Being of Light.  This is a rare opportunity within the Creative Source of any planetary existence and we are so happy that we can walk with you through this process.  We are feeling it as you are and going through each individual step on deeper levels as you are assisting the entire Cosmic Universes to fully come into balance of Oneness.

It is our Divine Pleasure to be with you, walk with you, and experience all That You Are within the Physical Existence upon Gaia.

We are the Unified Whole Command in the Creation of Oneness at your service.

Join us on December 12th at 5 PM Pacific for a very special call to connect with the energies in Mt. Shasta, our retreat participants, and others around the world ~ Conference # 530.881.1400, code 148525#.

©2012 Walking Terra Christa, Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, Vibrational Ascension Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved.

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