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Frequency Update ~ Week of November 21st, 2012

Due to the lateness of this update this week, we are changing our venue for the Frequency Update.  We apologize for not providing it in a timely manner but due to energies shifting, bodies healing, and allowing the new frequency to be fully in place, Meleriessee has been unable to put out the information.  On this update we will talk about the 11thGateway and what it means for each of us along with a special message from the Unified Whole Command on the subject.

On November 22nd, 2012 we are entering into another portal of Light to take us into deeper levels of ourselves.  This month has more activations that are readying each of us to go into the depths of our soul to be more fully ready within the physical realm to hold onto the Light Frequencies that are going to occur within the planet.  It will depend upon your physical creation within your spiritual essence in what occurs for you individually, but in truth, what this means is that the deeper your awareness the more in-depth frequency you will receive.  So what happens when your body is hit with lower vibrational energies?  You experience it through your four-body system until it can become One Body of light.  And usually, you need to experience it in all four bodies.  The order that this happens depends upon which ones are the strongest and the weakest.  The stronger body of the Physical, Etheric, Emotional and Mental levels will deal with it first.  It usually happens in this way.  Then the one on the end of the chain will be hit the hardest.  If you have been doing this work for many years, then you probably have strengthened all of these bodies which mean that it is now time to fully accept the physical body as One Body of Light.

Through these activations of this month many individuals will be challenged very physically within their structures.  It is a time when the timelines are coming together to create the total existence of your reality and the physical essence will house all the other bodies, it needs to shift and change into that new reality, and fully accept the Light Body as One Body of Light.

All of the bodies are coming into One Unified Field of Reality to fully accept the next wave of frequency which happens to be the last wave of the 11:11 cycles.  This Gateway of 11;11 occurring on November 22nd is going to be a massive change within each person upon the planet.  So whatever you are experiencing presently, step into it further.  Utilize the higher vibrations to assist the bodily functions and know that when you are feeling physically ill, not to use the word “sick”.  It will make you feel worse.  We are being challenged presently through the physical essence and when that happens all your timelines are coming together to be fully released.

So, we are being challenged to be better, to be more whole, to accept our highest divinity within us.  The body is going to ache, it is going to hurt in places you thought you had healed, but it all must be released.  We know, because this happened to Meleriessee in the past week as she walked into a public place that had some lower viral energies and her body was challenged.  What she realized through the process that this attack actually was a gift because the parts that were weak physically are now becoming stronger with the work she is doing on the higher vibrational levels.  She has not had to feel this type of energy for several years as she thought she had moved beyond getting “sick”.

Per Dr. Lorphan, the InterGalactic Healer of the Great White Lodge of Sirius, “You must not allow yourself to go down the pathway of feeling badly of what you have attracted.  You are a strong being of light and the parts of your cellular memory within the body that needed to rise above with the rest of you are now being released.  Utilize your skills of high vibratory communication through visualization of the Rays of God to assist you in raising the physical essence to meet your spiritual enlightenment.  The challenge is great but the rewards are even greater because the upcoming activations will take you into more depth than you could ever image.  Utilize only natural remedies as anything else will cause more holes to occur within your cellular structure.  Be strong through this process and you will see a different being appear within you.” 

Thank you, Dr. Lorphan

If you are not being challenged physically, then your structure is very strong and you probably are releasing through your emotional and/or mental levels.  Utilize the same philosophy of the Rays of God, spectrums of light, and higher vibrational energies to assist the removal of the old elements.

This is our preparatory stage of development as we are about to walk through another entryway of Light that is beyond anything that we can imagine.  The more we can do through this process within ourselves, the more we can hold it on December 21st.   This doorway represents our mastery in its highest frequency so what does not fit your pathway of Mastery needs to be removed no matter how deep the challenge must be.

Step into your New Reality; be True to Yourself so the doorway can now be opened for others to see your True Reflection.



We come to you in the consciousness of the Great Divine Director, Master Toth, and Albert Einstein.  We thank you for listening at this time to your own hearts and Divine Creation that is accelerating within your Being of Light.

We know that some of the challenges each of you are facing seem insurmountable but in truth, they are just a small hill to climb in the process of mounting the highest aspect of your Divinity.  The process is great but the rewards are even greater as each of us comes together in our full aspects aligned into One Being of Light.

The cellular structure is being broken apart like a huge volcanoe.  As this occurs, an individual needs to know what is needed and what needs to be forgotten.  The Solar Eclipse of this month has created these elements to break apart into a new reality and sometimes an individual feels as if they are re-living some of the old aspects.  This is no longer true.  The parts that need to be removed will be done through accessing the highest parts of your divinity by allowing the lower parts to be removed.

So in Meleriessee’s case, she is removing old aspects in many timelines in which she did not survive.  It is part of the cellular structure and in order for her to move into the next phase of her existence, it must be done.  It comes into play with the mental mind of surrender from these timelines.  As she has worked with the higher energies, she has allowed the healing to occur.  It does not mean that she is not physically feeling it because parts of those timelines need to be fully accepted by her newest divinity of light that she has integrated within her.  We use Meleriessee as an example to help others to understand that it does not matter what level of consciousness you are incorporating, these elements will be happening to everyone on the planet.

We all know that everything happens for a reason so take a look at what you are experiencing.  Go beyond the feeling of the pain, whatever it may be, and accept the transition that is occurring.  Every lightworker at this time that is intending to go further into the development of their Light Body is feeling at a loss and not sure what to do.  The transition needs to happen in order for the New Reality to be fully accepted.  Without the acceptance then we cannot step into the doorway without the old elements in place.  That is when catastrophe can result within the structure of the individual.  The energies are becoming increasingly more powerful and you as a Being of Light have asked to be one of the Light Workers to work with this light into the earth and others.  You are the first wave of beings that are being challenged into deeper levels of your consciousness within your physical existence.

If you are going into these depths, congratulations.  You are among the first and will show others how it is being done.  You are one step in front and allowing this frequency to be fully embodied within you.

Those that are not feeling it as much need to go at a slower pace.  We understand that this process is anything but easy.  It is very difficult and can be so challenging.  Each individual must feel it as they should and allow these frequencies to flow into a new existence of your reality.

So this is the preparation stage.  The 11:11 Doorway of Mastery will allow each individual to step into a higher level of their initiation phase.  As we have explained, the process to get to this point will determine where you are going as an Initiate.  Some may have just left the Hall of Ignorance, some may be just walking into their awareness, and then there are those that are further along.  There will be increased light frequencies within each individual and upon the planet.  This is one activation when the Love and Light vibration will be increased deeply so it is time to fully accept your Divinity in a new way of Existence.

When we share what you will be experiencing, please know that this is a personal experience.  What we want for everyone is to feel their essence in complete Oneness of their beginning, angelic self, galactic self, Mutli-dimensional self, and human self.  It is all coming into this creation.  That is why the challenges are great as all these elements are coming into play.  It is a very powerful time to allow the totality of your Beingness to be fully accepted into your physical reality.

So take time on this day to fully accept all these parts of yourself to come into your creation. Those of you that are being challenged will be feeling elements different throughout the course of the day.  It is a time to fully accept all parts of yourself to come into your True Essence.  You deserve it and it is time to do so.

So when you connect see yourself going through the Gateway as the frequency is spinning around you, brining all parts of yourself together, as you feel your True Essence expanding within your physical body.  See the Mental, Emotional, Etheric and the Physical Bodies all becoming One Body of Light as it was in the Beginning.

We walk with you through these immense changes and deeply honor you for being on the planet at this time of Awakening for all of us.

We are the Unified Whole in Oneness Reaching Our Essence Unto Yours



We are holding a ceremonial call Thursday, November 22nd.  All are welcome to join us as we connect with the energies of the 11th Gateway of Mastery; November 22nd at 11:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM EST / 1900 hrs PM UTC, CONFERENCE PHONE: 530.881-1400, CODE: 148525#.

Utilizing our 11:11 Activation Meditation will assist greatly in achieving optimal results for this energy.

Check out our new video, Unified Whole,

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