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FREQUENCY UPDATE ~ November 12th through 18th, 2012

The Frequency Updates are brought to you to assist in balancing your four-body system with the energies that are occurring presently.  Walking within the Mastership Pathway can be challenging and it is important to work through your Soul’s Psychological Balance.  They are shared in a very easy and explicit way from the perspective of an Ascended Master and what he/she faces Walking Into the New Earth.


We have just passed through the gateway of 11:11 which represents “AWAKENING” for every living being upon this planet.  So this week is the beginning of an upsurge of energies to prepare us for the final entrance of the Christ Consciousness on December 21st.

First of all, I would like to report that last week I shared that Mercury Retrograde lasted through December 14th; the information I was guided to share about this date is incorrect.  It means that energy can be with us within a lesser degree until that date but it actually stops its backward cycle and turns direct on November 26th.  On November 13, 2012 we experience the New Moon energies with a Solar Eclipse at 22:09 GMT/UC.  This New Moon being in Scorpio represents working on our self-mastery skills along with learning how to be passionate, resourceful, focused, probing, deep, and perceptive in our personal lives.  This is going to take us to a deeper level once again to acknowledge the parts of ourselves that have been put into the background and allow these elements to shine through the window of our soul as it also allows for the elements we have not wanted to deal with to fully arise out of our reality as it truly does not serve the newer essence of Light that each of us is becoming.  In other words, this week can really have a balancing effect on us if we allow the truth and wisdom to shine together in one essence.

Just as the planets are being very active presently, the solar flares can change quickly.  At present, it seems as if we are not being affected by the Solar Flares but expect energetic changes with the Solar Eclipse on the 13th of November.


It is our pleasure to converse with each of you in this way especially at such a very important time of existence upon GAIA.  We come to you in the consciousness of the Unified Whole Command with Master Thoth, The Great Divine Director, along with Albert Einstein who is helping to bring forth the existence of these energies within the Earth Plane.

We have a very exciting week that is upon us; when we say “we” it is in the collective consciousness in respect to the presence of the ALL.  As we are bringing forth the message, there is so much more activity that goes on behind the scenes ‘so to speak’.  Since the doorway of the 11:11 was activated on November 11th, the increased energy frequency upon the planet is being accepted by more individuals than we had previously hoped. We know that many souls are awakening but sometimes the word “awakening” can have some inner meanings that are not received in a generalized way.  We want to thank each of you that participated in any way on allowing these energies to be fully within their Being on the 11th as you truly assisted in allowing the Ones that have no idea what is happening to fully see within them on a deeper level than before.

So let us get on with the message at hand.  This first doorway in November is an active participation of each individual soul to feel these energies first-hand.  Now there are still going to be more that do not understand what is occurring, but it is important for each of you to accept the light frequency within you and expand it around you.  It is not yours to hold onto in anyway, but you are the conduits of the frequency just as we are sending the message to you in this moment.  It is a chain reaction that is occurring which requires great insight into yourself.  This is exactly what occurs within this Gateway as the preparations are going into a deeper level than they were previously and we are happy to be of great assistance.

You have not had much time to reflect on these changes that are happening within your cellular and physical construction.  We want you to realize that preparations have been made through your Higher Self to receive the highest and most balanced optimum frequency that will not overload your system.  So, at times this week, it may seem as if the frequencies are at a very intense rate; that is, when you communicate with your Higher Self to fully accept the level that is appropriate for your body.  Now your Higher Self has been trained to extend the frequencies to you in a most appropriate manner and as any new student must understand, they may not want to receive the highest performance.  It is like being an athlete and you are training for a big event.  Some days you just don’t want to do the work because it seems too intense and your body may not be able to handle it.  But then when you start slowly, then you realize that your body is fully accepting the challenge of your training.  Each of you is in training as this is exactly what you are experiencing.  Some days will be better than others.

On November 13th the Solar Eclipse occurs within the New Moon cycle which will represent the balance that is necessary.  You will find that these energies can assist you on a much deeper level as the emotions that you feel will be surfacing out of your emotional body.  Be kind to yourself when this occurs as it can be quite intense.  But what will happen through the process is that you will feel the compassion and focus that is necessary within your life.  The Feminine and Masculine Divine energies are coming together to allow the co-existence of both of these elements within your four-body system.  You must remember that you are going into depths that you never experienced before and within those levels are parts of yourself, old timelines, which have been lodged deeply within.  This Solar Eclipse is going to go within a deeper level of your shadow side in order to allow the lighter parts of your essence to shine. Together, they are just enclosed within each other as an individual cannot predict how the energy is going to effect themselves either positively or adversely.  This event is going to help change those parts within yourself on a much deeper level.  The result will be the truth of your existence blending with the wisdom to allow it to fully create your intended focus engineered by your Higher Self and I AM Presence.

So you may ask, “How do I assist myself through this process?”  Learning to how to balance each of the masculine aspects along with the feminine will be the key to your evolution of the Self.  Sometimes an individual truly does not understand how to go about assisting themselves if there is no knowledge of where to start.  Take a look back within this 24 hour process and allow the timelines and events to enfold within you.  Were you having any reactions to anything that you were doing, seeing, observing and then acting upon it?  Sometimes we do not see the forest for the trees.  This week will give you the knowledge, expertise, and diligence to go on a much deeper level than you ever experienced before.   It will not be something that you have to search for; it will appear to you in a dream, a thought, a feeling, or within your meditation.  Notice how you previously have reacted to others.  Then see the difference of your actions.  This is the WEEK FOR THAT CHANGE.

The planets are aligning in such a way to assist with this process.  It is important to go deep within yourself especially if you are unsure of what you are supposed to be working with.  These are the ones that are fully being egotistical about their own pathway.  The lower mind blocks the higher mind from being accessed so work with it as best as you can.  Ask this week for the energies to show you these facets that are deep seated within your existence.  You will thank yourself for it immensely.

After the Solar Eclipse, this energy will continue but being within New Moon cycle will allow you to continue within the balancing act.  It will assist you in remembering to walk a straight line and not go to one side or the other.  This will throw you completely off of what you need to do.  Once you do slip, get back up, and do it again.  It will become easier to fully acquire this essence within you.

 It is our pleasure to be with you during this amazing time of change.

We honor you deeply for your pathway and walk with you hand in hand

Master Thoth, The Great Divine Director and Albert Einstein

Representing the Unified Whole Command

©2012 Walking Terra Christa, Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, Vibrational Ascension Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved.  No use without prior written permission allowed except for sharing the link to this page,

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