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Frequency Update ~ September 30th through October 6th, 2012

Planetary Level:

We are in the midst of the Full Moon energies which is bittersweet as it represents the Harvest Moon but also a time of working through our inner securities.  The Moon is in Aries which tells us about the fire energy outside of ourselves, but with the conjunction of the other planets, it is also a time of inner reflection.  It can cause great strive within our emotions and thought processes because we want it NOW.  It represents the energy of the lizard, Uranus Square Pluto, which is taking away our outer layers.  Lizard represents our dream-time and making those dreams manifest.  That brings us the ability to look fully within our inner self that wants to come out of the closet.  This Harvest Moon is being shared that it is the most powerful full moon of this year as it is time to REAP our Rewards, all our hard work that has been in place this year.  But if we do not allow the clearing process to occur, then we are allowing our lower energies of the self to be illuminated out around us.  This creates the Harvest to be the elements that still need to be cleared and processed.  So it is a great time of inner reflection of allowing your pathway to be exactly what you choose it to be, ILLUMINATION of your Light.  This is not easy because we are being challenged greatly by these events in the planetary level.  Note:  We held a Harvest Moon Ceremony on October 1st; check for the MP3 download.

Solar flares hit the Earth September 30th which were considered very strong..   You might have felt these effects on the 30th and the 1st of October which causes tiredness, dizziness, and out-of-body experiences.  There were reports of Aurora lights being seen in the southern part of United States (


Cosmic Level:

This week is a blessing in disguise for those of you who have been working through elements of change within your lives.  The frequencies of the Cosmic energies are truly walking with each of you as you merge into the PERFECT You. 

Some may not see themselves as being Perfect, but that is within the eye of the beholder.  What is it that you are seeing for yourself in these moments?  Are you having difficulty with adjusting to a new way of Being when you are unsure what that is going to be?  Are you finding time to realign your energies in a new and balanced way?  These are elements for each of you to ponder within your reality.

Why are these so important?  Well, each of you are resisting and assisting at the same time.  What you resist will persist and if there are aspects within you that are not aligning into your personae of the person you think you should be, then there is resistance.  We never like to hear this but it is so true. 

To read the remainder of the update, please see Walking Terra


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