ascension, Full Moon, Harvest Moon 2012

Acceleration Time ~ Expand Within the Harvest Season

We are about to experience one of the most powerful times of the year when the moon fully moves into the Harvest season.  But the best part of all is that we are also within the most powerful year ~ 2012.  As we bring these two elements together, it is going to be a powerhouse of frequency for each of us.

The most important part of this full moon is going to be our preparation of our-selves.  Whatever we have done up to this point in time is going to allow each of us to grow further in the coming months.  Everyone within the awakening stages is very aware that this is a very intense year for each of us and those around us.  But what we do not realize is that the preparatory stages are most important for our full expansion into this time of reality.

This full moon is in Aires and the sun sign in Libra. They contradict each other as Aries is about expanding and Libra is about finding the balance.  But in truth these two elements are going to assist us greatly in the enfoldment of our lives.  Many of us tend to run around like chickens without a head trying to prepare for our lives through our work, family, friends, spirituality, and healing of ourselves.  Do you do all of these on every day of your life?  If you do, then you are way ahead of the game.  If you are like most of us, we are trying to pressure ourselves into being within that balance.  Then what happens to our emotional feelings and mental thoughts.  They do tend to get in the way of not fully acting upon what is right within each moment.

So this is the time to take that moment and stop thinking, feeling and just BE.  Smell the land around you, stand in the ground with your bare feet, and be one with the entire Universe.  This is going to assist each of us more than any other moment of planning, scheduling, and preparing for the future moments.  You may still do that but once you stop the merry-go-round, then you can see how deeply you needed these moments of reflection.

So how does this all help us with the Harvest at this time of the season?  Without knowing ourselves inside, we cannot assist our outer world.  The confusion of our lives spills into the other elements and then we cannot create the serenity, peace, and joy we so richly deserve.  All the frequencies of this fully moon to take us fully into this month of creation and allow your Spirit to guide you into the next creative process.

Take this time to set up a small ceremony for yourself in nature, with any parts of your life that you cherish.  It may be a special picture, a crystal or rock, or a poem or decree that makes you feel good.  Work with the energies of the Earth, the Fire, the Air, and the Water to assist you.  State your intentions of what you need and allow these elements to come to you to assist.  Allow the Air to whip away your old aspects that you need to remove, connect with the Fire energy to burn away the emotions and thoughts that do not serve you, speak to the Water to see the fluidness of this moment moving away as new changes will come to you in the circle of life and stand upon the Earth to help you ground the NEW YOU.  Utilize a stone to share your intentions and throw it to the wind, into the trees, or in the water around you.  Sit by a tree and feel its roots embrace your essence deeply.  Utilizing any of these elements will truly assist you in commanding your life to be the Harvest Within.

Then walk away with the knowledge of your Higher Self guiding you deeper than you could ever imagine.  Feel your steps into the ground giving you’re the strength and courage that you have desired deeply within you.

Talk to Grandmother Moon and allow her essence to blend with yours.  She is waiting for you to fully embrace your fullness of Light upon the Earth.  Feel it grow within you and accept your new-found balance within as you walk with the Light you are fully embodying within yourself.

This is a very powerful time and a more powerful season.  It is our Divine Right to fully embrace these moments.  We have worked hard to arrive at this destination and know that you are special, have a gift to give, and the Universe will support you in this endeavor just by Allowing It To Be.

Please join us for a special Harvest Moon Ceremony on Monday evening, 5 PM Pacific as we travel to the Clarion Temple of Oneness and celebrate with the Beings of the Universe.

Dial information:  530-881-1400, Code 148525#

To listen to the recording on the playback number:  530-881-1499, Enter the same code

MP3 Recording will be available for download within 24 hours.  This is an open call; please share this information so we can gather together.  Heart-to-Heart donations are appreciate via,

Many blessings for a wonderful Harvest experience.


In Expressions of Oneness,

Mel & Mike

Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden

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