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Walking Into the Pathway of Renewal & Rebirth of the Self – Celebrating the Equinox

This year in 2012 has proven to be such an amazing experience for everyone on this Earth.  For the Lightworkers it has given us many doorways to fully empower ourselves into the Light that we are.  We are about to experience another doorway into a realm of only what we have been dreaming about.

The Equinox on September 22nd, 2012 will prove to be an opportunity for each of us to grow deeper into the expression that We Are.  Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere will experience Autumn and the individuals in the Southern Hemisphere will be celebrating Spring.  It does not matter that we are in two different locations around the world as the weather is changing for each of us.  What truly is the expression is that Autumn represents the Harvest and Spring represents New Beginnings.  So we are totally aligning with each other in Oneness as it truly should be.

This week previous to the Equinox is proving to be a time of working through our emotional balance especially with Inner Child issues.  If you are finding that you are sad for no reason, or your interactions with others is not going as well as you would like, please know that the energies of the New Moon are assisting us in the creative process of Rebirth and Renewal.  It is a time to fully take care of ourselves and allow the nurturing elements to fully come within us.

There is a doorway of opportunity during this Equinox to fully remove what is holding you back from moving forward completely in love and acceleration of our Spirits.  Each of us is transitioning every day throughout this year as the energetic pushes are guiding us deeper into ourselves.  This New Moon is so very powerful as it is assisting us to come into more completion than we were a month or week ago.

So please take this opportunity before the Equinox to fully remove these emotional and mental essences that have been with you for eons of time.  Take time to be in nature, talk to Gaia and ask for her assistance.  See the waters moving freely and put yourself in a body of water whether it is in visualization or actually bathing.  We are fully walking into a new doorway of opportunity to fully embrace the ability to access our desires like never before.  Whether you are in the southern or northern part of the world, it is our divine expression to fully embrace all that we have been working towards not only this year but each year of our creation.

I am very intense about this because personally I experienced an energy that was released on Monday afternoon that I thought was mine but yet it was different.  I spent about three hours in extreme emotional pain not sure how to remove it.  It felt familiar of the old that I had released from my inner child issues, but yet I knew that I had already gone through that process many years before.  I have found myself in a very beautiful life circumstance and this energy took me over like none other.  It turned out I helped someone else out that is very close to me in an emotional way many years before. It was at a time that I wanted to assist on a soul level so I took on this person’s inner child to heal it through my body; but it was now time to remove the essence I was caretaking within myself.  The pain was great as this soul has been dear to me.  I know I helped this person without my conscious mind being part of the experience.  But yet it came up and with the help of Mike, my partner, we removed the cords but not without a deep grieving process.  I saw the face of this individual and that is how I knew what I experienced.  It happened at a time when I was alone and thought, “Well, why not assist.  I am strong enough.”

It was in this moment I realized it was not mine to hold onto any longer.  I assisted greatly by allowing this essence to be within mine, a highly evolved being of Light.  I then felt my strength and realized how strong I really am.  During the hours that ensued there has been great grieving as I feel like I have lost something that was so dear to me but it was time for me to be me, once again.  I called upon Lady Isis who has been assisting me in the past year to learn the art of surrender and once again she came to my aid.

Sometimes we take on others energies for good reasons and sometimes they are not so good.  I share this story because I think it only helps people to realize how much we help each other on different planes of existence.  We are continually evolving and when it is time to fully embrace your Inner Power then that doorway must be walked through with ease and grace.  You may also be assisting someone else or you may have taken on something that is too much for you to handle.  Now is the time to realize the REAL YOU.

I believe this Equinox is this doorway for each of us.  We experience approximately 12 hours of Light and Dark in the same moments.  It is a time to fully realize what you want to take with you and what you want to release.  When it is all done in love for yourself and others, there can be no other way to do so but embrace the Light and Love that you are.

We will be holding a special call (our gift to you) on Saturday, September 22nd to celebrate this entryway into our pure essence of manifestation and new beginnings ~ REBIRTH AND RENEWAL.  Join us at 11 AM Pacific via telephone or Skype (instructions on http://walkingterrachrista.com/tele-calls/).  We will be celebrating another amazing moment for each of us within this Golden Year.

Dial Information:  530-881-1400, Code 148525# ~ MP3 download available after the call.

We hope you will be with us.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee

1 thought on “Walking Into the Pathway of Renewal & Rebirth of the Self – Celebrating the Equinox”

  1. Beloved Christine, Thank you so much for sharing this right now as it has stirred something in me regarding an ancestral energy pattern that I may carrying thru my father’s family line passed to me with the intention that in this lifetime I was the soul designated to be the one to finally release it/heal it thru this path and the healing/awakening process Ive been immersed in for many yrs now. To bring it to completion, come into wholeness/oneness/Unity on the soul level for an entire soul family/monad in this yr before our plantary ascension. I know this is slightly different that what you explained and experienced, but when it resonated so deeply I asked my higher self what I might be carrying that is being triggered by this sharing of my Soul Sister. And, then I remembered or was guided to a playback of someone I was listening to on this topic explaining this very kind of thing being quite common for those that incarnated at this time to be here now going thru this process in the body as this is so important for the healing of an entire family/soul group to end these kind of cycles for all beings as it is interconnected and can help so many others to release it as it is healed within our mass consciousness by each individual. It came to me like a download very quickly and I remembered how much it resonated when I heard it the first time but thought…Why would I be chosen to do this for my family lineage..or for many others with similar pattern. Who am I to do this when Im just ..me. Then, I thought about all the things Ive been doing for these yrs and the people, teachers, guides and groups..like this…and you that Ive been guided to for so many reasons. And, it just resonated so deeply that this must be a purpose for my being here/now in this lifetime as well as to be a part of the overall ascension process in some other ways that I contribute to the awakening of others and providing them loving support for their lightwork as well. So, Ill go deeper into this for the next few weeks and see if I can connect to my father in spirit about it more, the Ascended Masters, My guides and AAM/Raphael.. esp with the anniversary of his transition in early Oct on Yom Kippur…36 yrs ago. I hope this sharing helps anyone who reads it and feel free to respond if you are guided. I hope everyone is able to release whatever is needed or things tht we may have agreed to heal at this time for a family, a person , for Gaia or just to contribute our part to the overall ascension process for everyone. Blessings, love and thank you again for your contribution to this Incredible Journey and to each person on this path together supporting each other. As ever with love, Suzanne

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