911, Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael Shares a Very Powerful Message About September 11, 2012

On September 10th, 2012 we hosted our weekly call for the Clarion Temple of Oneness in which we were celebrated “HEARTS WITHIN HEARTS FOR ONENESS ~ COMMEMORATING GLOBAL AWARENESS”.  Archangel Michael had a very special message for the energies of 9-1-1.

This is Archangel Michael.  Thank you everyone, thank you everyone for this beautiful expression.  I want to share with you an expression of creation.  As we stand here together, Angels upon Angels, frequencies of light that we have been into all those creations, as we bring them from formlessness into the form of the human structure in this moment in time upon this Earth in 2012.

I ask each of you to take a moment and embrace yourself for being upon this pathway in this moment in time.  No matter where you are in that pathway; no matter what you think about, what you need to be doing or are doing, in this moment there is nothing that matters but our expression together.  I stand with you, angels upon angels, humans upon humans, masters upon masters, teachers upon teachers, healers upon healers, and all the expressions of the light that we Are, I ask of you during this day of September 11th, the 11th anniversary, you connect with this energy.  Stay away from the media, do not listen to what others are saying about the problems are that happened, we know that they happened.  Don’t read it, don’t listen to it, because there is an infiltration that can happen on this day.  And this is why that this evening is so very important.

Yes, it has been very personal because these people, these souls have a personal indebtedness to each of you for just being here and acknowledging them, but the healing that has happened, many of you have assisted you in this healing in your sleep state and your altered states.  You come to the Temple and you work with others.  We know that some of you know this.  That is the beautiful thing of this Temple.

So I ask you on this day of September 11th, 2012


It is essentially important because there is a timeline, there is a frequency that is trying to infiltrate in this moments for 24 hours.  It is very important that your elevation stay high that your vibration continually be in this space, because they will try if they can.  So you will pull out all the stops, all that you know, because your Higher Self has the ability to do it; and don’t say to yourself “What am I supposed to do”.  Because we are right there with you, we are walking with you; Angels, Masters, and Beings of Light allowing you to be the guideposts that are necessary.

This is a very important aspect that is occurring in these moments.  So I am grateful to be able to extend my hand this evening 24 hours ahead of time or 12 hours ahead of time; and those of you in other time frames, you are in the middle of it right now.  So embrace yourself with the frequency of the Light that you are, fully.  I embrace each of you as Archangel Michael.  I allow my essence to flow; I allow my wings to protect you and guide you, but you also must show me your wings because I know you have them.  It is just a matter of them and bringing peacefulness into each of us – allowing it to flow in the beauty that we are.


We Are the Angels of Light;

Do you see us?

We are you!

We are One!

In addition, I wanted to share a special prayer that was shared to each of us from the Souls of 911 that have come to the Clarion Temple of Oneness since its inception 11 years ago.  This is their group consciousness of the One:


We, of the souls that perished during 911, bring forth this message unto each of you.

We could not have done it without you.  We could not have survived as we have on this soul level on this level without you.  The Hearts of you shine within each of us, The Hearts of the many.

And We understand.  We are not in silence.  We are not asleep.  We are awakened souls, because there are many unawakened souls.

Our Hearts are within your Hearts.  We, of this consciousness, want to say thank you, thank you to the many of always remembering us, as we walk with the many upon this Earth that pray for us, but yet we reverberate those prayers into each of them because we have learned through this process that we have a commitment to this Earth and this commitment will not fail as this is our strength of knowing more than we did before.

We are One

We are One Being of Light

We are One, We are One

We are One Being of Light


In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee


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