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Appreciation of Times Gone By – July 16th, 2016

Lucinda Thum Olin Mount, April 2004

Today is the 12th anniversary of my sister, Cindy’s, passing – July 16th, 2004. I found this old post as it is a reminder of who she truly was and I want to honor her on this day.

I have been thinking of her quite a bit and I feel her speaking to me many times over. I know she is kicking butt in the Inner Plane – healing and changing while helping others.

She always accepted my gifts especially in the very beginning when others thought I was a “bit off” in the 80’s. I even worked with her bodily changes to help her adjust to the transition she was going through. We did many healing sessions together, along with the beginning channeling, talking to our spirit guides as she always wanted to know more. When a tree fell in the middle of their house, we realized there were lost spirits in the tree and they became active. It was an intense time healing and growing together. I so appreciate how she accepted me for who I was. It helped me to be who I am today.

Love you Cin –

Today is the anniversary of my sister’s passing, July 16th, 2004 in which there was a huge hole left within the family unit.  Cindy was the eldest of five of us and was considered the “matriarch of the family”.  At least that is what I used to tease her about.  My parents were still alive at 90 years of age when she left the Earth.  She suffered for five long years with Non-Hodgkins Lumphoma, and this is a tribute to her life and what it means to me in this Golden Year of 2012.

 Ode’ to Cindy

My sister, Cindy, was my sister but also a surrogate mother,

Sometimes the mothering role was not accepted by me very well,

She was several years older than I,

At times she still felt I could not stand on my own two feet no matter how old I had become,

She watched over me and nurtured me the best that she could,

She came into this world in the year of 1938, July 26th;

So it is at this time I celebrate her life upon this Earth.

Cindy and I were not close sisters but she was one of my best supporters,

She loved me as she could,

Sometimes she misunderstood who I was and to become in this world,

She feared the way my life was going many times,

But she always opened up her doorway when I was at my lowest ebb,

I lived with her when the world was not supporting me,

As I was sharing my work as a spiritual teacher she listened,

But had great fear of my future.

We shared times of talking about reincarnation,

When an oak tree fell on their house during a very bad storm,

We cleansed the house of many spirits,

We walked through Philadelphia with other family members remember our roots of times gone by,

She was my closest ally when talking about the spirit world,

But yet wanted it for herself but had so much fear,

So she said to me one day,

“I would love to do what you do, but I don’t want to go through what you have endured,”

I helped to heal her body of the dis-ease and pain she endured,

She thanked me every day for helping her do so.

We also did not like each other many times,

I lived in her house right before she left this planet,

I saw the Angel of Death when I arrived,

He said she would stay for awhile,

Then when it was time for me to leave, he returned.

During this time she traveled to visit  Florida twice,

What a beautiful gift to see the ocean once again,

She became weak but was so very strong;

She shared her heart when she could, but not with words,

She was an action type of being,

She helped many and nurtured her family,

She assisted her mother and father continually,

She left four children and several grandchildren that remember her dearly.

Her parents bid her farewell on the 16th of July,

Mollie and Art were very saddened to watch their first born leave their arms,

But knew that they would see her very soon again.

Cindy’s soul will always be within each of us,

She was strong-willed, loving, and very adamant about her beliefs.

I helped her go to the Light as she was very scared,

But her last words to me were “Chris, I am going HOME.”

We miss you Cindy, I admire you for all your worth,

Even though at times you truly did not understand,

We walk together today hand-in-hand,

Being the souls we were always meant to be,

The dysfunction and pain is now all gone,

Only our love shining above and below.

We remember you Cindy, not only on this day but every birthday of July 26th!

You are in Heaven,

But walk with me on the Earth,

Shining Your Star So Very Brightly,

For an Eternity of Light.

I miss you Cindy, and so appreciate all you ever did for me.

Blessings and Love to you Always for Eternity.  Say hi to Mom and Dad for me

Your SiSTAR, Christine

Christine Meleriessee

Ascension Master & Mentor

3 thoughts on “Appreciation of Times Gone By – July 16th, 2016”

  1. Dearest Beloved Christine, this is so beautiful and I am very touched…and crying those bittersweet tears that run so deep. I have no doubt Cindy felt every word of this as you wrote it and is feeling so loved and appreciated as she lives on into eternity in your loving heart. And, your parents and Cindy surely together loving each other forever…and the rest of the family still on earth! Im missing you but glad to be able to keep up by reading all I can and following the posts and all that is happening with the awesome course beginning, the OM crystals, the amazing retreat coming up in august, the private sessions and much more for you and Mike. Hope Isis is doing well too. Hope to join you for something that everyone is invited too in near future..whatever that may be. Hope everything is full with wonderful students and friends on the pathway together. I love the sound of the ambassaders of the New Earth mentorship program and hope that many step forward for this too from the regular group that has been with you for most of the last couple yrs..they are perfect for this. Blessings and love Always..hope to be with you soon but never far away. Your Soul SIstar, Suzanne

  2. Hi Chris, I just reread this beautiful piece you have written in memory of Cindy and again have tears running down my face. You surely have hit on everything about Cindy. It was more lonely without her this past month, but I know she’s up there with Mom and Dad looking over us all. Thanks for this beautiful truthful piece of writing. Love from another sister, Cookier

    1. Thanks, Cook. Cin and I have come to a new wave of understanding. It was time to honor her for who she was and not the dysfunction we dealt with. Her light shines very brightly every moment. I thank you deeply for commenting. Love ya, Chris

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