When You Let Go of the Struggle, Magic Happens ~ The Story of How Christine Came to Understand Her Pathway of Weight Reduction   11 comments

I have been guided by Spirit to fully share my story of the weight struggle in a very shortened version.  I have recently dropped 45 pounds in the last six months without even realizing that it was happening.  It is a magical moment in history for me and when you read the entire background I share, maybe you can understand the dynamics of this event in my life.

There has never been a time in my life that I was not concerned with how much I weighed.  At the age of seven, I was pathetically skinny and sick with tonsillitis so my parents opted to have my tonsils removed.  What transpired from the time forward is a struggle that many people deal with internally and externally.  I am sharing in hopes that others can understand their own weight issues and give themselves some patience and love.

After the surgery, my weight escalated through my pre-teen years.  As most of us have experienced, the family situation was dysfunctional but very loving.  I took on the role of being a care-taker as I was the 4th child with sisters who had children.  I never learned to nurture myself in the way I should have and I hold no blame to anyone for these years.  I spent time in Inner Child work so I could understand the process.

So I put a protective wall around my skin to help me cope with elements that I could not deal with.  It does not matter what these are in this timeline, but then, it was a challenge.  I grew up on a lake and was very active in both the winter and summer months.  I put extreme weight on my limbs especially my hips and thighs.  Through the years I exercised continually and was on the yo-yo syndrome of dieting.  Without the exercise I believe that my weight would have escalated even more.  It was my savior for a very long time, and I enjoyed it immensely.

About 20 years ago I was married to a man who was a health professional, and I learned that certain foods were taboo for me.  I also had some physical problems including a low Thyroid condition.  There were times I was without the medication and the weight would shift unbelievably.  I learned to do strength training and aerobics which helped me survive.  I literally had problems removing the higher numbers on the scale but I could reduce my inches in a matter of weeks.  It was a struggle.  I have always had an hour-glass type of figure so my waist was much smaller than my hips.

I went through self-help tapes and books which helped me to visualize myself at a lower weight while I was exercising and meditating.  I listened to audio tapes for hours on end.  I also went completely off of dairy in the late 80’s and the health food diet escalated from there.  I removed many products off of my list including all white flours and sugars.  I learned how to cook very alternatively which truly assisted my state of living.

I realized that the Thyroid medicine was not helping me and on the advice of a herbalist, I was able to remove myself from the medication.  I was told that it would be extreme and great diligence would be needed.  I learned how to brew up fresh herbs for a tea and expanded my range of vitamins and minerals in my diet.  It was extreme and if I had not been unemployed at the time, well, I don’t think I would have been able to achieve what I did.  I kept up with the regimen for several years as my energies needed the extra nutrients.  Eventually, my thyroid tests started showing as normal and I knew I had changed my life completely.

In the meantime my weight escalated even though I was watching everything I was eating.  I would go through periods of extreme frustration and go off the diet by eating healthy snacks that still were not quite diet material.  I really hate that word diet as aren’t we all on a diet?  Our food is our diet.  I was told that once by a science teacher when I was about 11 years of age and it is so true.

I then started having issues with edema with my menstrual cycles which added insult to injury.  Now I was not only holding onto the weight but the water retention was relentless.  I started purging my issues deeply trying to grasp why the weight was staying on the body.  I would exercise heavily and when on the floor, I would be in tears as I realized I was releasing the pain that was being held in the legs through the cellular level.  I remember issues of my past and they were leaving me little by little.  I continued this process for many years.  I would exercise heavily and drop massive amounts of inches but only a few pounds.  I looked great but it has always been a big challenge.

I fully connected with Spirit with each step of the way as that is my life.  They kept telling me that the water issue was helping me to ground myself to this Earth.  I could understand the process but it was challenging to fully accept that I chose this body type in order to do this work and stay on the Earth.  In March of 2008 I had a bad car accident in which I was saved to still live on this Earth.  That was another challenge but yet I knew there was more to my existence than Just Existing and Sharing the Messages.

In 2011 Lord Adama who is the High Priest of Telos told me that I would be moving toMt.Shastain the summer months but he would let me know when it was time.  In the meantime I met a man who I became friends with and he fully helped me to ground on this earth.  I knew that I needed male companionship to stay on this Earth but did not have any idea how it would happen.  He and I parted for a short time, and I prepared to move toMt.Shasta.

In July I packed my car with a cat and traveled 3,000 miles to the other side of the country.  This was not an easy task and right beforehand, I created an infection in one of my veins on my right leg.  I knew it was a huge problem so I delved into my herbal remedies and vitamins to help me get through this process.  The leg was inflamed and of course, it was my driving leg.  The trip was not easy with this problem now activated within my life.  I arrived in early August no worse for the wear but the leg still a major issue.  I fully took care of myself and started my new life.  I had some friends visit and my hiking was minimal because of the leg issue.  I learned to deal with it.

It was not until Merlin came to me and told me to go toCastleLake.  I was to swim to a certain point where there was a vortex in which I would receive healing for the leg.  I did so and he was exactly right.  The leg greatly improved and I was able to start to hike and exercise.  I did my usual task of taking my measurements so I could chart my progress.  My friend, Mike, decided to visit in late September.  I was able to hike but still had extreme problems due to the weight issue.  Nothing would stop me from being on this majestical mountain.

Well, Mike left and then he came back as we decided that we needed to partner our work together.  I continued my exercise but never knew how much I weighed as I did not have a scale.  We also did mineral baths periodically which help tremendously in reducing the extra inches especially in my legs.  By the end of the year I had a reduction of 18 inches in total.  I noticed that my clothes were fitting differently.  In fact a pair of jeans I wore was extremely loose but I paid no attention to any of this.

Mike and I have developed a full relationship of love and partnership which I know was the resulting factor.  Spirit had told me that I would loose the weight inMt.Shastaand that when it left, it would go quickly.  They were not kidding.

We went to the baths two weeks ago and I got up the courage to stand on the scale.  This was something I truly did not want to do.  Okay, the weight had escalated to a point that I thought I would never be able to loose it all.  I stepped up and moved the scale to the point I thought I was at.  Low and behold it was too heavy.  I started moving it downwards and it went 10, 20, 30, 40, and 41, 42, 43, 44 and 45 pounds less.  I choose not to share how much this was as it is still extremely high but I am at a point that now, I can deal with moving the rest of it.  I was so excited to see this happen that I got on the scale and off again very quickly.  It was correct…whew…I felt this sigh of relief.  I went into the bath and cried my heart out.

So without even worrying how much I was letting go of in the weight department, it was leaving me.  I have found a new life here in Shasta and I am now able to feel happy to be on this Earth fully grounded.  I am with a man that adores me no matter how much I weighed, but so happy to see me reduce the weight.  I always hated myself for the way I looked.  I hated to have pictures taken of me even though I consider myself a very attractive woman.  All pictures were at the waist and above which is a normal weight for me…

I worked hard to get to this point and I removed years and years of pain that I put onto my body.  I protected myself from pain but yet fully created more pain for myself.  I created this body so I could stay on this Earth and do this work.  Mike reminds me of this every day.  I am so excited to have this occur for me that I needed to share with each of you.  I am putting myself in a vulnerable position but it is time to acknowledge what I have accomplished.

I now feel I am at a weight in which I can remove the rest of it with ease and grace.  My diet is organic, no wheat or white flours or sugars.  I do not starve myself and am probably eating more now than I ever did.  Sometimes I felt I was not eating enough but living alone, I did not cook regularly.  I did power shakes and am now off of all non dairy milk except for Coconut as my body will not tolerate Soy, Rice or Almond.  Quite a big change for me.

My advice to those of you who are struggling with your weight is to look within first.  You cannot loose it and keep it off without taking care of the baggage of why you held onto it.  I worked psychologically for many years through this process and am so glad that I did.  I am now fully content with who I am, who I have become, and am deeply loved not only by myself but by an amazing man who shows me every day.  Without his love of me I doubt if I would be writing these words but we create our own reality and I CREATED HIM IN MY LIFE.  Now how beautiful is that…it is amazing to share with you my beautiful essence inside and out.

Stay tuned for the next round of finding my perfect “ME”.











Love and Blessings,

Christine Meleriessee

11 responses to “When You Let Go of the Struggle, Magic Happens ~ The Story of How Christine Came to Understand Her Pathway of Weight Reduction

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  1. Wow awesome .This brought tears to my eyes what an amazing woman you are .One day I hope to meet you in person,can’t wait for this to happen.

    So much LOVE and MANY MANY Blessings.You have made my life worth living I look forward to ALL of your meditations.I can’t listen live as my Skype shuts down without warning so will have to get it fixed.Thankyou so much for what you are doing.Love Helen.

    • Thank you Helen…It really shows that when you step out and share your story even if it has been private for so long, it helps so many to see you in a different light. Thank you for supporting us and following the recordings. Lotz of love to you, Christine

  2. Christine, I am so happy for you. I too have struggled with my weight, but only for about the last twenty years. I too have lost a lot of weight in the last 6 months…and it feels sooooo good…so I can really relate to this post. You look really wonderful. You go girl!!! Loving yourself and being loved are great tonics! Love, Nancy

  3. I am soooooo very proud of YOU and honored that you have shared your journey with the World and this community; in doing this you have taken your path and the energy fueling this aspect of your journey here on Earth to a whole new level…..You GO GIRL!!!!! As I read your story I could feel the words emanating from your heart space….. and beautiful rainbow golden energy swirling all around you….. the more I read…. the faster and faster the energy moved….. Your Light body is dancing in the release and transformation….. Your crystalline heart ignited yet again and at an even deeper level….. May you continue to be blessed in all ways….. Rainbows, grace, ease, love and joy from my heart in the mountaintops of the Colorado Rockies to yours on Sacred Mount Shasta this morning….. Aho! 11~33~55~22~888~22~55~33~11

  4. Dearest Beautiful beloved Christine, This is so wonderful ..Im so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!. More on this privately in future but do know I understand and care and know how important this truly is. Im in the midst of much healing myself on all levels after going through some extremely low months (understatement) but now working on it diligently thru ayurveda/vegan/ cutting out similar foods from my diet…and lots of inner healing and self-love. thank you for the intimate sharing of all for you and Im so glad you have Mike to support you in all of this and help you to finally complete it as you have been preparing for and being guided to and through for some time now. What a journey or miracles! Also, Thank you for the FB note..yesterday also. You must have received my telepathic message because I had just read the post on protection and was planning to write to you on FB yesterday to let you know I would be attending the class and to thank you for the opportunity and important class. I find this synchronicity between us very interesting? I wish I had read thru to the end as I would have seen the PS about the full moon ceremony last eve and regret missing it. I hadnt been able to get to the next two posts until today ..or I would have also caught the invitation to attend in the A Michael channel. I hope was beautiful and well-attended. Ill set my intention that I was there to support. join and commune with the energies.as time and space is shifting even more and this can be so…and feel connected today through catching up the three recent posts/messages. Be with you soon maybe even before you read this post. Still need to read/r-read more of the posts to understand where things are and touch-in with myself on all this to be better prepared to really connect deeply tonight to all of this and you and Mike. It will be the first time on a call with him but Im looking forward to finally hearing/meeting him even over telecall/skype. Ill be setting up the new skype contact info and hope that works. The Posts are very clear on how to do this and you have things really set-up well for least problems now…well-done. Im sure its been this way for awhile but since Ive not been able to look closely and keep up Im just taking it all in now and feeling/seeing all the great upgrades in all of it. Thanks for giving those like me an opportunity to attend even without the financial means or able to assist you with what you need help with in exchange right now..wish I could. I hope the help does come through your generosity with including more of us in these invitations. Bless you my dear friend you have my love and support always and forever, suzanne

  5. Dearly Beloved Meleriessee,

    What a beautiful story and I am so excited and happy for you on many levels! I so enjoyed the stories that you wrote when you were crossing the states last year and could tell you were on the verge of a new, exciting and loving way of life. You are truly marvellous and YAY GOD for materialising through you the perfect partner for you! Having a wonderful partner that just loves you for you is the greatest gift of all. I too have that and wish it upon everyone! My husband Michael is a wonderful Man and Father and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to walk through this life with. Bless you and thank you for sharing your story. You are truly BEAUTIFUL! In love and light, Tracy…or as I have remembered my Lemurian name and now use it in my writings, Letita

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