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Assisting Others in Their Acceleration Has Put Me into a New Paradigm of Frequency

Today is October 2nd and there is so much happening for me in Mt. Shasta that it is hard to place it all to those I feel would benefit from this experience.

When I arrived in Shasta just two months ago, I had no idea that promoting a 5-step program to help individuals attune themselves into the higher frequencies would catapult me into a new space of Beingness.  As many know,Mount Shasta has been my home for eons of time ~ ten years to be exact.  I have traveled here extensively doing ceremonies on the mountain and allowing the magic to enfold within me.  It is part of my Beingness and my life as it enfolds each day.

Masters show up in the most extreme places only to acknowledge your essence and the walk that you are doing.  It is the beauty of my world so extensively because I intend it to be more fully each day.  The power of these expressions is beyond the comprehension of what I bring forth in my daily life.  Some see me as a very normal person just doing their spiritual walk, but the ones that know me deeply, understand that this is a choice I have made to walk in the magic of life each moment.

Since my arrival, I have had three sets of individuals come to Mount Shasta to do the walk that I have incorporated.  First, with Joy and Heather, who truly were the test runners of the program which was an amazing experience.  Then, a friend from the East, Mike, arrived about 2 weeks ago.  I never intended to do the full program with him as I felt it would be more of a flow with us.  We are personal friends and I was unsure how far I should go with bringing for messages and the program to him.  To both of our surprise, it was so much more than we ever realized.

The acceleration for me during this time is something that I cannot even express adequately.  I have been on this pathway for almost 30 years and traveled here for over 10 of those years.  My life changed in Shasta with Dr. Stone’s Wesak events.  The process at this point is to fully embellish my Lemurian Essence as the Goddess that I was.  Many years ago Lord Adama had asked me to work with them for the New Earth energies as an Ambassador of Light.  I did not know how this was going to come about.  My New Earth Consciousness calls were developed in the Spring of 2011 and this was the start of my journey towards this integration.

I have learned to Be in the Moment as my funds are coming only from my teachings presently.  It has been a challenge with many tears and fearful moments.  Lord Adama and Merlin have been very instrumental in assisting me to clear these elements for myself.  This is still an ongoing process and I am still very unsure in each moment how it is going to enfold but I have faith and trust.  With Mike’s visit we attended a sweatlodge at Stewart Mineral Springs with Walking Eagle whom I had met  five years ago. This ceremony for me was beyond the Veil of Remembrance.  Tears just flowed through me without me knowing what it was all about.  I connected with a beautiful Japanese woman whom we happened to meet on Panther Meadows two days later and a special young student from Japan also connected with me.  Mike has been instrumental in allowing me to be myself, fully and without reservation.  This is something that has not been easy for me in the past.  I also assisted him in the raising of vibrations within his Being through the ceremonies and attunements. It has been a very balancing connection with both of us.

The height of our working together was going back to Mineral Springs for the mineral baths. Isis came to me after the sweatlodge and Mike pointed this out.  Her essence has been intertwining with me so very deeply and has fully changed my viewpoint of my body and expression.  For the mineral baths, you soak, go into the sauna, and then jump into the creek.  All of this is being done with a sheet wrapped around you and swimming nude in the healing waters. Isis told me that it was essential part of my initiation so I did as I was told.  I cannot tell you what this has done for me.  The fluidness and beauty within me is flowing so effervescently and can no longer be hidden from myself and anyone else who chooses to connect with me.  At first, I could not wait to get out of the waters, but then towards the last round (5 of them), I felt the water spinning around me and feeling very magical and beautiful to everything I touched. Even the process of walking up on the rocks to exit the pool of water became easier with each time.   For me, this is huge…I have always struggled with my weight and body issues…I work out, but have a heavy lower body and being without clothing in front of others is not something I dreamed about. Isis was so right…it just allowed me to enfold my Being in a completely different way.

Mike is now working on his own internalizations and so am I, in separate locations.  In the meantime, another individual, Julie, from my calls arrived yesterday to do my program.  The work continues and so does my acceleration.  Today we went to Hedgerow Falls to do a cleansing under a stream of a waterfall which is absolutely amazing.  Last evening and this morning, issues of my own inner securities were arising again.  Going into the falls fully released those elements for me to receive the higher essences.

Isis is with me more than ever.  I know that knowledge’s are coming forth to prepare me for a new pathway which I am unsure what that truly is going to be.  I arrived in Mount Shasta with the hopes of meeting my True Love or the Essence of the God who is my counterpart.  It has been my desire for several years and my intentions have been towards these realizations.  What I had not realized is that the frequency of the Isis history is deeply embedded within me and it is now time for it to enfold out of my being.  It is my Lemurian heritage and I am here to fully access those elements.  Each of these individuals arriving in my homeland is also here to remember their Lemurian essence.  They are helping me to do so in various ways.

I do not know how this is going to enfold within me and I chose to write this at this time, as it helps me to understand that I must surrender all that I have experienced with everyone.  All is in Divine Timing and I cannot figure it out.  That is not my purpose to do so.  What my role in each of these person’s lives is to realize that they came here to heal but to help me also to remember as they are remembering.  We are coming together in the highest vibrational space to fully actualize our Divinity not only to ourselves but to each other.  That has not been revealed as yet, but what has been shown to me is that there are possibilities.  I am striving to be in my highest purpose in each moment and whoever chooses not walk with me is truly expressed in Divine Timing.  Right now I am fully expressing my light onto others and the world in each moment.  Some may choose not to accept it and others will choose to embrace it.

Isis says to me in this moment “In the reflection of which you are, you shall shine out to others.  Those that accept it are your closest confidantes and those that do not, will find their own Divine Complements of Light.  Keep aspiring to more, as this is where you will see the activation of your efforts and the frequency that you are mirroring out to you will be returned with Great Love of Your Heart and Your Essence.”

I thank everyone who has arrived here in Mount Shasta as it has helped me to realize my higher potential within my life.  I know the ones that I will be working and sharing with; I just do not know how it will enfold.  That is the blessing of the magic of Shasta.  Each moment enfolding into the next ~ Sharing, Being, and Accepting all that We Are Onto One Another.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Christine Meleriessee

7 thoughts on “Assisting Others in Their Acceleration Has Put Me into a New Paradigm of Frequency”

  1. You are so willing to experience it all, with an openness and acceptance that is truly amazing. Your are truly the metaphorical beautiful flower opening petal by petal, releasing your essence to share with all of us. We are so blessed. From my heart, thank you.

  2. I’ve been listening to Christines calls and reading the transcripts for quite a while now. I’ve found them to be beneficial, informative and healing on many levels, as well as raising my vibration to assist me with these Earth changes. Today I had a private session with Christine, enabling me to communicate with Lord Adama so that I could find my life purpose. It was everything I’d hoped for and more. I’ve been struggling with work and personal issues for nearly 3 years which has caused me to loose faith in myself, my abilities and the people around me. Even though things have begun to turn round, I’ve been stuck in a place of fear, doubt and mental anguish – a bog of negative thoughts as it were. This evenings call has just simply dissolved that for me. Lord Adama acknowledged my journey so far and reminded me that I now have to let go of those experiences. The Karmic issues are concluding and I am empowered to keep growing, keep speaking, keep standing up for myself. I have not only got permission but blessing to share my experiences – this enables me to activate and actualise my gifts and talents. NOthing impossible or mystical was asked of me, I was offered simple suggestions to allow me to work on myself, to develop my skills and to continue to help others. I feel like my higher self has been allowed into my physical body and is expanding to share this space and time with me. I feel like I’m becoming complete. Fan-bloody-tastic! I want to thank Christine for doing this work with me. And for continuing to do the work with us through her calls. This session today was a priceless gift that I needed to give to myself to help me. My questions are answered, my doubts are removed, my fears are revealed to be just mental thoughts with no power except what I gave them and I choose not to give them any power anymore. Picture an amazing firework, colourfully filling the sky with light, sound, movement and energy – that’s me after my call today. Thanks Christine – you are a STAR.

  3. Hello there, simply turned into aware of your blog thru Google, and found that it is really informative. I’m gonna watch out for brussels. I will appreciate if you continue this in future. A lot of other folks will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  4. Thank you Christine. “What my role in each of these person’s lives is to realize that they came here to heal but to help me also to remember as they are remembering. We are coming together in the highest vibrational space to fully actualize our Divinity not only to ourselves but to each other.”

    I also feel that we are here for each other. All is perfection and in divine timing even though it may not seem so at the time. When we choose to be in the singularity of now and walk our earth walk with humility and gratitude, we attract ones who wish to share our journey. Many may choose other paths when we allow ourselves to be who we are and radiate our divine essence. Bless them on their journey. Peace and Love, Cyrus

  5. Darling Christine, My heart shares your dreams and vibration.I feel you and I am so proud of all your courage and relentless drive to respond to the call of the Light. I did a Google search on “I Am Presence Retreats” and found you. After three years of reading/experiencing the St Germain Foundation books, and becoming friends with Marius Michael George and others in Paradise Valley, MT., going to Shasta with my husband, and sharing the Chart of the Presence with many, (you know how it goes) I Am truly seeking to raise my vibration by sharing with others and Being a reflection of the Light myself. We have just moved to Costa Rica to work with people addicted to drugs and I am so thankful to be here to bring Light to those who are seeking Light in the darkness of addiction. I believe ” I Am Presence” and the Ascended Masters will absolutely help us to do what we came to do. I wish that we could be there in the Royal Teton Retreat with you now. Please remember us in your work and I believe we will meet one day. We may have already met in our ethereal travels. Thank you for being the channel for so many messages of Light and Love from the Ascended Masters.
    Blessings to you and all those who join us in this Light work. You may have seen me in my groups on Facebook -Saint Germain and the I Am Presence- and – Angels and Sacred Visionary Art- I Am thankful to St Germain for the Violet Flame and how that has helped me to accelerate my vibrational growth. It is lovely to meet you and to join with you in loving the Light.
    Beloved I Am

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