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Magical Machete Tour ~ Day 7 ~ August 1st, 2011

Light of Oneness

Today was a day of realization.  It is wake-up time ~ this is what I said to myself during my drive through Idaho.  I will start at the beginning and finish my story of the previous night.

I had intended on getting to bed early which ended up to be about 10 p.m.  I was awakened by some scratching or banging at the door, like an animal, not a human.  Okay, so now I am freaked…I thought it was Isis, my cat, but she was in the carrier sleeping next to me.  I had only been asleep for about 10 minutes.  I went to the window to check and no one was there and then thought maybe the people next door had a dog.  I don’t think so… I slept with the TV on which is something I never do and awoke several times.  I had called in the protection but knew that something was array but I was not in the space to fully connect with it.

I awoke with great emotion.  Isis was very anxious and would not stop crying.  We were probably feeding upon each other but it was an intense day to say the least.  It was pouring rain as we had had a thunderstorm the night before and it continued through the night.  As I was packing the car, I did see my neighbors, an elderly couple and we interacted but they spoke broken English and it was hard for me to understand them.  I felt very strange about the night before.

So I went on my way out to I-84.  The clouds opened up into partial sunlight and the rain slowly disappeared.  My companion, Isis, was still very anxious and I felt so sorry as she truly kept the crying going.  So, of course, that was sending me into a tailspin.  I was watching the clouds with my drive and today felt very different.  I felt the oppression of the area in the land and many souls in the Etheric level.  It was a great challenge on this day.

I became very retrospect with this journey as now it had been a week and what a week it has been!  I thought about last evening and I realized that I definitely was being watched by many.  I felt the intensity of the work that I have been doing, this Golden Pathway of Light surging through the middle of the United States.  When I am asked to do these things, I never think twice as it is my pathway and always has been.  The only difference here is that I am affecting many areas in many states across this country.  Souls are being released, this I know.

I then was feeling very humble and called upon Lord Adama to assist me in this process.  The feelings that came to me today were that number one it was no mistake that the first being I channeled many years ago was Moses.  He is so close to my heart and has helped me in many ways.  I know I am being guided by the Spiritual Hierarchy as I see it in many moments.  When Lord Adama asked me earlier this year to travel across the country, I thought I would be stopping to do ceremonies, etc and then realized that this is even more powerful.  These states are being healed through the vibrations of the Light and assisting the Etheric Level so deeply.  It is with great gratitude that I write these words tonight.  I never in my wildest dreams thought that my work would have this kind of effect on so many.

So what made me reflect upon these moments?  The sky was dark and then light, the rain was coming down, and I was thinking about my lodging the night before.  I am very protected ~ this I know.  I have spent years in training with a woman called “Know Eyes” to be the shaman I have become.  I have been put into places where I faced the dark to bring it to Light.  I have been faced physically by Beings not of the Light and have always been able to walk through the adversity that I was faced.  I am always given such wonderful protection to do these elements and this journey is no different.  Some of the photos of the clouds have some interesting faces and I believe some probably have been lost for a very long time.  This was my realization today as the Raven flew over my car.  Finally, I was seeing a bird and what a beautiful message it was.

I then realized that I have been visting many places of darkness and probably picked up some discordant energies.  I then asked for the Platinum Net to fully clear any debris.  The emotions shifted for me immediately.  I knew that some elements had attached themself to my body and I was being affected.  I also believe Isis had been in the same circumstance.  As I was driving, feeling this moment of recreation, I stated this words:

“I AM that I AM that I AM.  I AM a child of God and you will no longer bother me.  I don’t care who you are and why you are here, but you cannot be in my space and will not stop me.  You will stay away from Isis, my vehicle, and everywhere I go.  I raise my vibration to the higher state of consciousness to where you no longer exist.  Thank you for this lesson in this moment.”

Then as I am driving, the sun starts to burst right through the clouds.  I am crying profusely as I am driving and then decide to stop.  I needed to figure out where I was going to stay for the night as I needed some extra rest for the journey of the next two days.  I am in a town in Idaho called, Meridian.  It feels very good here..

Lesson for today:  If you are feeling out of sorts, saying things to yourself that you would not normally say of a lower vibration, please take a moment and do a clearing of your energies.  The doorway will then be open for you to feel the higher vibrational elements.  It does not matter where you are on your path ~ you can still be affected greatly.  Then feel the beauty and elation of the higher frequency within you.  Nothing can stop you on your path as long as you intend to walk the High Road…

Isis is now comfortable as I found the spray for the Stress Release and sprayed her carrier.  She is sleeping here with me and we are both content this evening.  Tomorrow we will start early and see how far we can get.

PS I almost had a mishap with hitting a curb on a street that was sticking out but again, I was protected.  I was nervous I might have blown both tires but I barely brushed the curb and all is well….Never a dull moment…

Thank you so much for being on this pathway with me.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Christine Meleriessee

6 thoughts on “Magical Machete Tour ~ Day 7 ~ August 1st, 2011”

  1. Morning Christine,
    another thrilling installment in the Machete Road Trip across America! I am once again filled with admiration at your courage and determination – for a lot of women, the idea of travelling alone is too daunting to even contemplate but here you are, doing it literally on a wing and a prayer! In my imagination, there is a visual, like you’d see in a Spielberg film, of a line travelling across a map, following the path of our hero as they get to their destination, except yours is 500 miles wide like a spiritually cleansing whirlwind, shifting energy, releasing debris, unblocking the energy flow and allowing the light to return to these endarkened swathes of land. Make no mistake, those energies will penetrate deep into the earth and way up into the stratosphere as well as out in all directions to the people in those places. You may never know the effects of the works you’re doing but I am certain that Mt.Shasta can feel your approach like a spiritual fanfare as you make your way across the country.
    I am so proud of you! Thank you for doing this work and allowing us all to be a part of it, in whatever little ways we have been. Still sending you the energy of the Protection meditation to assist you on your way.
    Lots of love my friend
    Karen Hall

  2. Dearest Christine,
    I must tell you the first thought of yesterday’s lesson’s and spiritual cleansing for you. It was on your 7th day of the trip. I have always been told that 7 is a very lucky number. ANYWAY, the real reason I was writing to you was to thank you so much for the work that you do! I found your Web Site and Writing’s quite by accident a few months ago and was tickled by your depth of teachings. What a beautiful soul you are! My husband, daughter and I just completed a 8 state tour of the west to decide where we wanted to move to from Oregon. She has served us and served us well, but the time for a move has come. We are guided to move to the southernmost corner of Utah, (Believe it or not, due to your vibes,) in a town called St. George. This is going to be leaving both sets of parents, (whom we deeply love and are involved with,) here in Oregon. My Mama, Daddy and I are integrally connected. I have already shed some tears about it. ANYWAY, the reason for me note to you is because I SALUTE you for your bravery and love for our country to do this trip. I have been praying for your spriitual growth and safety the whole trip. Yes, I know. I have never met you in this life, but care about your travel and place to go. Like you, I love and feel deeply connected to Mt. Shasta and look upon the travel of my husband and my daughter through the labryth everyday in my kitchen.
    We are like you. We are trusting in Lord Adama and all of our guides and Angel’s to shed the money that we need into the moments and things that come along and we are TRUSTING! I have a very wonderful friend, whom is in her 70’s (Earth Years,) and she has done readings to shake away my fears, as we go through each day of change. I also recently heard from Adama and received his confirmation and love that we are on the right path.
    I can’t wait to hear your story when you reach Mt. Shasta and the magic that will surround you there. I know that the red rocks of Zion,(which we will be right close to and Bryce canyon,) are going to help heal and open up my ablilities more and more. I would be really out there and not grouned if it wasn’t for my husband whom is like an old
    Oak tree and deeply rooted.
    I deeply admire you, the journey you are taking and the trust that you have in the universe. May you know that you are a light of encouragement to me. AND Bless you and your beloved friend ISIS. Amen

  3. Dearest One,
    Holy Masters, what amazing journey and how many are not only following along but inspired by it, learning from it and being transformed by it in ways that their are no words for . Im so very moved and touched by each and every day of this…and see how far reaching it is after reading these incredible posts from Karen and Tracy. Tracy, if you come back to the posts..Blessings to you on the upcoming journey for you and your family..sounds amazing for you.Hope you and Christine meet each other in Mt Shasta in future as it appears you are destined to do so.
    Karen, have been enjoying your responses and also set up protection and prayers for Christine..and agree about how amazing for her to do this for all the reasons you described. And, I also see the little red orb and find it very interesting!
    Carry on dear One…and all of us following along in the Pioneers Family are surely taking our own steps in the wake of this magical adventure…even if it hasnt manifested fully yet. Just being a part of it and experiencing the freedom, trust, divine guidance, lesson of the day, and our own feelings and fears being unearthed thru it all…is enough to move mountains within us ALL. As Ever in divine love, Suzanne

    1. Dear Suzanne,
      Thank you so much for your loving and affirming words. Each day is such a new day into stepping into faith and the knowing. Thursday the 4th, was a very hard day for me for some reason. Lot’s of old stuff kept coming up in emotions. Basically, I was in a very low vibration. Thank the Lord for my Cousin, Lord Adama and my beloved friend Ellie, they helped to ground me in prayer’s and love and My husband by being the solid Oak that he is, was just the presense I needed to get out of the stuff. Lord Adama confirmed that I really was a match in a dark room and carried roses to give everyone I met all the time in Telos. I still cry to hear that. I am back in a good space and trusting God to let love and light flow through our Garage Sale today and in the Detailing and Selling of our Grand Am and Buick. Michael finally decided that we could go for it and sell the cars to make the move yesterday. I wait for him to come to revilation’s on his own mostly, because it is his joy to lead this family. I am content with that and know that he is greatly and wisely guided. I guess I started this all to thank you again for your loving words and the confirmation that we are all lighting the way and loving all as we go. I think that it is amazing that Christine and I are sort of swaping living spaces. She is coming to Mt. Shasta and I am going to Mt. Zion. YES! I do think that she and I have a destined date to meet one another in the future. This I leave to our Creator and the Earth and her Magical being’s to work out. Namaste Suzanne! Namaste

  4. It is so wonderful hear about your travels. Thank-you for all that you are doing. Many blessings to you! Love and Light, Brenda Lieberman

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