The Pioneer of Light Takes the Magical Machete On Tour   2 comments

“You are like a Pioneer with a Machete Paving the Way for Others” are words that were spoken to me some 25 years ago by a very special entity named, “Chico”.  I was just starting on my own journey of awakening.  I had started to do automatic writing and voice channeling and it was suggested by a family member that we start a group called “Good Vibrations”.  There was a special woman who attended that channeled Chico and little did I know that this would be a motto of my entire spiritual journey.  Good Vibrations came and went quickly as most of the people were friends at that time and family members.  Elements changed for me to move into different directions but it was a huge beginning which set the stage for my pathway of Light.

As I progressed on my journey, Chico was a very important Being in my life.  I realized that Chico was really Mahatma Gandhi, and our relationship still continues to this day more deeply than I could ever imagine.  He helped to mold me into the teacher, coach, and messenger of Light that I have become.  It is with great honor that he continues to walk with me along with many other masters.  They truly are my soul family and I have depended upon them for courage, strength, love, acceptance, and serenity.

All of that is changing now as I fully take this pathway physically across the country from New Jersey to California.  I realize that being a pioneer and helping so many by sharing my own experiences is beyond anything that I could hope for.  I have spent many years sharing my stories, facilitating many different types of groups, delved into Native American teachings which literally saved my life, worked with the angelic communities, and walked physically into the pathway of Ascension.  I look back and it is a mere reflection of all that I truly have aspired to be.  As I taught, I also learned and sometimes I made mistakes which were the biggest lessons of all.  But those mistakes helped me to step up within myself to change the aspects that were not serving my highest purpose.  It was years and years of extreme healing on multi-faceted levels as I did whatever Spirit asked of me.

I moved into places that some would never have done so.  It taught me how to stand up to the darkness and raising my vibrations.  I had many relationships that I thought would last a lifetime and they were changed as people went their own ways.  I aspired to great heights of frequency within my body to fully accept my own Divinity to find My Missing Puzzle Piece.  It came in bits and pieces and I was never certain which way to turn but I always had the best teachers in the Universe.

I traveled to Sedona and Mt. Shasta continuously.  These trips helped to vibrate my energies so I could come back into density and continue the work. Mt. Shasta has always been a special place in my heart not only because of the majestic quality of the mountain but the connection with the Inner Earth Beings and meeting Lord Adama physically for one brief moment in 2001.  Ten years later I am fully working with these magnificent beings and have been asked to arrive in Mt. Shasta for intense training purposes.

Last year when I traveled to Mt. Shasta I knew it was a test for me to see if I could interact with the land and the Beings of Light on a continual basis.  Lord Adama communicated to me then that they felt it was time for me to pick up my roots.  I thought about it through the entire year as my life in New Jersey had become very secluded due to the energies and the changes that had resulted within my own Being.  There were times I felt myself literally disappearing and I knew I could do so if I concentrated hard enough on it.

Since the New Earth Consciousness calls on Wednesday evenings the effect of the work has taken on a new dimension with the individuals participating.  I realized that it was not just about everyone connecting to the energies of Telos and the Golden Cities, but I was bringing forth information that even I, physically, had no idea how I was doing so.  I surprise myself every week with the visualizations of Telos and the Cities in all of their glory.  Everyone on the call has become an integral part of my life as we are now connecting on a soul level.  It is a miraculous event to see it enfold.

Two months ago Lord Adama told me it was time for me to make plans to come to Mt. Shasta.  I contacted my friend, Anna, who owns a small cottage on her land and asked if it was available for rent on a short-term basis.  (I do believe that I will be there longer that the three months Adama first told me.)  She jumped at the chance as I have stayed there previously and developed a friendship.  I then knew that the doorways were opening up for me to travel to Shasta, the Home of my Heart.  The synchronicity continued with each passing element.  The pathway became wider and wider and there was no other course to take.  It was all enfolding in front of me.

Everyone on the calls has been so very loving, kind, and a deep sense of community and family that I could ever ask for.  I have to say thank you for the donations that I have  received from their Heart to Mine…When Master Babaji asked me four months ago to let go of the money issue and let it flow, I had no idea how everything would enfold.  It has given me such peace of mind.

Recently I realized that this journey to Mount Shasta is not about getting to the destination but the pathway along the way.  I will be sharing my Light Frequency into areas that are unchartered for me physical by taking my ability to change darkness into Light, into the land masses, with the people I encounter, and experiencing the beauty and magical qualities of this Earth.  I have always been a pioneer although at times I did not like to think of myself as such.  I realized that individuals such as me truly have opened up the energies for others to receive their Divine Purpose in whatever way it occurs for them.  I have done this with coaching, teaching, and sharing messages of Light.  Now I will do it by BEING and expressing through my frequencies that I have worked so hard to incorporate.

This journey to Mount Shasta is so much more than arriving in the magical mountain.  It is about being in the moment; and sharing my Light onto others. I will be guided in each moment of where to stop, do a small ceremony, or just connect with certain areas.   I also believe that this journey is our journey together.  Each of us are stepping out into the unknown to share our Light with others.  If my story gives you any hope of what you can achieve, then I am doing what I came here to you.  Walking in faith and trust for many years has allowed me to fully create the magic to enfold within my life.  There are stories and stories that I can tell you of how this has happened to me by just accepting that there is more to life that you realize; and that there is always a higher purpose in everything we do in each moment.  Allowing it to BE is all part of the moment.  Allow the magic to be created within you and around you and you might just be very surprised in what you experience.

I hope you will join me on this magnificent journey of Light, “The Magical Machete Tour”.  I will be blogging on and also Twitter, sharing photos, stories, and magical moments.  I will be departing New Jersey on the early morning hours of July 26th, 2011.  When will I arrive in Mount Shasta?  Not quite sure but I definitely know that this trip is magical, beautiful and will be shared by everyone.  Also, if anyone could say a little prayer from my cat, Isis as she is traveling with me, and I hope our journey is pleasant together.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Christine Meleriessee


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  2. Hi Christine, am anxious to hear of your first day traveling. Hope all went well and you’re ready to settle in for the night. Love your sister, Florence

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