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Let It Go ~ Let It Go

Today is June 15th, 2011 ~ The Full Moon, a Lunar Eclipse, along with The Festival of Humanity.  Then we move into the Summer Solstice on the 21st which promises to be the height of our renewal.

The Festival of Humanity falls within the month of the full moon cycle of Gemini.  This is the last of the three festivals of Ascension; first the, Festival of the Christ for our resurrection, then the Festival of Wesak in which we honor Lord Buddha and move up the rung on the ascension ladder and lastly, Humanity.  These three festivals are so very powerful.  This month is so very special because it represents each of us walking out into Humanity with our gifts, sharing our knowledge and expressing to others how it can be achieved.

In the words of Alice Bailey and Dr. Joshua David Stone, the following represents what the Festival of Humanity or Goodwill means to each of the initiates on the Pathway of Mastership:

With this integration of the Festival of Goodwill there will be a reconstruction in the following areas:

  • The Power of Will is given to disciples and initiates so that they can direct efficiently and wisely the process of rebuilding.
  • The Will to Love will stimulate men of good will everywhere, gradually overcoming hatred.
  • The Will to Action will lead intelligent people throughout the world to inaugurate those activities that will lay the foundation for a new and better world.
  • The Will to Cooperate will steadily increase.
  • The Will to Know and To Think Correctly and Creatively will become an outstanding characteristic of the masses.
  • The Will to Persist will become a human characteristic, a sublimation of the basic instinct of self-preservation and self-centeredness.
  • The Will to Organize will further a building process will be carried forward under the direction inspiration of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

It is a perfect union on this day as we connect with the energies of the Full Moon and the Lunar Eclipse.  This last third festival is always celebrated on the full moon but we have so many additional energies that create the combination of amazing activations.  It definitely represents the Trinity as these three aspects come together on this date.  Let’s think about it for a moment.

The Full Moon represents fullness when it is a time to allow the old elements to be released in order for the actualization of the New Moon Energies.  This month we are celebrating the Full Moon in Sagittarius as we search for the truth and expand within ourselves.  At the same time with the Gemini Sun, we are guided to integrate our experiences.  Personally, I think this is a wonderful combination as we fully allow our inner wisdom to shine, it will help to release what no longer serves us, and then, we integrate the higher frequencies to balance out what we removed.  The word is BALANCE.  We cannot feel that balance until we fully allow ourselves to let go of the old but what if we don’t even know what is deeply tucked inside of ourselves.

The Lunar Eclipse helps with these energies as it is very transformational in our personal lives and in the public arena.  We are being supported greatly with these great shifts on this day.  We then move into the elements of the Festival of this month and we are totally again supported by the Divine Timing of the Universe.  We then are able to teach, share, and expand to others our wisdom since we first released, expanded, and transformed ourselves.  This is a win-win situation.

As you are going through these shifts today and the next 3 days, remember these elements because they can only serve your highest purpose.  We are being guided so greatly in these times of awareness to fully expand into our full Beingness upon this Planet as we assist Gaia in her transition; we are truly assisting ourselves in so many ways.

If you would like to celebrate these energies, please join us this evening for a special ceremony with the “New Earth Consciousness~Circle of Light” in which we will travel to Telos and have a ceremony with Lord Adama and the Team of Light in the Forest area of Telos.  We will release with Native energies, expand as we connect to Grandmother Moon, and celebrate the Festival of Humanity with the Spiritual Hierarchy.  We meet via teleconference 218.862.7200, 576094# or Via Skype, “catdmeler” (please contact me with your request of joining the call via Skype) at  8 PM EDT.

To expand upon these energies I would like to share a decree I have written.  It is my honor to be so alive at this time and I share this statement deeply within my soul as I always did not feel this way.  We are the Way-Showers for others to awaken.  Let us take advantage of this time as we travel up the mountain path seeing the debris leaving behind us and finding our place at the top of the mound in complete acceptance of the Light and Love We Truly Are as we share it with others.  This Decree is also available on Video.

It is Our Time To Shine

We are in the midst of great chaos upon Planet Earth,

Gaia is calling out for our help;

Transformation is all around us,

Within myself and around me;

I see it everywhere I turn,

I am an initiate of Mastery upon this Planet;

It is my destiny to fully accept my pathway to share with others.

The challenges have been great; the rewards even greater;

June 2011 has brought on the intensity of transformation within me;

As we are now in the midst of a deep upheaval of change;

June 15th is the day when it all comes to a culmination;

It is a Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse and the Celebration of Humanity and Goodwill,

The Trinity is fully assisting in the process;

I look to the moon and ask her to assist me to release all that no longer serves me,

I feel the pressure building as my heart is expanding;

I start to see the truth within me as my Soul shares it with me.

My Heart Center now fully releases the emotions and feelings I have tucked inside of me;

With a breath, and a gasp I feel it leaving;

I breathe even deeper and now feel the expansion within me,

The truth of who I am is now fully activated.

I realize that this process was totally necessary for my Being;

I am now renewed.

The work I have been doing on my ascension pathway is now much clearer than before;

I see my wisdom, I hear my voice, and I speak it to others;

All of humanity is now ready to listen to my plea;

“Wake Up Please;”

We need you to remember also;

Let me show you the way as I have expanded within me, So will you.

I am exhilarated with the prospects of my pathway now opening up onto my Divinity;

I AM that I AM that I AM.

I AM the Way-Shower that I always knew I would be;

I have arrived at the mound of my expression and the Light is illuminated all around me;

It is now the time of the Summer Solstice;

I shall now walk my talk as I never have before;

I thank Sanant Kumara and the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of White Light;

Of Expressing to Me the Ability To Be the Master I have Become.

I AM that I AM that I AM.

It is such an exciting time.  Each of us is being challenged to move into our full destiny and we are being assisted by the entire Cosmic Universe.  Those of us that have opened up these pathways for many years are here to help so many so the next line of Way-Showers are able to assist the Unawakened Ones.  We are all on different levels of frequency to assist each other through this process.  These energies are helping us so very much to become aligned with one another.  Please know that none of us is alone in this pathway.  We are all here to assist.  And many more will be saying the same.  We are acknowledging our entire Essence within us, and then we can acknowledge the greater whole within Oneness as we fully accept our Divinity together, walking hand-in-hand with the Masters as we truly become the Masters Now onto this Earth paving the way into the Golden Era of Terra Christa.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Lady Meleriessee Heliohah

1 thought on “Let It Go ~ Let It Go”

  1. Beloved Christine,
    This is excellent and so helpful and reassuring. And, I so much appreciate everything you are teaching us in your writings and providing by the awesome videos on youtube to listen to in addition to reading. Im sure I speak for everyone in our sweet group and all those following along that do not attend the calls. You are such a blessing unto us….and your light is shining so brightly to lead the way right here on earth. Your place is here for now assisting Gaia in the physical but Im so glad for you…that you are able to go to Mt Shasta very soon. Do wish I was going with you..I mean it! Much love and gratitude for everything! Always your soul sister in the light, suzanne

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