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Letting Go Is Just the Beginning of a Dream Come True


We are in the month of June 2011 and fully experiencing enormous changes and activations.  This is a very important month; probably the most important besides 11:11:11 in November.  Since the beginning of this year I have been guided to fully realize my entire Beingness within this body called, “Christine”.  This month is the beginning of a major pathway in which I am being guided to embark upon and this is my story.

I have been quoting this saying for many years, “I call upon my I AM Presence to illuminate my path,” each day to fully walk in a pathway of complete guidance from my I AM Presence.  I am  finally seeing the direct result of my efforts.  Many know me; I have traveled many places others dare not be.  I listened to Spirit in my personal life and professional life.  I traveled to special places when I was unsure of myself.  I traveled to Sedona some 20 years ago when I was very insecure within myself and that trip changed me forever.  In fact all my trips have changed me completely.

I am about to embark upon a new journey.  This is one journey I have dreamed about but never had the strength in me to fully pull up my roots.  I have nothing to lose.  My parents are in Spirit and walk with me every day.  The dynamics of my family has changed greatly which also has afforded me the ability to do my work my deeply than I ever could imagine.  My job situation changed two years ago so I could fully be in the silence as Master Bababji has been urging me for many years.  I have acquired a new sense in my Being.

These changes have assisted my healing work so deeply.  I am conducting three weekly calls, interface with people on several networks that I would never have met.  The most important call has changed my life.  Three months ago I was asked by Master Babaji to jump off the cliff and offer my services on a new philosophy of exchange.  I call it “Fifth Dimensional Service Policy” in which I opened up all my calls including The New Earth Consciousness ~Circle of Light which is part of a teaching group for all individuals.  I share that this work is Heart Given from the God Force to me as I share from My Heart to Others. Donations are flowing into me on a weekly basis as I learned to let go, I received.

This group has become the basis of my new life and I feel many others.  We have come together with a Team of Light of Ascended Beings extending their teachings but walking with us, the Lightworkers, onto the New Earth.  The energies have been a blessing and the foundation of these calls is to work more fully with the Telosians, the Beings from Lemuria, that live beneath Mount Shasta.  I was guided by Lord Adama to start this call and I had no idea how it would all enfold.

I am now fully working with the Masters alongside them in full mastery of my teachings.  I feel the knowledge flowing through me on the calls and realized that my channelings are not just each of them, it is both of us together.  The last Clarion Light Beings call was a direct result of this knowledge when Allah Gobi brought forth the teachings of each of the Seven Rays of God.  I am in awe of what I am achieving.

Several years ago when I was visiting in Mount Shasta, Lord Adama came to me and offered me a position of being an Ambassador to the New Earth.  I did not know what this entailed and there may be others with this post.  It took me some time to figure out how this was going to occur within my life.  The New Earth Circle is the creative force assisting others to learn about Telos but more than that, the Golden Cities and how we can each help one another through the process.  I knew for some time that I would probably leave New Jersey as the energy does not support me at all.  My work is so much more in the higher realms and the depleted energies I have been feeling are a result of not being in the right space.  I knew when it was time, it would happen quickly and synchronistically.

The time has come.  I was guided by Lord Adama to contact a friend who owns a cottage in Mount Shasta and I will be arriving in early August for three months.  Some say to me, “Why only three months?”  I reply, “I Am in the moment.”  Adama has been guiding me along with many other Masters as I have been preparing for this stage of my journey.  My trip to Mount Shasta last year was a trial run.  This I now know to be true.  If I am able to stay longer, I will.  Eons ago Spirit told me that my life would never be my own from this point forward.  This is so very true.  If I stay in New jersey, I know that I will cease to exist in this body as I have felt that happening with me in the last few months.  I know I would accelerate my ascension process and choose not to exist on this Earth.  The strong part of me feels like, “No way am I leaving now.  I have worked too hard and long not to see it to fruition.”  The Earth will heal and we will move into the New Earth of Terra Christa; I will take as many souls and loved ones with me as I can.  This move is about my pathway of Light and it is only going to become stronger each moment.  This may just be the beginning of my travels; I am unsure where this journey is taking me.  All I know is that the Light of God is fully within me each moment and wherever I am supposed to be, I will be there.  I will be in Sedona for the 11:11:11 so maybe I will stay or go somewhere else; possibly return to the East for a while.  It is no longer up to me as I have fully Let Go and am just allowing myself to BE.  It is exciting and exhilarating but sad at the same time.

I want to say thank you to a few people in my life that have supported me although at times I did not always feel accepted.  My niece, Jeanne, who has been on this path with me since almost the beginning of time supporting me, pushing me, and honoring me.  It has been a rough road but she is a major support person for me as we relate to each other in ascension terms.  Jane, another niece, who is truly like my sister. We grew up together as my age was always closer to the grandchildren than my siblings.  She knows me inside and out, has accepted me and my work even though she may not understand all of it.  We bond together so deeply.  My friend, Judy, who has traveled with me extensively as we ran through the hills of Mount Shasta looking for portals, swimming in the freezing cold water while laughing, arguing, and crying with each other.  Last but not least, my sister, Cookie, who at times as been very difficult to understand but when it really comes down to it, she is a sister you would want to acknowledge you.  Her support at this time overwhelms and surprises me.  She truly is growing in leaps and bounds.  I am so very proud of her.  Two very special friends, Robin and Margaret, who I met through my teachings have become soul sisters and given me so much support.  I must thank them dearly.    There are others who are my friends; some have left me and come back.  Some are new in this lifetime and we connected immediately.  You know I love you, and I look forward to when we can be together once again.  These are the ones that are truly the soul relationships that I cherish deeply.  Our friendships continue no matter where we are located, and we will all be united in the New Earth if not before.  I so look forward to that time.

The calls and the work will be continuing which will probably be on deeper levels than we ever thought possible.  The magic is all around us.  I have seen it occur for me in the last two weeks.  I knew when the time had come, the energy would support it.  Well, the energy is supporting it deeply especially during these fabulous activations in this month.

I also want to thank all of the people on the calls who truly are supporting me in fabulous ways, individuals I have met on Face Book along with Spiritual Networks.  You know who you are..You have helped me to become who I am in this moment.  Without your loving support, I would not have gotten this far.

I look forward to continuing our journey together ~ the close ones, the far away ones, and the ones that are so deeply in my heart.  I love each of you deeply and invite you to join me in the Magical Mountain of Shasta.  Your life will never be the same.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Lady Meleriessee Heliohah


3 thoughts on “Letting Go Is Just the Beginning of a Dream Come True”

  1. Dearest Christine,
    This is such a beautfiul sharing,,and I am so happy for you above the “move” to Mt Shasta..however long your stay. It is perfect that you are follwoing your heart and guidance yet not looking too far ahead about exactly where you will be and when..except 11-11-11 in sedona of course. I have confidence as do you that the rest will fall into place and become more clear now that you have set your intentions and taken the first steps. I do wish I was coming along to the Magical Mountain with you. However, Im setting my intentions to be with you in spirit and come for a visit sometime in the future as I feel you will be there longer and it will become your permanant home. Congratulations on the spirit network award as well.
    Ill be “with you” wherever you are…and Im glad to be a small part of the support network that has gathered around you. I will be back with you this sunday on the calls and those to follow for this incredible month of energies..Im catching up on the recordings of any calls have had to miss this week. Ill respond privately via email in regard to the Lemurian seminar….. thank you for now. situation and details TBD.

    In Oneness and Love Always and Forvever your soul sister as well, Suzannne

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