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Learning Love & Acceptance Creates Assistance for Another

Wings of an Angel

Today is Easter Sunday and in the last 24 hours I have been very emotional.  The past week I have gone through tremendous shifts with this Resurrection of the Festival of the Christ.  I received a lesson today in learning that we are being called to consistently go where we are needed and also receiving the love and acceptance we are looking for in each of these moments.

I started a new group that is aligned with my teachings with Lord Adama for the New Earth Consciousness~ Circle of Light.  People are sharing in such beautiful ways.  My family situation changed drastically with my parents and sister removed from the equation and I walk alone during most of the holidays.  I do not regret these changes but at times, if feels like life on Earth can be very lonely for people like me who choose to walk with Spirit at all times.  Most of my soul family is appearing in different areas of the world so I try to take care of my physical well being by connecting to nature.

I awoke this morning and the weather was testy to say the least so I thought my idea of driving to the beach in southern New Jersey was out of the question.  Low and behold, the sun appeared around 9 a.m.and I thought, “Let’s do it”.  I decided to travel the shortest distance as my visit would be just an hour or so.  I went to Long Beach Island and was unsure which part of the island I wanted to connect with the Goddess of the Sea as it is over 10 miles long.

I also was feeling the energies of Sathya Sai Baba all morning as he had made his transition on this day ~ another amazing energy surge, it being Easter Sunday.  On the way down to the beach, which is about an hour, I was conversing with Spirit and my mother, Mollie, appeared which is not unusual.  The evening before, my parents were so prevalent that my cat,Isis, was staring where their pictures are on a shelf in the living room, crying her little heart out for what seemed an eternity.  I finally had to put her in the bedroom as I was busy gathering some email information together and could not sit and hold her like she wanted.  I guess we were both feeling the energies of their love coming into our space.

So as I was driving, Mollie comes through and low and behold I see Sai Baba in her energy.  Okay, Mom, what are you doing with Sai Baba?  She said, “Oh, I love his hair.”  Well, I am not surprised of her remark as Mollie could be very quick witted when she wanted to be; she fully ascended herself upon her transition.  It is not the first time she has appeared to me with some very great masters.  He came through and said, “There is someone waiting for you at the beach.”  I am thinking, okay, I thought I was coming down here to relax and rejuvenate my emotions.  I am also saying to myself, “Hmmm, must be some masters stopping by.”  I said, “Thank you, Sai Baba, for being here with me today.  I am honored.”

As I was driving down the causeway of the island, I am asking where should I go?  I knew it was a different space than where I usually perform my ceremonies.  As I drove about one mile south, I saw this huge beam of light over a restaurant.  I knew that I was being guided in a different way.  Usually I use my intuition to guide me but this time, it was being shown to me from another source.  I found a parking spot on the street near an empty house, took my blanket, and walked up to the beach.  It is a short distance but this area was not built up by a wooden ramp which they have been doing on the island to safe-keep the land erosion.  The beach was very short and I was up on a hill.  An embankment took you down to the water’s edge.  I decided to stay on the embankment.

I found a spot to the left of where I entered.  I did not bring my usual items like my drum, crystals, etc.  I decided today was about me just hanging out by the Goddess of the Sea.  It was beautiful today ~ about 60◦ but very windy.  I said my usual prayers of connection, took some pictures, and meditated calling out the 22 Rays of God.  I was at peace.  The sky was amazing and right over the water was a beautiful cloud formation in the shape of an angel’s wings.  It was huge.

I looked up and there was a family of a father, daughter, and a son.  The son was trying to get into the frigid cold waters with a kick board and was having a difficult time because of the water being so cold.  I thought it was a bit crazy so I went back to connecting with the Sea, the Sky, the Earth, and all her elements.  It was very peaceful for me.

I had my eyes closed and I heard screaming.  To my left several hundred yards away were the father and the sister, yelling at the son to return back.  He was on a mission if I might say.  He was kicking way beyond the waves which were about seven or eight breakers.  I would say it was almost one quarter of a mile.  He is now moving beyond the waves.  The panic through the family members was unbelievable.  All I could think of was what Saint Germain said last week about being calm.  I realized that this child was in deep trouble and here I was observing it all.

I immediately called upon all the angels and beings to fully assist.  I then realized that I was here for a reason and not what I thought it was.  I took a deep breath and allowed my Light Body to move through the air to the young man.  I felt my energy guiding him to turn around and just embraced him completely.  He said to me, “Who are you?”  I replied, “I am an angel here to help you.”  I physically then looked through my eyes and saw that he was moving back towards the shore but had been thrown by the waves and immersed underneath.  I then felt myself move in front of him and say “Take my hand.”  He said very emphatically, “You are that lady up on the beach.  You are wearing a pink sweatshirt.”  I said, “Yes, I am and I am here to help you get back to shore.  Can you breathe?”  He could barely do so and with that I said, “Get on my back and I will carry you.”

This all happened so quickly.  I kept opening my eyes.  He was very close to a jetty and I told him to move towards his left.  I felt myself pushing him in that direction.  I never felt the waves against me or the water around me ~ I was in the pure essence of the Light like I never felt before.  It was an amazing feeling.   I opened my eyes again and saw that he was standing up and walking towards the beach.  The rescue team had been called and they arrived on the beach just as the young man was walking out of the water.

I fully came back into my body, did some deep breathing, as I was shaking deeply realizing what had just happened.  I have been told before that I have helped others but usually this was in my sleep or meditative state.  I was emotional but this time I realized I was in the Right Time Zone.  I allowed myself to be guided in the right moment, and I know that I helped this young man on this day.  This was his resurrection and I was here to assist.

After some time, I was guided to walk down the beach awhile and become grounded once again.  I then walked up onto the street which was a couple of blocks away from where I had parked.  On one of the side streets were the response team, ambulance, and the family.  I believe I was side tracked so there would not be any interaction with this young man.  It truly had to happen on another level for him and his family.

I got into my car and turned it on ~ the clock said 1:33 pm.  As I was leaving the street, I stopped to notice the name “44th Street”.   Resurrection represents the number 44 ~ definitely very guided and the signs were appearing in the physical realm.  As I drove back down the highway through thePine Barrens, listening to my Native music, the magnitude of what just occurred was flowing through me.  I looked up into the sky and there was a gorgeous cloud in the shape of a Heart.  We just never know where we are going to be guided ~ the work continues in each moment once you make a decision that this is your pathway.  I am honored that Sai Baba was there with me along with Lord Sananda and the God Force.  The pictures I took showed many of them in the clouds.  And a big thank you to Mollie ~ thanks Mom for being such a big part of my world.

I am honored in this moment to be in a position to help so many people, souls, and I am open to receiving my assignments in any given moment.  The beauty of this journey today was the fact that consciously I was unaware of what was to occur, but my Soul’s Essence fully guided me to the right moment in time.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Lady Christine Meleriessee

Vibratory Master of Ascension

Divine Language Network


New Earth Consciousness ~ Circle of Light: http://newearthcircleoflight.com

4 thoughts on “Learning Love & Acceptance Creates Assistance for Another”

  1. miracles happen, what an honor to be a part of one such as this, you have truely been blessed & honored

  2. Another incredible Journey for you ..what a Blessing you followed your guidance and where right there for this soul today. I understand how you feel about walking alone in the physical especially on holidays without the immediate family to spend it with. I wish could have spent it with you there and certainly feel like I was with you (and the Masters) in spirit as a strong swimmer in the ocean and lifeguard for many yrs…long ago now. Nonetheless, I was imagining being at the beach today with you..very interesting. Thank you for the wonderful Oneness call/Meditation and Resurrection re-birth transmission..I allowed myself to cry during it and it felt very cleansing. Appreciated your encouragement regarding this and have been doing a lot of crying and releasing this week as well. I hope we all (esp the Soul family forming thru you) get the rebirthing we deserve at this very special moment in time. Blessings and gratitude for this heartfelt sharing with us so fresh after it happened to inspire us all. Suzanne

  3. What an amazing experience and thank you for sharing it. I find your emails truly inspirational. I think many of us understand the loneliness that we sometimes feel on our journey. Thank you again Christine for all you do.

  4. Wow! That’s so Awesome Christine! I agree that Life on Earth is very lone for us wayshowers and lightworkers on the planet! I ‘m so honored to know you!

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