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Stepping Into the Unknown ~ Acknowledging Our Mastership

Today I was feeling I truly needed to watch “Dances With Wolves” the movie that is so poignant within my heart.  My remembrance of my previous lifetimes in the Native tradition is so powerful for me and I molded my ceremonies upon these energies.  It also helped me to clear and process so many elements that were stuck within my lower body.

As I am watching the movie today, I realized how much the story represents what each of us is going through at this time in our development upon this Earth.  As John Dunbar fully walked into the unknown by first thinking he is committing suicide and then is sent to an outpost in the Prairies meeting upon the Sioux tribe.  He stayed within his power and did not let them take him over.  He became a member of their family and shares his knowledge with them.  It took some time but he eventually found his soul family.

As each of us is here on the Earth at this time, we are bringing into our lives the highest frequencies of all of our lifetimes.  We are becoming multi-dimensional with the fabulous gifts we have shared previously.  We are learning to let go of the emotional baggage and mental thoughts that have kept us in bondage.  Many individuals that are doing the healing are not fully acknowledging their own inner potential.  We have been guided by the Spiritual Hierarchy to share the energies as they have assisted us in the doing the work.  This is the process that has been needed up to this point.

It is now time for each of us fully to embrace our Divinity.  We are the Masters walking upon this Earth.  Yes, we are learning the wisdom from the Ones that walked before us, and it has been a necessary element to allow the vibrations to fully integrate within our Being.  We are now coming upon a time in our development and history to fully align with our own Knowledge and Wisdom.  We need to take what we are learning and then embellish upon it for our on Pathway of Mastery.  We are all on the initiation process, as the Light Workers upon this Earth.  It is not for us to continually say “well, they work through me and I know not what I am doing, I just go with it.”  This has worked in the years past but it is not the Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy that is going to help others awaken, it is US.  We fully need to take the leap into the New World of Being and say “Wow, look how far I have come and I am acknowledging my Divine Wisdom within me.”

This can be scary.  I can attest to that fact.  I spent years moving from place to place and not knowing what I was doing asking the Masters for their assistance.  It molded me into the Goddess and teacher I am today as I share these experiences of how to get through these times of not knowing what to do.  It all comes to one word “Trust”.  Trusting ourselves that we have the courage to take on the responsibility of walking the Pathway of Mastery.  Once we jump off that cliff, we will be supported by the Universe so deeply and completely.

There is a story of Master Babaji in which he was teaching a group of his students.  One of the students comes up to him and says, “Master, Master please help me to know what to do.  I want to attain enlightenment.”  Master Babaji replies with, “If you desire enlightenment so fully, I ask of you one thing.”  The student replied, “Yes, yes I will do anything you ask.”  Master Babaji then says, “I ask of you to go over to the edge of the cliff and jump.  You will then be ready to attain enlightenment.”  The man does as he asks and Master Babaji asks a few of his initiates to please go get the man at the bottom of the cliff.  They bring him back and Babaji revives his body and says to him “Now you are ready to walk towards the path to enlightenment.  Congratulations.”

I recall that story so often in times when I have been unsure of what is about to occur.  Each of us is being tested in various ways and we are destined to walk into the Golden Age as the Ascended Masters assisting the masses to awaken.  But we need to take responsibility for receiving the gifts of the higher realms.  Once one acquires this pathway in the steps that need to be taken, the Universe will support you in numerous ways.  More gifts will appear and you will be able to fully create the Light Body while blending the lower energies into the essence of Pure Light.

The challenges along the way can be unbelievable as the physical body is being challenged through this process.  The lower ego needs to be fully integrated and released onto the Higher Ego.  The essence of our Divinity will start flowing through the physical vehicle.  Just as John Dunbar found his soul family and shared his wisdom to the Natives, each of us is accomplishing the same task.  Many of us are moving into different locations and are meeting new people every day.  Some will stay in our lives and others may choose to leave depending on your own pathway of Light.  Many of us are attuning to such a higher state that some cannot be in our space.

As we walk into the New World of Love and continuity of life, the blessings are going to expand.  We will have our times of learning to express ourselves to others and they may be challenging in certain moments, but the true fact is that our Divinity is expanding within us.  We are becoming the Masters Upon this Earth.

As this is occurring many of us are finding our True Loves that will work with us and create highly consciously-related relationships.  The old way of having relationships with our Beloveds are going to be removed as we move into the fifth dimensional frequency.  They will be based upon the soul and heart connection with sensuality.  The sexual act will be completely different within the relationship as the peacefulness of being with such soul in body will create a bond within each other.  These relationships are going to be very present in the New Earth and many of us are meeting these individuals.  In any case we have been working with each other on the higher frequencies to prepare for such a meeting of Heart and Soul.

John Dunbar met his love in his experience, found his soul family and felt so connected to their lifestyle which he then made his lifestyle.  How can one not relate to this story?  We are living it as I speak in these moments.  Just like John, we are unsure where we are going in some moments but we go through the motions as we know there is a Light at the end of this tunnel of duality.  We are coming into completeness first within ourselves by acknowledging the Master within each of us and then sharing it with others.

It is now time for each of us to acknowledge our Higher Essence, not the lower essence and that we chose this pathway.  Utilize the vibrations that are being given to us to accelerate ourselves on the pathway we are walking.  When people do not align with our energies, let them go even when it is painful.  Don’t hold onto the past; we are moving forward quickly and as long as we continue with the gifts we are being given, we shall embrace the New Earth completely within us and around us.

It is also a time for us to acknowledge others on the pathway as we meet together; lower egos can result and cause confliction.  This is truly what Oneness is about and if you find another that does not want to share with you, then that person should not be in your Circle of Light Family.  I have always felt that we need to come together in Oneness and now is the time to do so.  It is a wonderful experience.  Share with others what you have learned and know that another you may teach will take what they have learned and be able to expand upon it for their own pathway.  This is how we all learn with each other.  I am constantly experiencing amazing gifts from others as I share my teaching with them.  We are all part of the Spiritual Hierarchy and now is the time for it all to be grounded upon this Earth.

I want to thank each of you who continually support me, have become my deepest friends as I am meeting my soul family.  I am very unsure of where I am going in each moment, but continually accessing my Divinity along this pathway of life to reach to the New Earth.  I am in gratitude to each of you during this time, and love you all very deeply.



In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Ascension Coach/Teacher ~ Vibratory Mastery ~ Cosmic Messenger

Divine Language Network


Christine holds Mastery Classes each week if you would like to learn how to tap into your wisdom, knowledge, and access your Divinity.  Please check out the upcoming classes by going to her page “Tele-Classes”   at .



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