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Memories ~ A Special Moment in Time

Today, March 1st is the anniversary of my accident of three years ago.  It was a special shift for me on this Earth as it allowed me to fully bring in my Goddess energies within the following months.  My dearest friend, Master Babaji, assisted me with so many others on that day.  It is just a mere moment in the reflections that I am.

The true memory that I want to share is tomorrow is the anniversary of my mother’s passing six years ago.  Those of you who have lost your parents, children, or loved ones can totally relate to these feelings.  This evening I was sitting here wondering why I was so sad when elements in my life presently are full of so much love and light.  I realized that it was the exact time that I was with her in the hospital the night before she died.  She was always such a great spirit of fun and joy even in her times of being not easy to be with.  Mollie and Christine were the best of friends.  In her later years we truly were not mother and daughter as it felt like we were sisters.  We could laugh, cry, and communicate so deeply with one another even though we were almost 40 years apart.  The time I spent with my parents in the last five years of their life is a memory that will always be with me.

So on the eve of her anniversary the feelings are very poignant and deep within my heart.  Mollie always read all of my teachings even though she may not have understood them.  She was quite an intelligent woman and a beautiful soul.  Both her and my parents left the Earthplane within seven months of one another.  My dearest sister, Cindy, departed eight months before Mollie.  It was a very emotional time for me.

The energies of grief can come in like waves.  It took me a couple of years finding a balance with the loss that I felt.  It was so strong that I attracted a car accident in which I nearly left the planet myself.  Low and behold, when the Angel of Death came to me two weeks before I had no idea that my life could change so quickly.

I have been on this pathway for so many years and during that time I have learned to fully empower myself and embrace the higher frequencies so deeply.  I teach only what I have learned both from studies of Dr. Joshua David Stone and in my own experiences.  I learned that in order for me to fully embrace the beauty that I Am, I needed to experience it in a different way.  This was my pathway.  I found that connecting with the Lady Masters assisted me in fully accelerating the Goddess Within Me so I could fully accept it and share it with others.

My mother assisted me with this element.  She always strived to focus on her femininity within, and I want to thank her for being such a wonderful teacher.  Sometimes we don’t always appreciate what we have until it is gone.

Mollie is not gone…She is with me everyday and she has cried deeply with me in many different areas of my life.  She is so very alive in so many ways.  Being the channel that I am, I had asked her before her passing if we could write a book together.  She replied, “I am not going to leave you alone.”  Well, she was not kidding.  Upon the first 24 hours of her passing, I awoke in the morning and there was my mother standing with Lord Melchizedek, the father of Spirituality of the Universe.  I said, “Mom, what are you doing with Melchizedek?”  She replied, “Oh, we have been having quite a conversation about you all night and he has been telling me many wonderful things.”   [I have been working with Lord Melchizedek for many years and he has been a very strong influence in my teachings.]  I just laughed and realized one thing.  Everything that I showed her, in my writings, and in my journeys, she accelerated her growth.  Her soul was very highly attuned; it just did not come out in the same way that I had done.  She was aspiring to walk through many dimensional levels and I knew she truly was becoming a “Lady Master” in many ways

The moments with my mother continue every day, and I am honored that we can work together in a different manner.  I am writing that book “Our Journey Into The Light” which is actually a story of my sister, mother and father’s pathway of passing over.  Each of the stories are different but very similar.  I helped them to move through the Light Tunnel in various ways and the reader will be able to see how each soul’s pathway is quite different just like our lives are different.

To help me move through this writing of the book, I want to share a small excerpt.  It has laughter, joy, and tears combined into one aspect.  It will be small and I hope to have this in an E-book very soon.

I have been lying in this hospital bed it seems for but an eternity but I know that it has not been.  My daughter, Chrissie, just left my side unwillingly, but I am worried about her driving.  That is my choice as her mother to worry about her.  As I lay here, I keep thinking I know it is coming, He has shown me the way.  I dreamed of God, and not of Jesus or any other religious figure.  I saw him as a beautiful being of Light so very beautiful that I could not look at him and he cloaked himself with a beautiful silk purplish, dark color and just kept saying over and over, “I AM THAT I AM THAT I AM.”  I then saw other people or beings in white robes; I think they are like what Chris explained, “Ascended Masters.”  They are doing something to me but not physically; they are working with my energies just like Chrissie did for me.  Then I awoke and I was still in the bed.

My nurse was very sweet and considerate which I am so happy for.  When Chrissie was here, she got them to get me settled and they gave me morphine for my heart pain.  I could not bear to watch Chrissie watch me deplete, and I asked Jesus to have her not stay with me.  She tried to give me energy through my hands, and I thought it would help me live so I pushed her hands away, little did I know she was helping me move onward.  The physical body is so very difficult – why cannot we have these thoughts when we are in our bodies?  Especially us old ones who do not have a clue about the after-life and that it can be right with us.  There are so many unanswered questions that I now have answers for.

During the next few hours I drift in and out of consciousness.  The morphine was definitely assisting in the process.  I kept seeing this one angel standing by me.  He was so very beautiful and kept holding me in his presence.  I now know that this was Archangel Michael whom Chris spoke about consistently.  Then I saw my mother Lucy, father Pete, my child Cindy and many others just standing around me waiting for the body to be released from the pain.  The nurse was with me, and I asked her to get me some juice but I really knew it was time and I wanted no one to see me leave.  I am very private like that and anyone of my family would tell you this.  Then I saw Christine standing at the end of the bed and she put out her hands to the Light of God and asked I be released from my pain.  Then my husband, Art came by along with my other daughters.  Next to Chris was standing Jane, my granddaughter of Cindy’s who is very connected to Chris.  Behind Chrissie was this beautiful angel of Light who I came to know as the Angel of Death.  Christine works with this angel although she does not know it.  He, at first, looks very emancipated ad then turns into light as the physical body is released.  I was released out of my body and all of my family came with me to the Gateway of Light – The Tunnel of Light as so many call it.  My releasement  from the physical world was now completed on March 2, 2005 at 12:48 AM.  My new journey was about to begin.

I am in awe of the Light all around me.  It is so bright and I feel as if I must close my eyes.  I am guided by many but one special being is guiding me through the massive tunnel of Light.  Now this light is many colors, not just white, and the tunnel turns like a kaleidoscope.  Rainbows of colors intertwining with one another, not one more prominent than the other but muted together.  I was told later that the muted colors were representative of the healing that takes place for each individual and each individual experiences it differently than anyone else.  It seems like an eternity and my dearest daughter, is guiding me towards some very special beings.  We are met by the famous songwriter from the Beatles, John Lennon who seems to know Christine more intimately that I can imagine. My mind is swirling with questions but I cannot speak.  He conveyed to me that I would understand at a later time.  Now at this time, Chris is holding my right hand and she has her arm around me.  She is cloaked in golden light and as we meet John, he too, is full of a golden hue.  She communicates to John that I am her mother who just passed out of her body but he already knew this.  She is asking him to take care of me that she must go back because the call from her father would be arriving very soon.  She is sad but she is so very happy that I am in the right hands of God.  Her sister, Cindy, takes her place and we embrace as Chris turns away.  She does not go alone.  She is never alone.  She has so many assisting her in her pathway of Light.  Master Djwhal Khul is walking with Christine and giving her comfort as we part, but I know in my heart that this is just the beginning of a beautiful relationship with my daughter and I shall know more.

I love you Mom, always and thank you for standing by me in all times good and bad even as you are entering a new world of the Light Divine.  Your heart and mine will always be intertwined.  Many blessings, so many blessings.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Teacher/Coach of Ascension ~ Vibratory Mastery ~ Cosmic Messenger

Divine Language Network

2 thoughts on “Memories ~ A Special Moment in Time”

  1. Christine, oh my goodness, such a beautiful message of what the walk into light as spirit on passing is all about. Even though the physical death is so hard for us as humans, knowing that the eternal life of the soul is so beautiful does help to soften the grief. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing and loving message your mother gave to you. May it help to heal your certain grief at this time and also bring the message of the eternal love that continues after our physical death. Many blessings of love, light and oneness to you….Margaret

  2. Christine … so very beautiful. Thank you for sharing this journey into the Light of God. Often I recall times of transition with my beloveds and it is great to hear others stories.

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