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Heart N’ Soul Linking

The pathway of Oneness needs to be acknowledged first and foremost, by accessing One’s Soul.  The aspect of our Being that was the originally Divine Plan to be fully activated within the physical body.  But how does One learn to access their Soul, which is their Higher Self within the physical.

We came into the body with the essence of our Spirit. This is the part of us that accessed the physical and gave it the functions necessary to move through the world.  Without our Spirit the Physical vehicle could not move or perform any functions.  It is so true when we become in deep meditation.  One can access the higher realms and be within the body but possibly, cannot move the body.  Our Spirit within is then accessed through the alpha and omega states and allows the body to fully relax.  Meditation is not only a mind enhancement movement but a healing space for the physical body.

So how do we go about accessing our Soul’s Purpose and feeling the love of our Higher Self.  Some on the path of Mastership do this quite easily without thinking about it.  What about an individual that truly has no idea about the pathway of mastership or what initiations mean?  Each of us has a Divine right within to fully accept that our Higher Self or Soul wants to fully work with us in each given moment.  This does not always happen easily as some may think.

The Higher Self does not inhabit the body until the body is ready to accept the integration.  Within this process an individual goes through what is called initiations to be prepared for this cycle of rebirth.  The Higher Self or Soul has all the knowledge and capacity to integrate every aspect of the Divinity that is a God-given right from the beginning of our creation.  As a Teacher of Ascension, I give tools to help individuals to access this state of being but this writing is different.  I am coming from a different perspective.  I want to share the Heart of the Soul and express to others how they can access this capability to be fully realized within their Higher Selves or Souls on a continual basis.

I derive some of this information from the book, “Soul Love” by Sanaya Roman but will embellish upon the techniques by actually assisting an individual in accessing their own Soul Love first and then, can connect with their teachers, guides, friends, and soul relationships on a daily basis.  This will also help one to access present relationships that have gone astray.  Sometimes we get so lost in the muddle of the relationship with someone, that we forget that we are truly heart connected.  Not all relationships are this way and those that are not, will fall away as we move into the fifth dimensional frequency.

As the Earth changes and the higher dimensions are actualized, then the heart and soul relationships will be the ones that will last.  Some of us have so much karma with each other that those issues get in the way.  When we remove the debris of the karma, we either see that the relationship is meant to continue or to go our separate ways.  We must remember that each of us is here for a purpose of love and the continuance of connectedness, and sometimes certain individuals are here to assist us for a short time.  Sometimes it can be very sad but other times very freeing; the ones that are a continuance for us will be accelerated as we move into the higher states of reality.  They are the type of relationships that we truly want to acknowledge within our lives and walk with us both in the good and bad times.  Coming together with our soul family is the ultimate goal in this state of living.  It is a beautiful moment to express yourself to another with complete love and understanding, even when the moments can be difficult for both of you.

It is important for us to connect with our Heart Centeredness within.  Without doing so, we cannot expect others to understand us or accept us.  We must have unconditional love for ourselves.  Sanaya Roman describes in detail how to connect with our souls, and I am going to use those thoughts to assist an individual with this connection.  She talks about linking with the Temple of the Enlightened Ones; I call it my Soul Temple.  I have been utilizing this technique for the last year and it works very well in raising your vibration into the Cosmic level which, in turn, will bring forth the Oneness Within.

Many individuals have asked me how did I receive my spiritual name and could I help them.  I received my name many years ago through a different process, but I believe this is an excellent way of accessing one’s name.  When you do so, you may find that you receive more than one name and some people may even have last names that are similar.  This is due to the star or planets we may have originated from before Earth or from our Monads.  My entire name is “Meleriessee Heliohah Alpha Centaurs”.  As you can see the last part is definitely inter galactic.  You may find the same thing happening for you.  I have known of people that have Elohim as their last name or in the realm of a principality of the angels, “Seraphim”.  Going with the flow and knowing what one is receiving is the first step in this process.

There are several reasons to travel to the Temple of the Enlightened Ones.  Some are:

  1. Connect with your Soul in your Temple
  2. Connect with your Soul in your Temple to receive your “Soul Name or Star Name”
  3. Connect with your Teachers, Guides, Ascended Masters who are working with you
  4. Connect with other souls that are in your family, otherwise called, “Soul Linking”
  5. Connect with a True Love, Twin Ray, Twin Flame, or Twin Soul on the Soul Level, and it will filter down into the physical
  6. Connect with a soul relationship that needs healing
  7. Helping yourself through an emotional or mental downside; this connection will totally bring the higher consciousness within your body and help you deal with any vibrational lows you are feeling.

On February 10th and 17th I will be facilitating a workshop to assist individuals to soul link with their families called “Traveling to the Temple of the Enlightened Ones, Learn How to Travel to your Soul Temple”.  The first evening will be an introduction to yourself, your Soul’s Essence, and receiving your Star Name.  The second meeting will be to meet your Soul Family and connect with Your Beloved, or True Love, who is awaiting your arrival.  The cost is $44 and details can be found on my site, Event Calendar.  I hope you will decide to join me as this should be a fun class with each other.

I wish you expanded consciousness of your Heart Centeredness in each moment.

Expressions of Love and Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah





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