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The Art of Psychic Protection

Very recently I have come upon many Lightworkers, who are doing advanced work, and are not making a commitment to fully protect themselves from psychic attack.  This is an instrumental component of doing light work which I cannot express more deeply.

As the Earth is shifting into higher levels, each of us is doing the same.  Sometimes we think that we do not need that extra protection because we are actualizing the higher realms of communication.  We need to remember that Earth is not there yet; we are not on the higher planes of existence physically even though each of us feels we are moving into those states of being.  Utilizing protection in this day and age needs to be done each day about three times.  If you find yourself amongst other people quite often, then it should be done again.  There are many forms of protection and the pitfalls that can happen which I hope to explain in this article.

Psychological clearing needs to be done but we need to address the psychic level of soul psychology or we will never recover from our physical or psychological problems.  Both of these elements go hand-in-hand.

Where Psychic Entities Originate

The psychic implants are a result of past life traumas or implanted in early childhood.  The physical interface of the astral and psychic debris appears as the core cause of many viruses and bacterial infections.  The true origin of disease begins when we are implanted by negative extraterrestrials, usually during a traumatic event like an accident, depression, divorce, drug use, or surgery.  The negative elementals are negative thought forms that attach themselves to different parts of our physical and metaphysical bodies.  They create pathways for viruses and bacteria to first enter the Etheric body, then the Emotional and eventually the Physical body.  The Physical body has a natural defense mechanism that fights disease, but the metaphysical body does not.  The parasites or negative elementals slip through the openings in the molecules and attach themselves to the places in the body that are the most weakened areas.  Any area of weakness that one has in the physical, emotional and/or mental bodies is guaranteed to have parasites and negative extraterrestrial implants. The process of going to the Interdimensional Syntheses Ashram of Djwhal Khul is an effective way to clear yourself on a daily or weekly basis.

It is important that once the implants are removed, they can return so it is imperative to be diligent with one’s protective tools.  MAKE IT A HABIT TO PLACE PROTECTION AROUND YOURSELF THREE TIMES A DAY, MORNING, AFTERNOON, AND BEFORE RETIRING.  Weekly clearing is essential as a standard procedure.

Psychic Holes

Openings can occur for unwanted astral energies to enter.  You can request the Masters and the Etheric healing team to repair any holes or leaks in your aura.

Raising The Energies into Light

The Masters take negative psychic energies and bring them into the light, dissolve them, raise them into the light and back into the Central Sun (overlighting energies of Earth).  Then they return that same energy, newly cleaned and restructured, back in your four body system.  As the different negative psychic energies are removed, the Etheric body returns to its perfected form.  The Etheric body continually needs to be cleansed.

Negative Implants can be seen clairvoyantly.  It takes a special type of clairvoyance to see the implants.  You can call forth the Universal White Light from Vywamus.  The implants often look like pods, swollen seeds, or spidery forms.  They also can be in the form of wires from negative ETs.  The throat and glands are common where these elementals form, third eye for implants as well as the sinuses and the heart.  The back of the neck is an entry point of higher frequencies, and I have found negative aspects in those places.  If you would like assistance, please contact me; a Love Offering would be appreciated.

Gray Fields can be found with people who suffer from chronic neurorses or phobias.  It is a by-product of chronic attacked for these types of implants, elementals, astral entities, or negative astral aspects.  All clearing must be done physically, psychologically, etherically, and astrally.

Blocks occur when we don’t do our psychological work of clearing the negative ego and all negative emotions and qualities of judgment, anger, superiority or inferiority or violence.  These negative qualities attract negative elements and that is why both the psychological and psychical astral levels must be cleared simultaneously.  These clearings and cleansing make more space for positive elements of love, joy and inner peace to enter and work with us.

Utilizing the Violet Flame to transmute negative energies in addition to using the 8th ray of violet and green which is especially helpful for cleansing purposes is another way of clearing the debris.  The Core Fear Matrix Removal Program assists in clearing psychic attachments.  Call upon Djwhal Khul and Vywamus to do this work.  It will appear as a network of golden-white light strands that superimpose themselves over a person’s light grid and through all the chakras.  This light makes all irregular etheric parts visible.  The program not only removes the core fear from your four-body system, but it also removes implants and parasites.

Thinking about your thoughts constantly that create your feelings, emotions, behavior, physical body and whatever you attract or repel into your life will assist greatly in keeping your aura clear; Sai Baba calls this “self inquiry”.

Steps in beginning the psychic healing and clearing process:

  1. Call for protection from the Ascended Masters such as Djwhal Khul and Vywamus, who are dedicated to assisting our efforts on the earthly plane.
  2. First ask for a Platinum Net from Lord Melchizedek, Lord Metatron, and the Mahatma.  This looks like a fish net made out of the Platinum Ray.  Ask for it to come down into your four-body system of the Mental, Emotional, Etheric, and Physical levels.  Take a deep breath and then they will pull it away.  The debris that needs to be removed will be pulled out like pulling out weeds of a garden.  On another deep breath ask for the Pink Ray of Compassion and Love to come down into the areas where the debris was removed.  (You always replace energies with a positive from a lower frequency that has been taken away.)
  3. Create a golden seal, bubble, dome of protection, or golden pyramid whenever you do this work.  You can also ask for Archangel Michael to give you a Golden Dome of Protection.
  4. Ask Djwhal Khul, Vywamus and your own Mighty I Am Presence to set up a corridor between you and the Interdimensional Synthesis Ashram of Djwhal Khul.
  5. Ask them to take you into your Spiritual body into the Ashram for healing, clearing, and ascension activation work.
  6. Request at each session the specific type of clearing and purification you require.  (You can also ask them to clear your negative elementals, and/or parasites and all negative imprints form past lives.

Note:  all physical diseases and psychological problems have negative implants, negative elementals, parasites, negative astral energies, or etheric damage connected to them.  Also, you can still be plagued by these negative energies even if you achieve mastery of your mind, emotions, and body.  There is always a vulnerability but one can get rid of them.


Prana Wind Clearing Device

This is like a windmill type of device that is placed within your Solar Plexus area.  Breathe deeply and see it spinning in a clockwise motion.  As you do so, it is going to move through your entire system including your Physical, Etheric, Emotional and Mental bodies to fully remove any debris.

Core Love

Invoking core love to fill the space you have created with Christ energy and God’s external love.

Self Love

Be very cognizant of aspects of self love that need to be infused within you.  Create moments of elements that you like to do for yourself, such as bathing with candles and incense, walking, exercising, reading, etc.


Utilize meditations or affirmations to repattern your subconsciousness thoughts and beliefs.


Always be very aware of your actions in each moment; make sure you are creating the scenario that will assist your Higher Self and for your Highest Good.

Cleansing Bath

Use ¼ cup Cider Vinegar, ½ cup Baking Soda, 1 cup Sea Salt or Epsom Salt running into the bath water.  (You can also use essential oils as Sage, or Hyssop).  When you get into the bathwater, put your intentions out to a specific Masters such as Lord Sananda to assist you in the cleansing.  When you are ready, immerse your head three times under water.  Upon finishing, get out of the bath immediately.  You will probably see the water somewhat murky and dark.  (I utilize this after I do shamanic work with someone as a healer you can take on the negative energies that an individual releases).  I also sell a spray, “Sacred Space” which includes Sage, Hyssop and Geranium with distilled water and attuned with the Platinum Net and Pink Ray which can be used in the water sparingly.  If interested, please see my website page “Products”.

Utilizing the Golden Cylinder

Invoking the Golden Cylinder to remove implants, elementals and a varied assortment of negative energies is also very helpful.  Call upon the Lord of Arcturus and the Arcturians to ask them to anchor the Golden Cylinder in through your Crown down into your full body to remove any and all negative energies 100% completely, including all negative implants and negative elementals.  As the Golden Cylinder is removed upwards out of the Crown, feel all the debris being taken away with it.

Complete the clearing by going to Djwhal’s Ashram and asking to have them install the Matrix Removal Program for a complete clearing.  You could read the list of problems you are having first.  This is like a tune up for your four body system.

This has been given as overall background and assistance to help an individual understand why we need to do the clearing that is necessary.  We all have had these elements and I was guided early in my pathway by a wonderful healer who did deep energy work.  His name is “Selmer”.  If you need assistance, please call upon him.  He now works on the Innerplane as he ascended about ten years ago.

This decree is also very helpful to say aloud:

I call upon my I AM Presence

To assist me in clearing all negative energies from my Etheric body

Please remove all implants and thought forms from all my organs

My heart, solar plexus, back of the neck, and all areas that are weakened

I call upon the Golden Cylinder of Light

To Fully come into my full body system and remove any addition debris

All soul fragments are returned back to their perspective places

I ask for the Core Fear Matrix Removal Program to fully align my four-body system

I now ask to be given the Core Love Essence within my Heart and Soul

I am now complete within my four-body system

Aligned with my Highest Presence

I AM that I AM that I AM

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Divine Language Network

Ordained Teacher of Ascension ~ Vibratory Mastery ~ Cosmic Messenger

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