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The Week of Healing Within and Without ~ January 9, 2011

Healing 2011

It is January 9th, 2011 and this week surely is intertwined with the Light and the Dark energies.  This week is the 19th anniversary of the 11:11 activations which opened in 1992.  Solara, who is the Guru of the 11:11 Activity has been a constant resource of the Heaven and Earth changes,  It is an amazing week which is a continual event from the New Moon activations of last week.

In 2010 we found that the activations were more spread apart between the full moon and various planetary alignments.  My feeling is that each week there will be something new happening that will assist us in various ways.    As such  the Full  Moon falls  on January 19th.  I am doing a call on Tuesday evening if you would like to join us.  Information is available via my site,

Then we were hit with reminders of the darkness still ensuing upon our planet.  Yesterday, on January 8th, in Arizona a gunman killed six people died and 12 were wounded.  This brings up so much anger, hurt, and wanting for a better tomorrow.   As Light Workers, we are going to be tested in so many ways to fully accept the fact that these events are going to be occurring as we get closer to the Earth shifting into higher frequencies.  The Dark will get darker and the Light will get lighter.  The division has already occurred on our planet and we are here to experience it, but most of all to assist in any way that we can.

How do we help?  First of all, taking care of ourselves and fully activating our higher presence within the physical is going to affect a lot of individuals around us. We have already seen this occur.  But now we need to go a step further.  We fully need to continue our tools to accelerate our physical beings into a higher state of consciousness, but we need to assist the ones around us.  Every time I channel the same message comes through, “Do the work, not by saying, or showing but just by Being.”  We need to be out in the trenches and walk through the lands of the unawakened ones to share our Light.  Every time I drive, I take my mind’s eye and send the Light all around me into the trees, other cars, the buildings, and the people.  As we change our physical composition, others are going to be affected.  And those of you that are out there in the business world, well you have more of a challenge.  I know; I have been there.  It is not easy integrating the energies yourself and being in a world that does not understand.  But I take the best advice from my dearest teacher, Master Babaji, “Silence”.  My mother always preached the Silence was Golden but that was when we were usually bothering her, so I thought.  So what if I take this statement of Silence is Golden and realize that it truly is representative of the Golden Flame, the Christ Consciousness.

Try this exercise:  breathe deeply into your heart and fully ask for the Golden Flame of the Christ Within to fully be activated within you.  You may already have integrated these energies but sometimes we just need a little recharging.  See your body as a flame of a candle with the base at your Earth Star and then slowly igniting all the way your entire being encasing all of your chakras, your four body system of the Physical, Etheric, Emotional and Mental levels and traveling to the top of your Soul Star above your Crown.  Breathe into this deeply for several moments and feel the warmth, the love, the joy, and the experience of your connection to the Source.

Now you are ready to share with others in silence.  You have integrated the Golden Flame and now put it into practice.  Or sit in a quiet state to fully activate it to areas you feel may be needed in a different location.  When you are finished, bring yourself back into the center of your own being and full recharge yourself.  You may also want to utilize sage, incense, or clearing spray to assist in any debris you may have picked up.

My believe system is one that in order for us to help, it cannot be done on a physical level.  Oh, we can try but then we are tapping into our lower bodies and not the higher essence that we are all acknowledging in these great times of change.  The power of utilizing these energies is beyond our wildest dreams.  I have seen it happen.

The meditation  calls  that  I   provide on  Sunday  and Monday evenings are  about  these energies.    Both of  these  calls are at            8 p.m. EST, 712.432.0075, #863611 and accessible via Skype.  The Cosmic Oneness is the Great Divine Mother and Father God as the Cosmic Great Central Sun sharing with us an attunement to help us be able to do this work more fully.  We have recently introduced the Christ Consciousness energies through Lord Sananda which I feel is helping us to integrate the Cosmic vibrations as they can be very strong.  This call is more about us and our individual selves but “as we do for ourselves we do for others.”

The Clarion Light Beings of 911 & Beyond is my Heart and Soul.  This call used to be just a written transmission but I started do the calls this past summer.  I have been attuned to this energy for almost nine years and it was guided by Archangel Michael.  This is where we assist souls to come to the Temple of 911 for Healing but also send it to Gaia.  It is also about our healing but the Earth’s healing and all her inhabitants.  We get together for this call on Monday evenings and the Temple is growing as more souls are healing their karmic debits which is a prerequisite for this call.  Written transcriptions are available via my site during the week.

Many others around the globe are doing the same kind of work.  I suggest that you get involved whether it is with me or other groups, or start your own with a small circle of friends.  It is our time to fully assist the planet.

We cannot help but feel the grieving process as these souls are healing through their traumatic event.  We all remember The Twin Tower Tragedies and how painful that was for every one of us.  My heart goes out to the ones that are truly healing as I know what it is like to loose your loved ones.  Unfortunately, this may be a common occurrence this year as many of these souls have contracted beforehand that this would be their time.  I think it is important to realize that there is a greater plan in all of our creation and that, as humans, we do not always remember this fact.

My intuitive advice is for everyone to use their intuition of where they should be or doing in any given moment.  Utilize your meditations to be very cognitive that you are part of the larger plan upon this Earth, and allow the Veil of Forgetfulness to be fully removed so that you can fully Remember Your Divine Truth.  Your pathway will open up and all of us will be able to assist together the healing that needs to be done upon this planet.

In Expressions of Oneness,






I AM Christine Meleriessee

Ascension Coach & Teacher ~ Vibratory Master & Mentor ~Cosmic Messenger



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