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Healing Deeply Within Your Core

As one that has been on this path for over two decades, you would think that I would be used to these times of healing deeply…but alas, today, is one of those days that it feels so miserably painful and I am being brutally honest.

They say that in order for us to heal we fully have to be vulnerable; then we become vulnerable, and the pain starts to open up.  As one that has had relationships in the past that were totally dysfunctional, I literally have stayed away from certain people.  It is safer for my energies and my body.  Many of the people that I have been friends with in the past came into my ascension group, healing circle, or became a client on a personal basis.  We hit it off; our energies seemed to merge and then whammo…you get hit.  Why does this happen?

Well, one reason is that as we heal deeply the people that we were originally aligned with are no longer thinking as you are or vice versa.  So it results in emotions getting in the way and the relationship has a tendency to abrupt, so to speak.  Presently, that is not what I am referring to.  They are the karmic relationships which I feel I have gone past or hopefully, I don’t run into them once again.

At this stage of my growth, I find that boundaries in relationships are essential.  As one shifts their energies beyond the comprehension of a normal person, well the interaction can be quite difficult.  I spend most of my time writing, expressing through Spirit, transcribing my calls, and upgrading my website with tidbits of tools and information which puts me into an altered state very easily.  When you start to realize that you have healed the relationships around you, then you have a tendency to see each moment.

Many years ago I was guided by the Ascended Masters with this thought, “Please know at this time your life will never be your own.”  I am experiencing this very greatly in this time frame.  This month of December has been tremendous in sharing healing to others via calls, videos, and personal interaction.  I am getting pushed and prodded in many different directions.  This holiday season for me is no longer about spending hours trying to buy many gifts for my friends and family but finding very important gifts from the heart.  It is about how to give service to this earth, and Lord Sananda made sure that I was going to understand that concept deeply within my being.

I have a few special relationships which are very dear to my heart.  My family relationships are not as close as they once were due to where I am now residing, within my Sacred Heart.  My parents are in Spirit and I miss them dearly.  But the essence of my heart is fully within the aspect of a higher frequency having developed the fifth dimensional body a couple of years ago.  I may have even developed more frequencies but I try not to concentrate on that fact.  It is challenging for me to eat; what I do eat sometimes does not settle in my intestines so I live on higher frequencies much of the time.  Fruits and vegetables are my dearest friends along with my green veggie juicing.  My workouts need to be done so then the food will be assimilated within my physical vehicle.

That was not my reason for writing.  I am unsure what is about to come through me but when I get in these states, I know it is important.  Each of us is in a very deep healing state.  Today I am feeling it greatly once again.  We are about to be upsurged with our Sacred Heart energies within, and I am feeling the rawness within my heart.  The feelings that I must share are not only with you but my deepest friends.  Some of these individuals I do not converse with on the physical although they are in the physical.  We connect on the fifth dimensional level, and have a true understanding of one another.

That is my anguish.  How do you bring these higher relationships into balance into the physical when the Earth is not in the fifth dimension yet?  In this stage one can tend to be in both worlds but the love is so amazingly beautiful with these individuals they quite cannot ground themselves physically.  So you interact, communicate, but do not see one another through your physical eyes.  You may dream about them, see them in your meditation, and may even feel as if they are standing right there with you.

I asked of Spirit today to show me the way.  How do I get through these moments of rawness in my heart as I allowed myself to be vulnerable with one of these individuals, and I realized that he was not ready to share his vulnerability with me.  As one who lives in a consciousness beyond one’s mental comprehension, it is easy for me.  So very easy but yet when I interact with these souls, I don’t understand why they are confused and frightened.  All I can do is say, “Well, I have attracted these souls through my heart, and within their higher consciousness they are ready.  But within their physical consciousness, it has not activated yet.”  I am also learning through this process that maybe I am not ready to receive them physically.  Everything is a give and take, a yin and yang, and a balance within.

Christmas is a very challenging time for all of us.  This year it is more spiritually connected than ever before due to the integration of the Christ Within.  As I sit here reflecting on what I am sharing, I realize that each of us is receiving deeply the healing that is needed to reflect the Christ in all of us.  We are a living embodiment of the times that Jeshua brought within himself.  How deeply we need to heal in order to feel this love so completely.  I am luckier than some that I know.  I have been walking this path for a very long time and been integrated with the higher energies through my continuation of my gift as a Messenger of Light.  The painful moments have to come up; there is no other way.  Some are hurtingn deeply because the activations are so great that it will come quickly and leave as quickly.  The Spiritual Hierarchy has given me a golden opportunity to fully attune myself way before the activations would be occurring so I can share with others, this journey of the Self Within.

Today I am honored to allow myself to be so vulnerable that I can share these words with each of you.  Previously I would not have done so.  I closed myself off only to times when I felt safe to share.  We need to reach out to others even when it hurts deeply.  I was hurting today, but so are so many others.  In this moment all I have is pure love within my Spirit and sharing my Light as it illuminates my pathway forward.  Blessings to each of you on your own Journey of the Self.  I reach out my hand to you in love, friendship, and joy as we express and heal with each other.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Divine Language Network

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