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Many individuals have been asleep for quite awhile.  We are finding in this day of heightened awareness, that people are asleep consciously, and then they view the world in a complete different manner.  Then there are those that have been on the path for some time, but still are feeling quite unsure about how they are feeling.  And we must also count the ones that have been the forerunners of this pathway, who are still probably feeling the changes within.

We call this Ascension.  Ascension is the process of waking up.  In other words we are remembering that we are more than the physical body, are learning how to access and integrate our higher selves, and allowing the full integration of our I AM Presence.  What does this all mean?  We are fully activating our Light Bodies within the physical realm.  Some may consider this process of fulling ascending and leaving the physical realm. I, for one, do not believe in that pathway unless it is a personal choice instead of the death process.  In that case, yes, it is being done.  For the rest of us, what does this all entail for us physically?

In other words we are fully accessing the Christ Consciousness within us.  Not all will go onto this path as it will be each individual’s choosing to do so.  I have been asked by some of my clients and students to possibly explain how to get through this process.

My circumstance is one that started a very long time ago.  When I started, there were no schools of healing to attend and if there were, they were very far in between.  We did not have the internet and had to rely on books, magazines, and connecting with people in our general location.  In my case I went to the School of Spiritual Awakening, not embodied on the planet but within the Innerplane levels of the Spiritual Hierarchy.  When I started the ascension process, there were very few books to read about it except texts like, “Keys of Enoch,” “Urantia,” “Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East”, the works of Alice Bailey, and Madame Blavatsky, along with the I AM Discourses of Saint Germain, just to name a few.  I was very lucky to have found Dr. Joshua David Stone’s books on the Ascension process.  So many more have come forward since.

Since the New Millennium the information is falling off the shelf and there are many modalities that are being acknowledged through different mediums.  More individuals are coming aware into their Mastership pathway to teach others, as those students will teach others, and the chain will continue.  It is part of the quest of this planet to help as many individuals as possible to get through the challenges.  We are being overloaded with planetary activations that are assisting each of us to rise to the heights of our Divinity, but again how do we handle the challenges that are happening to each of us individually.

2010 has been the year of complete transformation.  I have seen many people becoming more aware than ever before and it is a wondrous event.  What happens to each of us as we are going through these processes?  Number one, our physical bodies have been used to living in density.  So when the light increases within the body, the body is going to react adversely.  Earth is presently living in a fourth dimensional level which means our bodies are either in the third dimension or the fourth dimensional frequency.  When the body moves from the third to the fourth, we integrate Chakras 8 through 15.  This creates great change within our emotional and mental levels along with the etheric and physical bodies.  This means that the frequency within us will shift from about 10% light quotient and go upwards into beyond the 50% ratio.  As this happens, one can find emotions and thoughts being unstable, physical reactions to food, the environment, and the way we previously lived will change drastically.  Our sleep patterns will change as will our relationships.  Depending upon what is occurring planetary this will shift us also.

This is the process of ascension within the physical body.  Previously the human body could not take more than the seventh initiation but that has changed with the energy activations and the grids being placed within the Earth by higher frequencies, Christed Extra-Terrestials, and Light Workers assisting in the process.  It is now time for each of us to fully activate these energies within us.

We have all heard about the symptoms:  aching in the body, tired, awake, eating a lot, not eating, feeling not present within the body, crying, angry, and the list goes on and on.  The main element I want to stress is that we need to embrace each moment; even when the moments do not feel so pleasant.  We we try to fight the symptoms, then it will take longer to get through them.  Each of us is clearing in our sleep states and it is helpful to ask for Ascended Masters or Angels to assist us in this process.  They are here for the asking and have walked this path but not to the extent that we are doing presently.  If we are to help others to awaken, we must take these moments and fully accept our Divinity.  We cannot skip any steps just because it feels uncomfortable.  Event the ones that are not awakened are being affected greatly by the work that we are doing and I see that as a very positive process.

I suggest the following:

  • Make a list of elements that help you to embrace each moment.  How do you nurture yourself and you alone?  A major part of this process is to embrace the Oneness within You and find your special essence.
  • If you can take the time to be alone when any of these elements occur, take advantage of the moment.  If you have to wait until later, use some deep color breathing, or carry a small crystal or gemstone with you.
  • Journal every day and it does not have to make sense but it will assist you in getting off the ‘mental merry-go-round’.  The mental body can continually go non-stop if you let it.
  • Utilize deep breathing with specific colors, opening up your chakras every day.
  • Learn about the Rays of God and utilize these rays into each of your chakras.  Some only use the Cosmic Rays at this time, but I believe if there is debris in the lower chakras, the planetary rays need to be utilized first.  Overload can happen very easily.
  • Make sure you get some kind of exercise daily.  It is essential to ground yourself especially if you are feeling tingling inside (light quotient rising), or very spacey.
  • Do what feels natural.  If sleep is needed and time allows for it to happen, DO IT.
  • Balancing out your Male and Female Energies so your I AM Presence can be fully activated.  This will also help in the process of manifestation.  Without the balance within, we cannot manifest what we desire.
  • Having energy work done, chakra clearing, massage, and just being nurtured by a professional can be a great assistance.
  • Talk to others about what you are experiencing.  Put your intentions out there to find like-minded people.  You may go through periods in which you seem to be more alone than other times and this is also part of the process.  Flowing through each movement is a natural order of ascension.

Each of us are being activated to integrate the 22 chakras within our physical being.  When this occurs fully, we will have actualized our Light Body and the full integration of our I AM Presence will occur.  It is also very important to be honorable to yourself through this process.  The lower four bodies of the Physical, Etheric, Emotional, and Mental need to be fully cleared so that the Light Body Activation can take place.  This means that one needs to right 51% of their karma.  The clearing we are going through is letting go of the Karmic Wheel of Rebirth.  So it makes sense when we are feeling like we are on a roller coaster.  It is part of the process and our lives will never be the same.

If you would like to call on specific Ascended Masters, they can assist you.  Many of them have ashrams on the Innerplane and just calling upon them, will get you there.  Do this before you go to sleep, and when you awake in the morning, you may just feel quite differently.  Sometimes you will need to process what is happening and your mornings may not always be happy, but doing some releasing exercises will definitely assist in the process.

Some of my favorites:

  • Djwhal Khul – Master Psychologist – he is an amazing being and is ready, willing and able to assist.  His work comes from the Ray of Love and Wisdom.
  • Lady Quan Yin – Bodhisattva of Compassion – one of my favorites for centering your heart center with complete love.
  • Lady Lakshmi – She will help to create fluidness and movement.  She has a beautiful energy that is so flowing with her amazing arms.
  • Lord Sananda – He is the higher self of Jesus and will guide you to the Sacred Heart Within.
  • Blessed Mother – She gives each of us compassion and love; she works very closely with many women and mothers.
  • Master Kuthumi – Represents World Teachers and is here to assist in the leadership of the Golden Cities in the fifth dimension.  Very powerful and loving being to connect with.
  • Saint Germain – Represents the Violet Flame and the I AM Discourses.  Many are channeling Saint Germain’s energies and utilize the violet flame for transmutation but always remember to accept new energies after the releasements of the issues.

There are many more that I could provide but in another blog I will be writing about the Spiritual Hierarchy which will entail many ascended beings and the energies they represent.

I would like to share a decree I wrote for one of my Mastery Classes on the Christ Consciousness.  I will also be uploading an attunement concerning this decree in a few days on my website under Attunements.

Integrating Christ Consciousness

I Am a Fully Christed Being within my physical vehicle,

Happiness is the key to my life circumstance,

I AM the Mastery of My Destiny

My inner attitude reflects my outer reflection

I AM Healthy and Well in all areas of My Being

I See Good in Others

I AM that I AM

I look at my mistakes in life to be lessons on the greater path of Awareness,

I unconditionally love myself and those I encounter each moment,

I embrace Love within me and see love around me,

I AM in Love Consciousness

All of my teachings and lessons are perfect examples of where my consciousness lives,

I change all aspects of myself that seem to be in lower forms and,

Accept the higher forms of great Mastery,

I AM empowered in each moment and

My personal Power is reflected within my pathway

I only experience Love

I live in the Moment

I transcend all duality

I create the consciousness of Oneness with Me NOW

I AM that I AM

I AM a Christed Being of Light

Lastly, but not least, HAVE FUN….this is an amazing time of transformation and continually raising your vibration through the breath within the heart will align you with your soul’s essence and purpose.  Acknowledge the joyful times and they will become longer and longer.  This time we are living in is so powerful that these activations can be very quick.  The energy is becoming much less dense than ever before and pretty soon, we are all going to be embracing ourselves in the full lightness that we have been striving for, eons and eons of time.  And when you are feeling down, remember the happy times and ask, ask, ask for the Spiritual Hierarchy for assistance.  They cannot join in unless they are invited to the party.

If anyone ever has any questions or needs any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at  I do teach Mastery classes each Wednesday evening via teleconference in which we highlight an ascended being along with the teachings they represent.  Please check out my website page, under Tele-Conferences and Calls .

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Ascension Coach & Teacher ~ Cosmic Messenger of Light


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