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A Special Blessing of Thanks-Giving 2010

Sunset at Skyline Drive, Virginia

I would like to take this opportunity to send blessings and light to each individual that has read my blogs, been on my calls, shares with me on Face Book and Spiritual Networks, and have become my closest friends.  We are in an amazing time of transformation upon this planet and as we do so, sometimes we get lost within ourselves as we are fully healing within our core beings.

I Am no different than each of you but I am honored of whom I have become and still becoming.  There are so many I want to bless with words but there are no words with what I feel.  The meditation calls of the Cosmic Oneness and the Clarion Light Beings have truly assisted me greatly in bringing forth the energetics to others but more to myself.  Without each of you, I would not be here sharing in this moment.  We are all a blessing to each other in each moment and it is true that “What we do for ourselves, We do for Others.”.

I felt the need to share as Spirit was guiding me very deeply in the last few days.  My situation for the holidays is probably very different than yours, but possibly not. My parents and eldest sister passed in 2005-06 and it created great changes within the family unit.  It was also at that time that my pathway accelerated in unbelievable ways.  I am sure that this had much to do with both my parents, Mollie and Art moving into the Innerplane frequencies. They have transpired to go to heights that I never thought possible.  Ours was a challenging family as most are and I spent some 20 years releasing the emotional pain but in turn, both my parents, did the same before they left the planet.  I must include my sister, Cindy, who left seven months before my mother as she went into her own recovery and helped to heal the family unit.

What ensued for me was now to move forward.  I am more at home being in the Heavens or “Innerplane” with the Ascended Masters and Light Beings.  I just found out recently the reason for those feelings which helped me tremendously.  I am now learning to ground those energies within me and within the Earth.   I was given the distinct pleasure of working with Divine Mother and Father God in a way that I never thought possible.  The integration of their energies within me catapulted me in enormous ways on the Earth plane.  I endured a car accident, was rattled emotionally, and have traveled extensively even when funds were not as available as I would wish them to be. I have lived on the edge of my spirituality, had faith in each moment that I would be taken care of and was given so much more than I could ever have thought possible.  I am about to take the Cosmic Oneness out on the road into areas that are ready to receive this magnificent energy.  I have been pushed and prodded by Spirit in many ways.  I nearly left the planet but am still here.

I am now fully empowered within my Goddess energies.  I love it.  I love myself deeply and everyone else even deeper.  This integration has helped me with this.  I want to share with so many as this is the most beautiful experience that anyone can receive, to love so deeply and feel it in return.  The essence of our Cosmic heritage is now within our grasp.

Again, this Thanksgiving Holiday I will be greeting troops from Ft. Dix as they arrive at a local restaurant for a surprise dinner in which they are told they are going to a training exercise.  I intend to send as much love to each individual soldier and person I encounter.  I am excited because this is what Thanksgiving is about for me ~ sharing with others my Light as it has been integrated within me.  The Thanksgiving dinner is wonderful and I will be sharing with one of my sisters.

Life is different for me now.  I have become more grounded than I was and am sharing with many individuals in different venues.  I feel my soul family coming together which excites me greatly.  The pain served its purpose so it could be removed and now the love and joy is embraced within me.

With that, I would like to share a blessing that I wrote expressing my thoughts for this land we call, Earth.  It is also in video form and I will share the link with you.

Thanks-Giving Blessings – Video

If anyone is interested in reading the latest Clarion Light Beings in which Lord Sananda gave us a blessings, it is available on my website.

Written Transcription

Audio Listening

A Special Blessing for Thanks – Giving

I envision myself in a special place

The Beach

The Mountains

And somewhere in between

The Water on the Beach makes me feel so serene

The Goddess of the Sea always talks to me

She flows inward towards the land

And then outward to the depth of the Ocean

The waves ripple ever so slightly in high and low peeks

The Sea Gulls swoop in and out catching their meal for the day.

The inhabitants of the Goddess of the Sea all intertwine with one another

What beauty and balance they exhibit

The Mountains give me strength, purity, and protection

The highest peaks are a direct result of what I can achieve

The land itself is rich within its environment

The plants and the flowers exhibit the beauty the mountain expresses

The animals that walk the floor of the mountain in its high and low areas

All represent a part of nature and exhibit God in their pathway

I give thanks to what the Ocean shows me and how I can change in each moment

I give thanks to the Mountains as they teach me how to be strong with great adversity

As I stand between the Ocean and the Mountain

I see myself as Human but yet I am all of these elements

I am embodied with the Light just as the Ocean, the mountain, the animals, the birds, and the fish all represent

We are One Together

Sharing our individuality and expressions of our existence

Each of these elements of the Earth mean so much to my presence upon this Land we call Home

They help me in times of my deepest sorrow and lift me up to my highest expression of Love

Mother Earth, Thank You for being here with me

Father Sky, Thank You for your illumination of Light

Grandmother Moon, Thank You for your inner wisdom

Grandfather Sun, Thank You for lighting up my days.

I Am One with Each of You

In this Moment and In All Ways

I thank you for sharing with me your individuality and expression of love

I give to you my blessing on this day

I am a Light Worker, a Way-Shower, A Healer, An Expression of God

I am a conduit for this Light to be upon your Home

I give to you this day, this Light, that I intuit

As we become One Together Once Again

I Am Honored to call you Family

I AM One With All That Is

We Are That We Are

May we always walk this pathway together

To shine the Light of God Within Us and Through Us

Take My Hand ~ As I take Yours



Happy Thanksgiving to Each of You and may you be blessed in enormous ways.


In Love and Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Ascension Coach & Teacher ~ Cosmic Messenger of Light

Divine Language Network

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