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New Moon – November 6th, 2010 ~ Balance

New Moon

Today is a New Moon and it is time for us to CREATE…Prepare ourselves for the new month coming up. As this moon is in Scorpio, it could be a little bit of a STING with relationships so watch what you are feeling and saying, making sure it is all in the Light of our Hearts.

The following is a meditation that has come to me today.  Enjoy ~!!!

Included is a video link of the meditation in case you would be interested in listening:

Take a deep breath into your Heart.  As you allow the breath to guide you, go deeper into the newness of your essence and your soul.  Feel the vibrations that are sitting within your Heart and allow your Lotus Flower to fully open into a blossom that represents whom you are.  Allow yourself to sit very deeply as the flower presents itself with your emotions and thoughts.  Deeply you are fully expressing yourself into the Divinity that You Are.  Slowly inhale and exhale as the old is released onto the New…

Take a moment and ask for the Violet Flame of Transmutation to flow through you starting at your Crown, spinning and vibrating within the deepness of the flame.  Allow it to enfold within you as it goes deeper into each chakra, spinning and clearing.  The Fire of the Violet Essence is your friend in this moment allowing you to fully express yourself as you truly are.

Breathe deeper as it moves into your Third Eye opening up the unseen world into your physical being.  All fears and frustrations are being removed so very deeply within.

As it moves now into your Throat and neck area allow all the pain and frustrations to be removed across your shoulders.  There is nothing to worry about in this moment as the Violet Fire now transmutes it all into pure Light.

Feel it slowly moving into your Heart and across your shoulder blades as now it is time for your Angel Wings to be fully spread beyond your auric field.  Allow them to flap in the wind as the expression of your Light now feels free to express within you and around you.  Your Heart is now feeling so deeply transformed.  Breathe into this…

Breathe deeper now into your Solar Plexus as the Violet Flame now transforms all those emotional thoughts that can stop your Inner Power from showing its beautiful face to the world.  All aspects in this area are now recreated into the Beingness of Whom You Are…

The Violet energies now move fully into your Sacral or Polarity Chakra to allow the Creative Source within you to expand outward so you can fully embrace the newness that is part of your awakening.  You feel the creative and sensitive areas now expanding as your sexuality energies are balanced and fully enhanced by your Heart centeredness.

Now the Violet energies move into your Root area, the base of your chakra column to totally purify and express all aspects that may be holding back the Divinity that you are.  All blocks are now removed and you are a pure being of Light.

The Violet Fire now moves deep into your Earth Star aligning all of these energies from the base of your Beingness upon this Earth as it expands out into your Etheric body, then into the Emotional Body, and finally into the Mental Body.  The Violet Flame now not only incases within you but moves through you as you become one Being of Violet Energy.  It now ignites your Soul Star, 6 inches above your Crown, as the Being that you are is now illumined onto others.

Take a deep breath now and we call upon the energies of Creation by speaking aloud your intentions for this New Moon.  Let us connect with the energies of Grandmother Moon as she assists us with bringing forth our new acceptance within.  Breathe deeply as you feel the activation of your thoughts and emotions being totally accepted within.

Say the words, I AM, (insert your name), command that I receive the following:

[state the intentions you would like to embrace for this month].


Finish with these words:

I AM that I AM

I align with all I desire to be

I AM a pure Being of Light

I AM actualized in a physical vehicle

I embrace every moment of my joy, my acceptance, and Divine Beingness

I AM that I AM


Blessings, in joy and light,

Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah





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