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The Crystal Palace Within ~ My Personal Experience

Sunday, October 31st, Tom Kenyon,, is hosting the “World Meditation” of Opening the Halls of Amenti and the Crystal Palace Witihin.  This is a very powerful time. Tom channels The Hathors, group of very enlightened beings.

I decided to listen to his meditation today, and in fact, am doing so in this moment.  I hope that each of you will decide to do the same as it is so very powerful and wanted to share my thoughts on the activations in October 2010.

This has been a very powerful month and I have changed greatly with each day that passes.  Since my trips to Mount Shasta and The Tetons in Wyoming, my life has taken on a new direction but possibly not fully realized in the physical existence.  I am feeling that this is going to be occurring more deeply than I ever thought possible.

For the past ten days I have had the pleasure of a friend from Scotland whom I met on Facebook to join me in New Jersey for 10 days.  He arrived in the States to meet up with his intended partner in Texas.  Since his stay here in the US he has been finding that much karma is being released and came to my home in hopes of a reprieve of energies.  This was true, but so much more has been happening for both of us.  Our own karmic bonds needed to be released as we have been healing much deeper than either of us ever thought we could.  In addition, living in my space is very enlightening to a physical being as the Masters and Light Beings reside in my home.  Life changes when people visit me for long periods of time.

For me, Gav, has opened up the doorway for male energies to come into my existence.  I have been spending the last year truly in deep silence with the help of my great teacher, Master Babaji, and it is serving its purpose deeply in my life.  Since my excursions out West I have found a new space of  Beingness within me.  I am much more centered and balanced with a focus of my pure Goddess energies enfolding within my life.  I am self assured whereas previously I was so insecure about who I was and not sure how to put my energies out into the world although I have been doing so for almost two decades.  I am coming into a new space of Beingness; allowing others to see the true me, being vulnerable as I have accepted love to come to me in many different forms.  I fully embrace the Newness of me which is truly the essence of my I AM Presence now enfolding within my physical being.

With Gav in my home I am now cooking again whereas previously, I would eat minimal foods while I was sharing my Light through words and helping a few individuals with coaching sessions.  I am becoming more grounded within my body and am preparing for the True Love partner to fully come into my life.  I am no longer afraid of commitment which I was for such a very long time.  I have learned to set boundaries, speaking up when needed and with compassion and love.  It is a wondrous time for me.

As I sit here listening to Tom Kenyon’s music I am in love with everything I am experiencing and knew it was a moment in time for me.  My life has been strewn with great challenges spiritually that filtered through my life physically.  I was married to a man 20 years ago that I thought would always be in my life but what he did for me is push me into my deepest healing of myself, and I thank him every day of my life.  Thank you, David.  The healing path is not an easy one and one who is also very gifted with spirit’s energies, I am finding how many people I am affecting by my words, my light, and my pathway.  I did a class last night helping individuals accessing their mediumship skills and every individual received messages from souls awaiting to hear from them.  I was told by one of the participants that I paved the way for them to fully access this communication and that makes me feel so very good.  I sometimes do not know what I am doing on my calls or classes as I am in the moment, and this is so powerful to hear such words of praise.

It is a beautiful time we are living and if I can be of assistance to one soul, than I am doing what I came here to do.  I feel so very loved in so many moments and want to share this all with everyone.  I am deeply connected to the Cosmic Energies; not just through my voice, but through the integration of Divine Mother and Father God within my physical being.  I feel their love deeply and want to share it to every person on this planet.  This is what we call Oneness.  The beauty of these moments are warming my heart so very deeply.

This is what Tom Kenyon has brought to me today, in this moment.  Deeply in love with all and sharing with all.  Thank you, Tom.

Thank you, each of you, that read my articles, blogs, channelings, and share your thoughts with me through various mediums or networks.  I love each of you so deeply and hope to have a personal and physical relationship with each of you as we are all Brothers and Sisters of the White Light.  I look forward to meeting you some day very soon so I can thank you in person.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Ascension Coach & Teacher ~ Cosmic Messenger of Light

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