Journey of Wisdom and Illumination ~ The Final Chapter ~ September 26, 2010   1 comment

Sunset over the Tetons

Now being in my current residence looking back on this trip is quite amazing to the inner discoveries.  We can slowly look back through all of the photos and the blogs in where we traveled with each other, but separately our journeys are completely different.  This also goes along with each of you.

When I went to Mount Shasta, I had no idea the magnitude of love that I would receive.  That trip was about my courage as a Warrior of Light and being able to walk along the trails of the forests, pathways of the waterfalls, and within the land of Mu to finally accept my destiny.  I previously had encountered many dark elements in Mount Shasta for the past ten years which helped to mold my shamanic pathway.  This trip alone was for me to accept myself as a Master walking along the path.

When Judy and I were told to travel towards the Tetons in January of this year, I did not have any idea of the whys and wherefores of the journey.  I think that if we did, we would not forge ahead a new destiny within our lives.  I feel this is true of each of us.  If we truly knew the challenges we would have to face, we would not walk through those doorways.  It is almost as if we are guided by our inner faith and know that the outcome is going to be a beautiful experience.  What lies in between is truly the gift of initiation.

Judy and I left the Teton Village about 8 a.m. on Friday morning.  I don’t think we had packed so quickly from any other location.  I felt it was time to leave the Tetons and take what we had learned.  We were looking forward to our destination in Salt Lake City with the Jacuzzi and pool before our return flights across the country.  Of course, we took a different direction towards Salt Lake City as that is what my GPS was telling us.  Along this route we found out from a local mini-mart that it was the longer of the two.  So we traveled amongst the plains, the mountains and the plains again across Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah several times.  Evidently it is a route where you pass through the three states quite often.  So here we were – sending out the light into all those lands, the animals, and all of creation.

Red Rocks of Utah

Once we started to get on a major highway towards Salt Lake City, we were introduced to the Red Rocks of Utah which I had no idea that they existed.  It reminded us of the Sedona mountains.  Getting into Salt Lake City and at our destination was quite confusing.  I have never been in a city where the streets are all named with south, north, west and east.  We finally did find our Holiday Inn Express which was very near the airport and in a business park.

We settled in with our belongings and printed out our boarding passes.  Much to our delight Judy was bumped up from Coach to First Class and then made a phone call for my seats.  Luckily, there was a seat for me on both flights.  The reward was sweet.  We found a really nice sports bar and restaurant within two blocks.  We enjoyed ourselves with a couple of margaritas and a very special dinner of Prime Rib.  Now I normally do not eat beef but it tasted wonderful.  My stomach handled it well, so I guess it was needed for grounding purposes.

We went back to the hotel for our Jacuzzi experience which was such a delight after having no bathtub for a week.  I love my baths with my essential oils and I was in my glory.  I also swam in the pool for awhile then went upstairs to enjoy the tub and oils for all of my sore muscles.  Judy was able to wash her clothes as she has a busy week ahead of her.

We were out of the hotel on Saturday morning at 5 a.m.  After I switched around my clothes in my luggage as I was able to check two bags under the first –class arrangement, and we found a gas station, we were on our way.  Our first flight was to Phoenix with a two-hour layover.  I sat next to a wonderful gentleman from New Zealand who was traveling to see his cousin in California.  We had a great conversation on healing modalities, and higher consciousness thoughts.  He showed me pictures of his home which were amazingly beautiful.

Our next flight from Phoenix to Philadelphia turned out to be a very bumpy ride.  I was assigned a seat in the first row next to the window next to another wonderful guy.  He was a consultant that travels helping businesses with training solutions.  It definitely was a soul connection for both of us as we shared many thoughts.  He was very open to what I do and shared about his family and life.  We laughed a lot and it gave me a sense that more people are coming into my life.  We never exchanged any emails or phone numbers and truly did not know each other’s names until we departed from the plane.  “Ships passing into the night.”

Judy and I met up with one another from the airplane into the airport waiting for our luggage and then gave our goodbyes to each other.  We are both changed and it will not be shown in our lives for a few weeks.  Her life is quite different than mine but we both have great responsibilities within us and helping others.

On my way back to my house on the airport van, I traveled with about eight soldiers who were going to Fort Dix, NJ.  I thought it was interesting that I was on the same van as they were so took advantage of the situation by sending them the cosmic energies of protection.  They were very involved with one another so conversation was minimal with them.  As I departed out of the van, I said “Blessings to each of you.  Thank you for doing what you do” and turned to look at each of them.  They said thank you but I really felt the difference of energies from them to me.

Today I am readjusting within me.  I needed to buy some food so decided to travel down the road into the country a bit to a small farm market instead of going to the usually market.  I cannot handle the tremendous energy yet.  It was very grounding.

My closing words are comprised of many thoughts.  I am honored that I have been chosen in this way from the Masters to assist them on the Upper Earth.  My journey has been very challenging as most of us, and many times I did not think I would survive the moments of darkness that were around me.  I have been infused with so much love, light, joy, acceptance, trust, expectancy, miracles, and more love that it is hard to define it all.  I know that I am here to reach out my hand to anyone who wants to follow this path.  I will share my knowledge, my joys, my downfalls, and the expression of Oneness in whatever way it needs to be shown.  My life is changed on the inside and I know it is now going to be shown in my outside world.  I no longer have any doubts about anything in my life and am living in the moment even though outwardly I am not sure of anything.

Thank you  for being part of my world, my journeys, and allowing me to share my Light with all of you.

In Expression of Oneness,

Rev Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

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  1. Dear One Christine,
    Welcome back to your present residence of grounding. Thank you so much for sharing your sacred journey with us. It is powerful to sharing in this ‘expression on oneness’. I offer much gratitude and am very humbled by your willingness to offer so much love and healing upon our Alter of Mother Earth. Can feel the Masters with us and the sense of Self Mastery. I will be off to Egypt soon and your essense will be in my heart.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you … ALL.Blessings to your Heart … Danice

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