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Journey of Wisdom and Illumination – Day #5 ~ September 23, 2010

Judy left for Yellowstone Park at 6 a.m. and I promptly fell back asleep.  I wanted to be outside watching the sunrise but I guess I needed to be in the retreat for a while longer.  Sleep is so challenging here in the Grand Tetons especially with our accommodations.

I finally was out and about at 10 a.m., picked up some coffee, and sat outside in the Teton Village facing the mountain where the ski lifts and Tram take visitors and skiers to the top.  The village is a very nice place.  Most of the lodging except for the Hostel are very expensive but there are lots of neat restaurants with dining on the decks overlooking the mountain.  It is a beautiful view.

I went up on the Tram as I wanted to connect with the energies privately.  It had turned very windy so it was extremely cold.  I walked down the path where we had hiked two days before.  I felt that I needed to be on the right side of the mountain overlooking the other peaks and not facing the town of Jackson Hole.  I found an area with rocks and grass so I sat for awhile connecting with the energies of the Mountain Retreat, Masters Confucius and Lanto, Ascended Master Saint Germain and the Native energies.  I called upon the Spirit Keeper and as I did so, I started to see across the peaks astrally many masters standing around me.  It was a magnificent feeling to be honored by so many.

It was so very cold that I decided I needed to find another space to settle into for awhile.  I picked up my backpack and moved back down to our original spot of two days ago with the medicine wheel still intact.  I opened up the energies once again and asked the ascension columns to be energized in each of the directions of the East, South, West, and North.  I called upon the Spirit of the Wind to please assist with less wind around me and Grandfather Sun to beam his light upon me.  As I sat down in the middle of the wheel, everything became so very still.  The wind died down, the sun was beaming brightly warming me up, and there was nothing but complete silence as I sat with the energies of the God Force in Spirit and in the Land.

I connected with Saint Germain and he told me that they were honored that I had traveled this far to assist in bringing forth the Cosmic Energies.  Master Confucius explained to me that the energies of Mt. Shasta represent Lemurian energies and the Grand Tetons represent all levels of Universal consciousness as in Planetary, Solar, Galactic, Universal, Multi-Universal, and Cosmic.  They told me that I assisted in bringing forth the Cosmic energies upon the land by bringing forth the 22 Rays of God in each of the ceremonies.  The lands are walked by many individuals and most do not honor in the way we had done this week.  They were in awe of our moments in the forests and connecting to the lands as we had done.  They honored me in a way that I cannot explain what it felt like.  I have been working on this path for over two decades and have gone through so many challenges that I never in my wildest dreams would be honored by so many in this way.

I sat in my circle crying in joy and excitement for my soul and spirit.  I have traveled far to come to this place of existence, and I could not deny the intensity of the Light I was receiving.  At the same time, I was shaking from the wind and the cold but knew I had to endure the weather conditions.  I was with them and I was within my body at the same time.  I felt Master Babaji very intensely as he has been a very private teacher of mine especially on the subject of silence.  He has taught me how to just be within myself for hours at a time.  I felt his acceptance greatly in this moment of gratitude.

Saint Germain also explained to me that the retreat was open for me to join them when they meet periodically.  I know this is very private amongst the ascended masters so I was so very honored.  They also asked me to do a tele-call on the full moon each month connecting individuals to the energies of the retreat.  They are opening up the doorway for others to transform themselves and acquire the wisdom that is within their souls.  I will be sending out information on these calls.

As I sat there, I just connected with each of them.  There were so many on each of the cliffs waving at me and I felt I had come “home.”  To so many I know the death experience of leaving the body is going home but this was my home.  I had found my place of acceptance, love, truth, wisdom, and illumination.  Many may not understand this, but my world has always been so much a part of the Spirit World, and now I am bringing that fully within my physical existence.  I am honored that I can bring this forth within me fully to share with so many.

Saint Germain then told me it was time for me to leave the mountain.  I cleaned up my things and closed off the energies.  I gave my farewell to the mountain and all its inhabitants.  As I walked back up the path which is very steep, I felt lighter and much different.  Great changes have been integrated within me.

Just as I was coming up the mountain, Judy sent me a text telling me she would be arriving very shortly.  We decided to meet at the Moose Restaurant in the village.  Both of us shared our experiences.  She was excited that she took the trip as this journey was about her sending healing into the land at Yellowstone Park, and her connection there.

I was extremely out of sync and needed to readjust my energies before we did the closing ceremony.  Judy decided she wanted to go up to the top of the mountain one more time to give her respects.  I went back to our room, showered as the intensity was flowing through my body and was trying to become grounded with it all.  To be aligned with the Ascended Masters is not something that I ever thought would happen to me in a physical body.  It was overwhelming just feeling the love pouring into me.  I spent some time communicating with Saint Germain, and he gave me more personal instruction of my newly opened pathway.  I started feeling like I was coming back to Earth.

Judy came back and we decided to drive to Jenny Lake one more time to do the closing ceremony.  We went to the original spot from Monday, earlier in the week when we met up with the energies of the deer.  We drove through the National Forest and were putting our intentions out to see some wild animals as it was about 5 p.m.  They come out of the forest for feeding time.

Well, it is amazing when you put your wishes out there and you receive more than you could ever hope to create.  As we were driving, some people were on the side of the road which is a very good sign.  We stopped and saw that there was an Elk walking through the field about 200 yards away.  We were able to take some pictures and the energies were amazing.  It was also fun to meet new people along the way.  Many individuals have amazing cameras with ipods and the works.  They are there just for the photos.

We then traveled through the rest of the park to get to Jenny Lake.  We were just in time for the sunset behind the Teton Cathedral Mountains.  We stood watching the sun coming down, asked for the closing energies of our journey this week including each of you that joined us for this magnificent pathway.  It was very cold so we did not stay very long.

As we were driving back towards the forest, we met an Antelope on the side of the road and then going into the forest, the excitement all came flowing towards us.  Cars parked in all different ways on a road that is not very wide to begin with.  A ranger was standing assisting the people.  We were passing some cars and then right near me about 25 yards was this bear in a tree gathering berries.  These animals are only concerned about getting their food even though people are everywhere with cameras.  I did catch a shot but you will notice it is blurry.  We think it was our energies as several shots were taken.

I then noticed a moose on the other side grazing in the field drinking from a pool of water.  Judy jumps out of the car, and is looking into the field when she turns and sees some bushes moving.  She runs back to the car screaming “that’s a bear”.  It was only about 20 feet away.  Of course, she went back and I was sending the protective energies because I think she is getting too close but she was insistent.  She got her shots and then walked a few yards into the open field with some other people to get a shot of the moose.  She came back to the car so very excited as she had asked to see a moose, an elk, and a bear.  She received more than she could ever imagine.  There was another bear to our right as we drove out, but they are very hard to see.  They have a way of hiding and meshing right in with the bushes and trees.

Black Bear
Antelope Grazing

We had our last meal at an amazing Italian restaurant called, “Calico”.  Our waiter was even from the Pennsylvania area near us.  He traveled there for the skiing and never left.  Now that is being in the moment, and doing what your heart desires.

It has been the most amazing journey for both of us and I feel the same for others that connected with us.  This was not just about me and Judy but all of us opening our pathways.  It is time for us to aspire to what our souls came here to do and I am honored that I can be a “way-shower” for others to do so.

Tomorrow we travel back to Salt Lake City and fly back to the East on Saturday.  There will be one more blog before our journey comes to a close.  This is truly an opening of many doorways for each of us.  Thank you for being with me during this amazing time of awakening.

In Expression of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah


1 thought on “Journey of Wisdom and Illumination – Day #5 ~ September 23, 2010”

  1. Congratulations on your extraordianry accomplishment in
    your illuminating experiences with the masters, et all, and for opening doorways for all of us who were with you in
    Spirit. God bless you for continued transformation in your
    new work. Thank you for sharing .

    Love and light, Bianca

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