Journey of Wisdom & Illumination – Day #2 ~ Monday, September 20, 2010   Leave a comment

How do I start?  Today was a mixture of shifting gears and being totally in each moment.  Last night was difficult sleeping.  I felt so many energies around me that it was challenging to relax the body.  At the same time, Judy was having tremendous stomach issues which is not unusual when we travel on these trips.  We both awoke at 7 am feeling as if we had not rested.  The quad room beds were not meant for middle aged women with any kind of back issues.

But we got ourselves together very slowly which was also not our usual style.  As we were leaving the room to go out, we realized that there was a King Sized Room next door and it look like a regular hotel room.  That is what we reserved originally but the desk clerk talked us out of renting it.  The price was not any different.  So we asked as the desk if we could change our room and after some disconcertation on the part of the present desk person, we were given Room #218.  Hmmm, adds up to 11 and we realized our lesson:  “Listen to your intuition on the first call.”

We then promptly went back upstairs and moved our belongings from one room to the other.  Luckily, it was on the same floor. We did our usual clearing but this room was so much better.  Wow…what a difference.  It has a small table with a lamp and some atmosphere that is not cold.  It was a challenge but we got through it.

We then decided we would take the TRAM as planned but wanted to get some breakfast first.  Now at this time, it is 11 a.m. and the morning seemed to be flying by.  Right next door is an amazing hotel with a nice café on the side.  We took our time and had a healthy breakfast. At this point, I am feeling really off center. The coffee was not agreeing with me and then my energies were down spiraling.  I knew I could not get on that Tram and hike on the mountain today.  Way too much.

So Judy and I sat down and both intuitively made a decision.  We would not do the Tram on this day but would drive towards Jenny Lake through the State Park.  It was the best decision we could have made.

The drive was spectacular and about eight miles was through deep forest.  We could not believe the amount of people that were on the road and this is after the summer season.  Wow…!  We came to a point where several cars were stopped on the side of the road and you could not pass.  One car was even blocking the opposite lane.  We both figured it was a bear and every piece of literature tells you “Do not get out of the car if you see a bear or even pull over to the side of the road.” They are very aggressive and looking for food.  I felt like I was in a movie as people truly wanted to just see the bear like he was in a zoo.  I was disheartened.  Judy decided to get out as she wanted to make sure what the craziness was about.  She came back and said there was a black bear in the middle of the road on all fours, not knowing which way to go.  He seemed confused with everyone around him.  I immediately put out my energies to give him some compassion through his own process.    We traveled on our way.

The directions were not clear how to get to Jenny Lake so here we are driving to the end of the forest and the main highway appeared. We did not think it was right so we turned around and ended up taking a wrong turn onto a very rocky road.  We realized after almost a mile that it was not going anywhere.  We then are confused about which way to turn.  I guess it was the same for the bear.  Interesting how we were mirroring each other.  We finally saw two hikers and asked for their help and they guided us back to the original position in which we turned around ~  again, the intuition.

We then saw there was another check point for the State Park.  It does cost to drive through these areas but it is so very well worth it.  I happened to find a site on the map called, “Chapel of Transfiguration” and we found the area.  We stopped to enjoy the chapel which was absolutely amazing.  We happened to meet a family that had been traveling from Pennsylvania which was ironic.

In the chapel the energy of Sananda/Jeshua was so very strong.  As I sat in the first row, tears rolled down my eyes, as I felt our own transfiguration occurring for each individual that is part of this journey.  The energy was so very powerful and moving within the heart center.  There was also a walking path through a village that once was thriving during the 1950’s and we strolled through the General Store and saw some amazing artifacts.

Then we were on our way to Jennie Lake. We first stopped by a Visitor Center but it was packed with people.  Hundreds of cars and campers everywhere so we decided to drive the scenic route along the lake.  We finally found an overlook which was also very crowded but it was so amazing.  There was a spot to walk down to the water but the incline was deep and it was crowded so we decided to look for another spot.  Before we did so, a beautiful Raven came flying in front of us and perched himself on a branch of a tree overlooking the lake.  He stayed there for quite some time which is so unusually for ravens.  The message definitely was that the magic was about to enfold.  We truly were looking to connect once again with the energies of the land.  After some deliberation, we found a spot down the pathway a few hundred yards so we would not be bothered by anyone else.  We walked into the brush facing the lake.

We connected in the usual way with the Native American energies but first calling upon the Spirit Keeper of the Land and also of the lake.  The energy shifted immediately.  Each of us brought forth our gratitude and prayers for our experiences of the day.  I recited this passage from “The Ascended Master and their Retreats” by W. Schroeder:

In order to travel in project consciousness to an Ascended Master Retreat, the following procedure is recommended:  Nourish your mind through reading and contemplating the details of the retreat.  Close your eyes and visualize your objective.  Your I AM Presence and the Ascended Host are your compass.  Your mind is like the sail of a boat.  The Magic key that will open a retreat to you is to decree as follows:

“In the name of my mighty victorious I AM Presence I call on the beloved Cosmic Being Victory, beloved Ascended Lady Master Leto, and the beloved Sponsor of the Ascended Master Retreat, Master Confucius, of the Mountain Retreat.

“Guide me safely to the Ascended Master Retreat that is currently most active, so I can visit it in projected consciousness.”

“See that I receive the instruction need that will help me to gain mastery over the challenges, the problems and needs I may encounter in the near future and how I may redeem my karma.”

Make me understand and inspire me, in learning how I can be of greatest service to the Great White Brotherhood. See that I receive the radiation and blessings of the retreat and then guide me safely back to my physical body.”

I then channeled information from both Masters Confucius and Lanto with an added special treat from Lord Sananda.  They honored us with their presence, explained about our own pathways, and how we would be helping others.  This also included each one of you who are part of this journey with us.  Just as I was finishing the energies, Judy heard someone on the path behind us motion to her to come up as there was something on the pathway.

As Judy went up to the path, I looked over to my right in the woods and there was a beautiful deer munching on some greens.  She seemed very content to feel our energies.  I walked on the path and this couple was with Judy with everyone taking pictures.  There were two babies on my left in the brush and then two others that were a bit larger besides the one that I had originally seen.  It was an amazing site.  Each of us taking pictures and they were looking straight in our eyes.  They were very happy to be with us.  I was standing there in tears as the love in the woods and around us was so amazing. I have spent a lot of time in the woods growing up and never have I seen deer stay that close to human contact.  We were definitely in Oneness together.

The couple moved ahead but the deer were still there and then one-by-one they came out onto the path and pranced up around the bend.  The original one to our right, now, was trying to get onto the path but kept looking at us.  We realized that we needed to step back as our energies were stopping her from moving ahead with the others.  It definitely was a moment in time and truly a gift from Spirit.

We drove back to town, had some dinner and returned to our new lodgings. On the way into the parking lot, a fox crossed our pathway.  Hmmm, camouflage…another interesting message.  It truly was a day filled with wonderful realizations, magic, and love enfolding all around us.  Tomorrow is another day and we were given the message that “be prepared, now it is coming.”  I now have to rest and allow this weary body to fully relax.  Until tomorrow..may you have many blessings of magic in each moment.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Divine Language Netowrk


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