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In Preparation for the Adventure of the Grand Tetons ~ Journey of Wisdom & Illumination

Tomorrow I am setting off again on yet another excursion presented to me and my spiritual traveling buddy, Judy to the Grant Tetons.  We were in Sedona in January of this year and Adama told us that we probably would need to go to another location besides Mount Shasta.  At that time, I thought that I would not be traveling to Mount Shasta this year, and never in my wildest dreams, did I expect to be taking two trips within three weeks together.

This is a direct result of living in the moment, having trust and faith in those moments, and being guided by the Spiritual Hierarchy in the logistics, financial arrangements, along with experiencing the magic of planning and seeing it all come to fruition.  I have been in a zone this week as I am concentrating on my classes, doing Telosian sessions for individuals, and taking time for my own healing.  This time tomorrow I will be on my way across the country once again.

I am very unsure what is going to transpire in the Tetons except that I know that it is a continuation of the energies from Mt. Shasta.  In Saint Germain’s words, “This trip is going to assist individuals for come more into their mastership pathway.  The Spiritual Hierarchy is giving a special dispensation to all individuals who would like to be included to come to the Temple in the Tetons to fully accelerate their journey.  This has never been done before.  We always meet their on the full moon of each month and the doorway is only opened in June and December for initiates to join the Ascended Master within the Temple.  This is a moment in time and we hope individuals will intend to be there with you and all of us.  It will assist in the creation of their I AM Presence more fully within the physical vehicle.  You, Meleriessee, are being honored for the work that you have done and being the ‘wayshower’ that you are.  Judy, will be experiencing great changes within her pathway also as she becomes more attuned to the higher frequencies than she ever imagined.  So you see, this is a moment in time for each individual.  Please put the request to other to either to call out their name, read your blogs, or intend to be there with you.”

I am honored that I have been chosen to walk this pathway and to assist others.  I am excited about going to a new location that I have not experienced and for the magic that is going to enfold within each of us.  It will be very cold but so invigorating to my spirit.  I also wanted to share some energies about the Teton Retreat and have asked Confucius to step forward.  I thought Master Lanto was the overseeing Ascended Master of the Retreat but have just realized that Ascended Master Confucius became the successor of the Rocky Mountain Retreat on July 4th, 1958.  I believe they both will be with us as many of the Masters and the Telosians to help bring forth the energies of the Golden Era.

Dearest Ones:

This is Ascended Master Confucius at your service.  It is a pleasure to bring forth some energies this morning at the onset of your visitation into the Rocky Mountain Retreat.  What an amazing journey this is going to be not only for Meleriessee and her friend but for each of you.  The energies that are going to result within you will last for an eternity.

Those of you that are intending to be on this trip with Meleriessee will feel a different energy emanating within you.  It will be the focalization of your God Essence as never before and it will assist you in the divination of your highest purpose within the body.  Be prepared that if you still are dealing with those lower vibrations physically, emotionally, or mentally, that they will arise.  This is going to be a very powerful excursion for each of you into the world of great wonderment and expression.

On Thursday, September 23rd there will be a ceremony in which each of you will be present together with each of the Ascended Masters, Light Beings, and all Christed Energies in the Rocky Mountain Retreat.  Up to that point there will be great challenges that may result within you depending upon where you are presently.  These also can be manifested within the physical more precisely than ever before.  We will also be assisting you in formulating the changes within you to accept your mastership roles and what that may mean for each of you in your physical existence.  It will be our pleasure to show you the wonders and magic of the Tetons as it is going to be a magnificent experience for each of you.  Put your intentions out there and what your heart desires to create within the balance of your Divine Complement.

It is my pleasure to be with you at this time.

Ascended Master Confucius



This is Master Lanto and I will be your co-host for this expedition.  As Judy and Meleriessee are traveling the lands of the area, there will be many wonders of expression that occur.  I want everyone to know that the healing that will occur will help to balance your lower energies in order for the expression of your God Essence within.  The Spiritual Hierarchy is ready to serve you during this event.  The ceremonies will take place from Sunday, September 18th through Thursday, September 23rd as your guides, Meleriessee and Judy will be traveling on the days before and after.

The main focal point of this adventure will be your Wisdom and Illumination bringing forth a remembrance of your Lemurian heritage.  It is now time to fully honor yourself and allow this honorability the direct connection within your heart.  The trip to Mt. Shasta and Telos was but only a small excursion.  This pathway will bring you to your destiny of Light if you allow it to Be.

So put your seat belt on and enjoy the ride.  It is very exciting to assist you in this journey.

In Love and Light of the Christ Within,

I Am Master Lanto at your service.

I hope you will join me and Judy on this amazing journey.  It was not until this point in time that I was truly understanding what the focus of the trip was going to be about.  I am very excited to be going and to share with each of you.

In Expression of Oneness,

Rev Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Teacher & Coach of Ascension

5 thoughts on “In Preparation for the Adventure of the Grand Tetons ~ Journey of Wisdom & Illumination”

  1. Christine: Please include my name in any requests you make for wisdom and enlightenment. You and Judy are in my thoughts and prayers as you make this wonderful pilgimage. Love, Cathy

  2. My dear Meleriessee,

    Thank you for your profound messages. They are right on
    and I resonnate with ALL that you are doing. I am with you
    every step of the way.This is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1Please include my
    name, my sons Mark and Matthew at the ceremony. With
    love and blessings for you in your assistance with theopen-
    ing of the Golden Age of Peace and the Christ within us.

    God bless you my sister in Spirit, Bianca

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