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Creating and Maintaining Unconditional Self Love – Utilizing Energetics to Assist in the Process

Self Love

I will be bringing forth a series of informational blogs that may assist some individuals in their healing process and moving more fully into the fifth dimensional physical frequencies. Most of this information is excerpted from my “Spectrum Light Ray Mastery Teachings” which is held each Wednesday evening at 8 PM, EST. Downloads are available for the discussion, meditation and channeling of the class.

Many of these teachings come forth from Dr. Joshua David Stone’s material which I am ordained as an Ascension Teacher and Minister. I will also be giving suggestions on tools that can be done in the present state of frequencies. Some of the tools are elements that many already have in place and please take what you need and leave the rest. My main forcus is to give the basics of Soul Psychology but then integrate the energetics as that is where my teaching energies are going presently.

Loving yourself Unconditionally or Conditionally

Conditional Self Love is about meeting certain conditions within yourself, i.e., having a certain kind of physical body, living as Society teaches us as in working in the Corporate world, feeling better by owning several cars, a house, mortgages, and dealing with the high bills each month.

Unconditional Self Love is based on the understanding that we have worth and are loved because God created us. Our worth and lovableness are aspects of our spiritual inheritance from God.

Self love and self worth come from whom we are, not what we do. We need to get to the core of our being and remove the clouds around us that can overshadow our livelihood and are inherent nature of being a “Child of God.” We also need to learn the balance between selfishness and selflessness. Many of us who have been caretakers for our entire lives have a challenging time of letting go of taking care of others to taking care of ourselves.

Soul Psychology and the Basics

So where are you in the balance within? Do you need assistance with these elements or do you feel your balance continues depending upon your pathway presently? I think each of us needs reminders from time to time and this is why I am bringing forth this information. Many will feel that they have already done the work and may not need specific lessons that I will share. Please take what you need and leave the rest. I am not here to judge; only help individuals who may feel they need assistance.

The basis of our self love comes from a relationship with our inner child. Each of us needs to have a healthy inner child that is the same age as we are. As one that has been through the Inner Child Therapy work, it is a most powerful way to gain acceptance within. If there have been any situations in which your child experienced, loss, pain, trauma, isolation, or just being spoken to in an unhealthy manner, then it is very powerful to connect with him or her. Learning to parent our inner child will create a very emotionally, healthy connection to the inner self.

When we are too critical of ourselves, we are actually giving ourselves “child abuse”. It is important to care for your inner child as you want to be cared for. This in turn, will assist an individual to learn how to care for others without taking on their emotions. As empaths, we have a tendency of not only assisting individuals but taking on their energies. That is very damaging for our emotional bodies and it is important to be aware of these times when you do so. We can care for others, but it is important to have a healthy balance within.

Traditionally, we can utilize various tools to assist our inner children to dialogue with us. One way is to use your non-dominant hand and ask your inner child to speak with you. Ask him or her what he/she needs in this moment. You may find he/she replies with “Love, a hug, sharing, etc.” Visualization is an important key in doing this work. One such example would be to go to a special place in nature, see your inner child walking towards you (I like to use a deserted beach). When you meet sit with each other and share. You are the adult and express that you are here to help him/her feel better about themselves. Take the time to be with each other as it is an important aspect of self love.

Spiritual discernment is very important by making observations about yourself or others. When you feel you have made a mistake, look at the entire situation and oversee it by asking yourself what the lesson has been in this experience. Trust yourself that you are worthy and lovable even though you made a mistake or error in judgment. A critical part of self-love is forgiveness. Forgive yourself and the other party involve. Ask Archangel Michael for assistance. This is a process that I use for myself and clients:

As for the higher self of the people involved in the situation. Go to a special place, like the beach, in the woods, on a mountain or by a stream. Talk to the individual’s higher self from your higher self about good, bad, and minor thoughts. Share from your heart about what happened. AA Michael will then come with his sword onto each of the souls and touch their crown, left shoulder, right shoulder, and heart and say these words “I transmute all of these feelings onto the Spirit of the Christ Consciousness, never to be returned. The Akashic Records will not reflect this event and all karma has been righted.” See the souls leaving your space and then AA Michael comes to you with the same process of the sword and the words. He then adds, “Now please bring into you what you would like in place of removing these energies” Feel it coming into your heart and expanding within your being. You should feel a definite change within your thoughts and reactions to the situation.

If an individual does not have self-love they tend to seek outside of themselves. Love is a survival need and if we do not incorporate it within the self, then dis-ease results. You will end up in compromising positions. Other people become your programmers and the creators of your reality. Your worth is then in their hands. The physical body will also take on the ill feelings and illness will eventually occur. As an example, my sister passed away with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in her lungs. She fought it for five years but she had a very challenging time showing the deepness of her soul to others. I believe this disease was a direct result of her inability to care for herself emotionally.

Once you fully give yourself love and allow yourself to feel so much of God’s love, that you will go into each day feeling totally powerful and loved before you encounter another human being. You will feel full, complete and at one with God.

Examples of Self Love Affirmations

  1. I love and forgive myself totally for all my mistakes, for I now recognize that mistakes are positive, not negative.
  2. My worth is unchangingly positive because it is a spiritual inheritance. It is not increased by my success nor decreased by my mistakes.
  3. I choose to live in the now and not hold the past against myself.
  4. I hereby choose to approve of myself, so I do not have to go around seeking approval from others.
  5. I deserve love because God created me, and my mistakes are not held against me.
  6. I now realize that I am the “I” person, chooser, consciousness, and spiritual being, and that this part of me deserves unconditional love at all times.
  7. I choose to love me as God loves me unconditionally.
  8. I now choose to undo all the faulty thinking society has programmed into me and replace it with self-love.
  9. I choose to recognize that I deserve love and so do other people.
  10. I now realize that God does not hold my misuse of free choice against me, so why should I?
  11. I commit myself from this moment onward to treating myself in a spiritual manner rather than in an egotistical manner. I now choose to and will live within myself a created heavenly state of consciousness.
  12. I now, once and for all, release the ego’s game of “having to do” in order to deserve love and worth. I now fully recognize I have always been lovable and worthy and will always be so.

How to Use Energetics to Get through the Issues

We are in an energetic state presently when these issues can be erased and reset by incorporating higher frequencies. We can do all the tools listed above and many assist in a matter of moments. But, is it necessary to continue doing the affirmations, the visualizations, and journaling on a daily basis to clear the trauma or issue?

No, it is not. And I will be showing you through each of these topics how to feel better about yourself just be accessing your higher presence. I believe the standard psychological tools listed above will help afterward but not to be used continually as we have done in the past. Previously, we were told that it took 21 days to make a habit. What if that habit could be changed just by accessing the higher frequencies, along with the Spiritual Hierarchy to fully assist in the process.

The following is a Decree that will help one to vibrate their energies:

I bring forth the Light Within me

I ask my Higher Self to assist me

I talk to my Inner Child so we can be One

I feel the Light coming within me

As my Inner Child walks with me, together hand in hand

Laughing and playing with one another,

Sharing our memories, all good and bad

The bad ones are removed with the swift movement of Archangel Michael’s sword,

Swish in one moment it was here and not it is gone

I Am One with my Child

I am One with my Higher Self

We all sit together in the Light of Oneness

As Mother, The Heart of God embraces us

And Father, The Will of God brings us strength

We are One in this moment, All together in unison

I Am blessed in this moment

I am Love, I am Joy, I am Bliss

Sharing with the world, I Am that I Am, that I Am

The following is the meditation that was given during the Spectrum Light Ray Mastery Class which will help one to acknowledge their inner child and bring forth self love within the physical vehicle.


For a download:

In addition the attunement for this week pertains to the same Decree and subject matter. You may listen and download on my website under Attunements:


Blessings in light and love,

Rev Christine Meleriessee Heliohah



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