Feeling the Push to Teach, Share, and Express Divinity in a Physical Vehicle   2 comments

September 11, 2010

Many of you know that I have been traveling to find my inner pathway which really was not just about me.  I went to Mt. Shasta on the calling of Saint Germain.

It was about early July and Saint Germain came to me (as he does daily) and spoke about the need for me to travel to Mount Shasta once again.  My friend, Judy, and I had already decided to go to the Grand Tetons in September which was another trip that the Ascended Masters asked us to take when we were in Sedona in January.  I was very perplexed and wondering how I was going to be able to handle both trips financially.  Saint Germain said “all is in Divine Order.  Are you ready?”  I never refuse a request from an ascended master as I know it is going to change my life for the better.  So, of course, I accepted and put myself in a state of financial prosperity.  I had previously ordered some activation templates from Bryan DeFlores on changing your financial programming, and I believe these templates assisted me with this transition.  I performed a manifestation ceremony in which I laid the templates around a round coffee table and marked index cards with different projects in which I wanted to become profitable.

Within two weeks a client friend of mine offered to assist me in my journey.  She was unable to make the journey with me but felt that she wanted to help.  You just never know what can happen.  At the same time, I was offering some private sessions and a course to certain individuals whom I thought would be able to utilize the teachings and unable to afford.  I called it “My Pay It Forward”.  As I volunteered my services, I found the returns were unbelievable.  I am not in a position yet to fully support myself with my coaching and teaching services but I am in a completely different place than I was one year ago this time.

The trip to Mount Shasta turned out to be a connection for the many souls that I included in the opening ceremony.  I was told that anyone that read the blogs or connected with me in anyway was doing their own journey.  Below Mount Shasta there is a beautiful city called, “Telos” in which habitants of Lemuria traveled there eons ago before the fall of the Lemuria.  They are fifth dimensional beings and live in pure love consciousness.  I have been traveling to Mount Shasta for many years and feel a direct connection with these beings.  Many of them I have met on the Upper Earth and on the pathways while hiking.

The individuals whom I previously mentioned were then allowed to travel into Telos in their 5th dimensional body and receive the fifth dimensional healing energies necessary to transcend the lower physical bodies.  I am conducting 30 minute sessions for people who would like to speak directly with Saint Germain and Adama on their travels into Telos.  I am finding that these sessions are assisting individuals to understand their pathway and they probably have been visiting Telos for a very long time.  All of this is a remembrance of those beautiful times we all experienced.

Now to get to the reason I am writing in this moment.  I have become an experienced teacher and facilitator of light frequencies and utilized my knowledge of the 22 Rays of God to conduct the ceremonies on the lands.  While I was in Mt. Shasta, I realized the intensity of utilizing these energies from a Cosmic level truly assisted the planet.  Previously, I thought these energies were for individuals but upon my travels, I realized how much they assisted the Earth.

I was made an Ambassador of the New Earth many years ago and was unsure how this position would come into my present life.  On this trip I had many realizations, and this was one of them.  I am here to assist people to raise their vibrations into the fifth dimensional level.  So what does that mean exactly?

First of all, each of you are doing it if you are not already aware of it.  People are talking about the ascension symptoms and this is exactly what is occurring.  We are bringing forth higher consciousness within the body.  Previously we just connected with our consciousness through alpha states or journeys but did not incorporate it into the physical vehicle.  That is no longer true and it is an essential state to move to the New Earth.  As the light energy increases in one’s body, the physical may receive or reject the energies.  It all depends on one’s awareness of God within.

So how do you incorporate it?  First of all, tools and practice are essential on a daily basis.  The energy coming into the Earth are so very strong presently that we need to ground ourselves and put these energies into our lower chakras.  In order to receive the fifth dimensional energies, we need to incorporate the 22 chakras which correlate with the 22 Rays of God.  Many are not grounding the cosmic energies downward but are allowing them to be in the higher chakras.  Of course, why not?  It feels much better.

As we are going through this process, the physical, emotional, and mental bodies need to merge as one in order to receive the I AM Presence.  That cannot be done without the 22 chakras.  It is an essential component.  The old way of healing is not going to work as well anymore.  We need to bring forth energetics to assist in the process and it will go much quicker than we ever realized.  So what is energetics and what is the old way.

The old ways represent the trudging of journaling, affirmations, utilizing the yang type of focus.  It does not mean to get rid of it, but to utilize the higher vibrations to assist in the process.  It is important that we read spiritual scripture, statements, and decrees to bring forth the higher frequencies.  Very important is chanting and singing.  It raises the vibration immediately.  This energy represents the Yin and brings forth the Divine Mother aspect within us.  We need to come into balance between our male and female energies.

As we go through these processes, we may find activations occurring for us.  One day we are fine and happy and in the next moment, the sadness comes within us.  This is a time to embrace the energies very deeply.  Utilizing the Violet Fire or Ray is a very powerful tool, and I work with it constantly for myself and others.  The Violet Ray will totally transmute any issue, thought, situation, or person that has affected you adversely.  You must always remember to bring in a positive aspect afterwards to fully accept the new energies that will result.

Another method is to call upon Archangel Michael to release the issues onto the Christ Consciousness with his Blue Sword but remember, again, to bring forth positive aspects in the form of love, joy, bliss, etc.  It is important not to incorporate a specific person or event as that is manipulating the energies.

I also provide attunements on my website which are going to be upgraded within the next week.  There will be a page for ascension and I will be providing some very powerful ascension meditations which will change one’s composition completely.

Why do I feel this push from the God Force?  We are at a critical time as the changes are going to be happening for each of us.  I have been involved with Bryan DeFlores’ calls on the Earth Activations and align with his thought processes.  The belief system is that this earth will split into two:  an upper Earth and lower Earth.  The upper Earth will be a star called “Terra Christa” and the lower earth will be in the 4th dimensional reality.  In order to move to the Upper Earth, one needs to incorporate the fifth dimensional body which means blending all three bodies of the physical, emotional and spiritual to align with the I AM Presence.  It also means to let go of the lower ego and engage with the higher ego.  The fourth dimensional Earth will become very primitive as the earth changes are going to cause major upheaval.

I share this not as a scare tactic but as a precaution.  Do you know which Earth you want to be on and are you ready to do the work necessary?  WE NEED YOU!!!  It is essential that individuals are integrated within these higher frequencies so they can teach others.  Bryan’s predictions show at this point that out of 100 light workers 13 of them are ready to be on the 5th dimension and need to raise their physical consciousness.  That to me is a very scary thought.

I have been on this path for almost 30 years and what I feel has assisted me is the deep ascension meditations that create clearing of all karma and denounce the Wheel of Rebirth.  Without out this work, I would not be speaking to you today, literally.  It has saved my life.  I came to a point when I finally accepted of being on Earth but it took me a long time and several close calls of death before I fully acknowledged my purpose here on this planet.

I will be bringing forth more teachings of the ascension path as I feel some may truly want to experience this work and possibly, be teaching it themselves along the way.  I am dedicating my life to helping those who truly want to move into this dimensional phase.  The energetics presently are supporting us to move through the debris quickly and easily.

In the upcoming blogs I will be bringing forth information about the initiation process of the mastership path, the 22 Chakras, the 22 Rays of God including the planetary level through the Cosmic, tools to assist in the process of one’s Divinity, and any other information I feel is pertinent.  I am also working on an E-book about the Rays of God which will incorporate the Planetary through the Cosmic with instruction and information from each of the Ray Chohans (Ascended Master Leaders).

The Golden Cites are being built in the fifth dimensional frequency and will need many individuals to assist in this process.  I also will be bringing forth channeling information in the coming months on how this is being created.  I saw the plans when I was in Telos, and I will be part of this creation.

It is an exciting time for each of us, and I want to help as many individuals as possible.  I hope you will join me in my excitement and enthusiasm to create a World of Oneness.  We deserve it; we have suffered long enough.

Many blessings in love and light,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah



2 responses to “Feeling the Push to Teach, Share, and Express Divinity in a Physical Vehicle

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  1. Hello Christine,
    I do not know or understand why I am seeking or reading this material which is very foreign to me, I think I understand but at the same time don’t.

    Can’t explain it.

    I want to learn., teach me.

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