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Pinch Me, I Think I Am Dreaming, Mt Shasta Journey #4, Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Hedge Creek Falls, Dunsmuir, CA Near Mt. Shasta

Acceleration of Being an Integrated Being on Earth

No. 4 – Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Upon awakening this morning, I realized that there was not going to be a hike up on the mountain.  It was raining and very, very cold.  This happened at 7 am so I was all ready, of course….when you are ready, plans change.  This trip has been so representative of adjusting my thought process in each moment and just going with the flow.  Isn’t that what Oneness is about?  Connecting with each other, with ourselves, and not having an expectations or disappointments?  I am living it in this moment, and it feels so very right within my Being…

Since I was having computer issues at the house, I found out that a phone call could be made to Betty’s (the owner of the guesthouse) computer geek.  Also one of my housemate’s was having similar internet issues which made me feel better.  There was not going to be an immediate solution so I hightailed it to one of the local coffee houses.  Things have changed so drastically in just one year.  Our usual Telsoian gathering café is now a Mexican café and even the clientele have changed.  I checked out another one at the other end of town, and they no longer have internet service but boy, were they crowded.  I guess that’s where the townies all meet now.  I went back to the Mexican café and promptly found a space to connect with the internet.

After completing the tasks that needed to be done, it was still cold and damp so I decided that I would do some shopping in some of our favorite eclectic shops.  One is called “Soul Connection” and is an amazing store.  I felt I needed to find a particular book, why I do not know since I need to get rid of some of my books, when I felt Adama’s energy and he said hello.  I asked him if he needed me and he said, “Yes, we need you to drive to Hedge Creek Falls in Dunsmuir.”  I asked of the urgency and he said, “Immediately.”  So I purchased the book I was looking for and went south back to Dunsmuir for another adventure.

Pathway towards Hedge Creek Falls

Hedge Creek Falls is very easy to get to.  You park across the street and walk into a park-like setting.  You even have a view of Mt. Shasta through the trees, but not on this day with the fog.  As I walked towards the path, Adama said, “Now there are going to be two people at the bottom.  Please make sure you speak with them.”  I started walking down the path.  It is a steep incline but very well cared for and winds to your left a couple of times.  It is probably only about ¼ mile down to the bottom.  You walk into a cave-like setting where the waterfall comes down the middle into a small pool of water.  It is lined by rock formations, trees, and you can hear the water flow from the pool down an embankment.  I noticed there were two other people on the side taking pictures with the woman writing in a journal just as Adama described.  The gentlemen nodded to me as he was waiting for his

partner to finish.  I was busy taking a video in the cave so I was looking out towards the waterfall.

Looking at Falls from Cave

When I was finished, they came by and I spoke with them.  They were in awe of the beauty of the falls and I told them about Moss Brae which is just down the road as I explained the long walk on the railroad tracks.  They were of foreign descent but spoke excellent English.  She said that they definitely were going there right now and he smiled as they walked past me.  At this point, I was unsure if they were Telosians here to check up on me or actual humans that needed assistance.  You never know in Mt. Shasta when you are going to be put on notice.  I just love sharing with others about the beauty and wonders in the area.

I then sat down on a log that was facing into the falls looking at the deepness of the cave.  I was guided once again to call in all of the 22 Rays of God on the cosmic level along with activating all of the Earth energies for assistance.  I realized that as I am doing this work that the cosmic energies are coming into the land masses to assist not only the environment but the masses of people that are traveling to these areas.  I have done many medicine wheel ceremonies in Mt. Shasta in which the Masters have told me how much it has assisted the area, but never before have I used the Rays of God in this manner.

Telosian Portal

I then started channeling the Elohim of God energies as they came through song in my voice.  The vibration of the area changed drastically and I felt such glee within my Being.  The spot where the water falls into is a small pool and if weather conditions were different, I would have stood under that spot as I did last year.  I felt the energies of the pool of water and knew that it was a portal to Telos.  The Elohim then guided me into the pool of water through my mind’s eye as I transferred my Spirit swirling in a clockwise manner through the portal feeling myself in a crystalline tunnel no bigger than my Light Body.  I was spinning downwards and then felt myself in an entrance way to Telos.  It was not the city itself but almost a reception area.  As I stood there, I saw many Telosians and then five very familiar gentlemen.  These were the guys from yesterday that had come to Moss Brae Falls with inner tubes going into the river.  Then I realized that they were also Telosians coming by to either say hello or they were watchers.  It was a moment of recognition for me that what I was experiencing was very real.  You see, Judy, my traveling buddy is usually the one that picks up on these interactions with people and without her with me I had to rely on my own physical feelings, not just an intuitive sense.

I then knew it was time to leave and was told that I could utilize this portal at any time.  There are so many of these portals all over the Mt. Shasta area and each one is guided and protected by the Telosian people.  I came back up through the portal and felt myself return into my body.  Again, a change had taken place.  More activation but this time it was not uncomfortable although at first, I felt a bit ungrounded.  It was then time for me to move on; my work had been completed.

I walked up the pathway to return to my car and immediately felt High Priest Adama and Dr. Joshua David Stone.  Joshua was my mentor and I still continue to connect with him concerning my ascension work.  He has helped me tremendously to be the teacher I have become.  I felt they were walking with me; not in front or in back of me but all of us together.  The connection was unbelievable for me to be walking hand-in-hand with these great masters and here I was in body, a simple woman from Southern New Jersey.  How did I get to this point in my life.  I am in awe every moment of the pathway I have chosen and the challenges I had to endure but I have survived it all.  I survived death a couple of times and came out of it a much better person.  I have healed internally and externally beyond my wildest dreams and now my life is changing once again.  I am receiving all that I have wanted to create but until you get to this point, you can only dream.  It is no longer a dream, it is a reality for me.

Dearest Adama and Joshua have asked me to do something that I have thought about doing but not quite sure if I could create it fully.  I cannot impart to you in this moment what it is they spoke about on our trip back up the pathway but it is very huge.  It is about my teachings and helping to create the New Earth.  Tomorrow is another day and I will have more concrete information at that time.  I am a fully integrated being in a fifth dimensional body and moving into a higher dimension as I share my journey with you.

Looking out from the Summit towards the town

I then drove back to Mt. Shasta, stopped and ate a salad.  I wanted to travel up to the mountain as it looked like the clouds were lifting off the peaks.  I needed to recharge my camera so I took some downtime in my room.  About 6 p.m. I started up the mountain and the energies were so new and fresh after the rains.  I was just about at the top which is 7,000 feet when it started snowing.  How pristine and beautiful.  I got out of my car to take some pictures although most of the clouds were still overhanging.  Across the horizon, the sky was deep blue and white as the clouds were lifting in the distance and at a lower altitude.  It was a beautiful site to behold.

I now feel it is time for me to make that hike up the mountain to my destiny.  If the weather is bad tomorrow, I will wait until Monday which would be appropriate since it is my last day here in Mt. Shasta.  I do not have any anxiety about the trek as I did two days ago.  I am very secure and balanced within my Being.

I am looking forward to another adventure in Mt. Shasta and am happy to share the energies with each of you.  Adama told me today that each person I mentioned in the opening ceremony has been visiting Telos during their sleep state and I also have mentioned others since that time.  You may not remember but if you are going through some trials or initiations on your own, please know that you are being guided greatly into a new facet of your life.

In Expression of Light,

I Am Meleriessee


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  1. Thank you Christine … was having lots of anxiety, but feeling much better now. So look forward to your daily posts! Love and blessing to you on your sacred journey.

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