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Conscious Convergence – What Does it Mean and How Do We Integrate These Energies

Today has probably been the most intense day I have felt for a long time.  In fact this week has been like being in a barrel rolling from place to place just allowing myself to feel whatever is in the moment.  I want to share some thoughts on the Unity and the Conscious Convergence.  As one who experienced the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, it is a pleasure to see so many awakened beings on the planet at this time and growing each moment.

I have been in a zone today with energies, participated in Bryan DeFlores’s call on Earth Ascension Team and fully activated many levels of frequencies in the past few days. So I will take it a step further and offer the energies that want to speak presently.  I hope you enjoy.


We come to you from the Ashtar Command and the frequency of Light that is transpiring onto the planet.  It is a wondrous occasion that is happening presently and we wanted to share some thoughts with you.

Since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 the energies have continually transpired to a point of fully allowing humans to be awakened in each moment of their creation.  The upsurge of the energies since that time has been amazing and we are so very happy to assist in the process.  This weekend is not just about individuals gathering in groups but it is about souls coming together to assist each other in the process of their divinity.  As this process continues, there will be great reflection in each of you.

Each human being is being infused with the greatest light integration within their brainwaves to assist themselves in their own divinity.  As this is occurring, many humans are feeling energies like never before and will reach out to others in Unity.  It is time for the Oneness of this Earth and for other humans to feel this Oneness upon the planet.  This time of the Unity Convergence is about feeling this Oneness and is a prerequisite for the time of creation when the Earth will move into a star within the 5th dimensional frequency.  It is a period of complete love and acceptance and letting go of old habits that no longer serve one another.

Those of you who are in complete balance with the energies are going to be thrown off your feet even more and the ones that do not have balance, well, chaos will result.  It is a time to fully reflect where you are, where you are going, and move with the tide of movement.  The ones that are really true to themselves and others are going to be catapulted into another stage of their awareness.  Chakras are being realigned; DNA is being more fully activated; and living in another space of love is part of the process.

Prepare yourself during these two days of the 17th and 18th as the influx of energies are going to be very strong.  You are all sitting on a wave and the wave is bringing you into the beach to land upon the new world.  This is your testing ground.  What are you feeling in this moment and how are you creating your new world?  These are the elements that will come to your mind in the next couple of weeks.  Swirling energies everywhere and not sure what is fully happening to you.  Relationships are going to be feeling this effect very deeply.  Stand on your ground of the newness that you are so you can fully express yourself in the new transition that is occurring for you.

Some of you are being activated on levels that you could never imagine.  Your manifestations are being propelled into the newness so it is important to have everything in place.  Accept nothing less of the highest for yourself as this is the first step in moving into the New World, the Golden Age.  Allow the energies to fully be embraced by your being and you shall see a shift in your world.  Whatever is occurring presently, move with it.  Feeling different today?  Embrace it – it is your new self being awakened.

Many will try to dislodge what they are feeling.  These are the ones that truly need your assistance and compassion.  Give them your love, even when they do not want to accept it.  It is your chance to really show to others what love means by expressing it every moment you are able to do so.  This will be the new wave of being.  You are feeling an increase in energies beyond your comprehension.

Take time to share with others, to be in nature, to walk in the woods or on the beach and to create with all of this Earth to become One together.  This will help balance out the energies that are occurring.  Many are gathering and showing their love for one another.  Express yourself in the highest sense and you shall receive exactly what you have been striving towards on this Earth.

We are so pleased to walk amongst each of you as it will come soon when our creation will be your creation as we help each other along the pathway of Oneness of Creation. Expression of our Light together will shine within the Universe and the Cosmic energies.  Allow this expression to shine amongst you and stay with you in the moments to come.

It has been our pleasure to connect with you in this manner, in this beautiful time of creation.

We Are the Ashtar Command at your service.

Note:  These energies are intense today and will become increasingly more so.  I will be holding a call on Sunday evening, July 17th, at 7 pm EST so that we may balance these energies and allow them to be grounded.  Included will be some Native energies along with discussion of personal experiences and a grounding meditation with channeling.  If you are interested in joining in, please contact me via meleriessee@lifestationearth.

Call In:  218-862-7200, Code 576094

Rev Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Divine Language Network

Ascension Coach ~ Synergistic Teacher ~ Shamanic Healer

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