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Walking Into the Golden Era

I have been wanting to write about this energy for quite some time but never felt the right moment. We all are going through changes and some of us are happier about these changes than others. It is Now Time.

Those of you who know me understand me completely. Many do not and that is fine. I accept all forms of thought towards me. I was chosen by Spirit and I accepted the challenge before I came into this body to do the work more fully than some would choose to do. I am a Way Shower, just as many of you are in the same position. I was given many gifts but not without great challenges. I have struggled as many of you have. I spent most of my life in the corporate world looked down upon because I had those ‘new ideas’. But I kept moving towards what I knew would be a higher frequency of light onto this planet.

We are now moving closer into this higher frequency. We still have many pathways that will be strewn with great change, but some of us are feeling the higher vibrations running through us as a welcome change. I, for one, have been feeling these changes for over 10 years and I am so happy to receive the manifestations that are coming towards us.

We are moving into the Golden Era. What does that mean exactly? It is a time when the earth shall move into the 5th dimensional frequency that truly represents the energies that were experienced during the Lemurian times. We are going to be full of love, express ourselves completely different and fully activate our desires within the physical. We will find our True Loves to work and play with. We will laugh, work, and enjoy ourselves with others. The land will be different. It will be full of animals grazing; it will be commonplace to read each others’ thoughts as communication between us will be quite different. We will no longer question ourselves as we will make the right choices in the moment. We will interact with many different types of beings. Ascended Masters that we work with now will join us in our communities. We will be teaching each other and living in Bliss. It is arriving very soon.

Until that time we need to go through a tremendous shift in consciousness. We need to actualize the 22 higher chakras within our bodies and that means letting go of the duality and moving fully into Oneness. Some of us have received these higher chakras through the challenges we have faced. It is so important to rid yourself of the lower energies and that is not always easy. But it can be done. The energies presently are so very powerful. I, in my own healing practice, have seen individuals release lifetimes of fear in a matter a 15 minutes. This is miraculous. Twenty years ago it took us months to get through these emotional challenges. It is so important to do the process of healing and growing in order to receive the bliss fully in all parts of our bodies.

Individuals that have been through this, calling it the Ascension Process, which I state it as De-Ascension. We are de-ascending our highest parts of ourselves fully into the physical body. The physical body is not used to these energies and as a result, there can be some challenges. Some are within the sleep, food, moods, feelings, relationships, etc. The list can go on. The main component is to accept the changes that are happening. Don’t fight it because when you do, it can become a major issue. Embrace each moment, even the ones that do not feel very well.

One of the best tools to use is to incorporate the Violet Flame overlighted by St. Germain. When you utilize the flame, you will see an instantaneous removal of the issue that is happening with you. You then, must ask for a higher thought to be replaced as in joy, love, acceptance, or bliss. Do not leave yourself with holes in your field. It will make it more challenging for you at a later time.

As one goes through these processes, they will find that they are feeling better. The bliss and joy is really starting to fully be activated within the physical vehicle. We are in a stage when the moments are changing very quickly so when you feel the bliss, embrace it fully within you. It is a wonderful place to be.

As we are steadily moving into the Golden Era, there are going to be great challenges on the Earth as we have already seen. It could become more commonplace then we would like to think. As the Earth moves into the 5th dimensional frequencies, Golden Cities are going to be built and are already in progress on these levels.

In the United States (excerpted from… ):

1) GOBEAN: Arizona and New Mexico.
Qualities: : Personal transformation, harmony and peace.
Master Teacher: El Morya . Ray Force: Blue Ray.

2) MALTON : Illinois and Indiana.
Qualities: Fruition and attainment of desires.
Master Teacher: Kuthumi. Ray Force, Ruby Ray.

3) WAHANEE: Georgia and South Carolina
Qualities:: Freedom and justice for humanity.
Master Teacher: Saint Germain. Ray Force: Violet Ray.

4) SHALAHAH: Montana and Idaho.
Qualities: Personal healing, abundance and prosperity.
Master Teacher: Sananda. Ray Force: Green Ray.

5) KLEHMA: Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska.
Qualities: Balance, Harmony and Peace for Mother Earth and humanity.
Master Teacher: Serapis Bey. Ray Force: White Ray

For more information on the cities in Europe and the remainder of the world,

What does this mean? Well, the timeline was originally thought to be in December 2012, but due to my intuition and other sources, it looks like more at the end of 2013 or beginning of 2014. What happens to this earth? It will split apart from the 5D world and become it’s own lower earth with birth of a new star in which those light beings that choose to ascend in their light bodies can choose to inhabit.

This has been prophesied for times to come. Mary Summer Rain wrote a series of books about a Native American woman in the woods of Colorado, called ‘No Eyes’. She was blind and showed Mary back to her native routes. These books are amazing and will help to transform one into believing more than they ever thought possible. I read them in the 90’s and No Eyes walked with me as I moved into my spiritual heritage of walking the Native path. She taught me herbs and how to heal my body of a low thyroid condition. She assisted me in the times of darkness so I could find the light and was a wonderful teacher for me. We now walk side-by-side. I feel these books will change a person very deeply as they did for me.

What else can you do? Well, St. Germain’s work along with Alice Bailey are very important in raising one’s vibration. Utilizing decrees for a total of 105 days will help to raise one’s consciousness into the 5th dimensional.

Bryan DeFlores talks about these times and he has a bi-weekly call this summer with individuals across the globe who connect to heal the earth with messages from the Ashtar Command. His website is He has sells activation templates for all sorts of healing and moving into a higher consciousness. They are amazing tools.

Would you like to talk – I am available for anyone to discuss these changes. Drop me an email at I also provide several different types of classes and healing modalities. I am presently promoting the following:

Weekly Attunement Meditation – which will be posted on my website on Sundays and includes an astrological overview of the planetary changes for the week along with a decree and attunement. The first week I am introducing as a free recording and thereafter, will be $5 each week; monthly $11.  The page will be available July 4th, 2010.

“Meleriessee’s Energetic Boot Camp” in which I will teach you all the tools and techniques that I have acquired in 20 years. It includes energy healing work and is a three month program. I do have a sliding scale.

“One-on-One Ascension Coaching” This is a personalized coaching with me via telephone or Skype of setting up a program geared to your specific needs. You can choose 4, 8, 12 week sessions.

Both of these programs are available for a Free Personal Consultation. I can be reached at or 856.983.4951.
Blessings on a wonderful Journey of Light,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah
Divine Language Network
Ascension Coach/Teacher ~ Cosmic Channel & Shamanic Healer

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